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  1. Than you thought
  2. My fall while in the Army caused me my 2nd heart attack! Along with many other injuries. i was never scared of heights but always respected heights. 2 years of recovery before the Army decided stabilization was the best I would get. Had to retire at 26 years of service. I rent a boom lift JLG to get to the 50' peak. Last year that almost was deadly to me so now I am nervous about renting lifts as well. JR
  3. nor can I
  4. ,,,,,,,,
  5. Bill was doghouse
  6. I've been helping another person with pixie16 so got mixed up between the two, but yes he has been very consistent with whatever the problem. There is that slight possibility of a bad batch of boards however the probability of getting struck by lightning is probably better. A bit of a head scratcher.
  7. NM, its been a long day. I meant the terminal connectors. They are AC, my bad.
  8. you out now?
  9. Chet- I use the 3" Pink Insulation Foam from Lowes/ HD, If you do a little extra carving before painting black/ grey the bleed through makes some cool looking effects. I will text you a pic of some of mine. They hold up very well, not like those little foam ones. Plus you can make them as big as you want/ need. JR
  10. boots made for
  11. That's funny, I use vasoline on the boat wiring all the time, have never had a problem, it acts as an insulator. I guess I didn't learn anything growing up on a farm and being taught by my grandfather and father as well as my military years that vasoline can be use on a lot more than just a babies arse. I also use MArine grade silicone on my stuff when needed but not on wire connectors that may need to be taken apart some day.
  12. I wonder if the voltage on the PS could be set wrong
  13. Jim- I had him send me a pic earlier, he didn't have to wire the PS, it was pre assembled. I was thinking same thing. I am thinking it has to be in his settings since all 3 are now acting the same. In his picture I can barely make out 2 power cords and all wires are feeding in, though I cant see the terminal screws. Let me ask you since all of my C9's are dimmable. Are al C9's dimmable?
  14. Carl- I sent you a test sequence to copy and paste into your config. The song title doesn't matter, its all fades. It has to be in your settings since all controllers are doing the same thing. I doubt there is a chance on three bad boards. If you want send me your channel config .LCC file to get a second pair of eyes on it. JR
  15. walk 1000 miles
  16. We watch it at my house most nights, if not its on DVR. I picked this group as my fav and hope they win, talent at its very best. JR
  17. Yes just open as a regular sequence in SE. JR
  18. Well, looks like I'm going to go cost effective and try it. When I look at my oem connectors though I can see the wires leading into the connector. That was my main concern, water puddling up inside there. I guess I could use some vasoline or anything as well as silicone to fill that up. Dang this will save me a ton of work. Thanks JR
  19. Even with all of the bare wires and ends showing or do you do something to protect them? Mine were all like the OP's and you can see the brass connectors on each wire inside the JST connector (where the wire feeds into the connector itself) and the bottom of the JST connectors have the metal showing. I aired on the side of caution due to rain etc, and changed them all over to WP connectors. I still have to build more props so this would be welcome news, save time and $. JR
  20. I cut them off and change out to the ones I purchased from Ray Wu. There are some things you can probably do to water proof those factory connectors but I cant guarantee. HC and other vendors also sell waterproof connectors/pigtails/extensions and has some great tutorials on youtube 1) Encase the connectors in silicone. 2) Use Marine grade heat shrink tubing 3) Both of the above in combination. JR
  21. Disregard "added to my list". I totally forgot I already completed the faces to this on 4 June LOL. I think you already have the singing face seq. JR
  22. how much trouble
  23. That is great. "Saved to my computer", ran and it worked great. Now I have the macros group at the bottom as we discussed. It also made it easy to identify the new .lcc file by adding "plus Macro" on the end. Very nice. It was much faster than me having to manually add those channels. I think it may have taken 1 second. Thank you JR
  24. Just wanted to give Bob a shout out. After many other helpful situations I finally had a chance to actually speak with Bob through Teamviewer last night. He has always been a big help and even though he can talk circles around me about programming stuff he attempts to break it down, now how many times he has to explain things before I comprehend is another story. Over and above he is actually going to create a program to resolve an issue I am having, now that is unheard of. He put up with my loud peanut gallery often interrupting the thought process. Bob is one the people who make this site user friendly. Thank you Bob JR
  25. got the popcorn