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  1. Sellers please don't ask. Several of you have requested it from me and for whatever reason I can no longer find your request. One of you stated that you wanted the faces to incorporate into your outline sequence. If you care to share would be appreciated. If you have produced house outline and or animation sequences for this and wouldn't mind sharing those back with me and others please let me know. Music can be purchased at MP3millions, Amazon and probably some other places. Info: Title: Shiny Artist: Jemaine Clement Album: Moana Deluxe Edition Thank you and enjoy, truly to be a hit among children and adults. JR
  2. Useful Programs

    Thanks Mr P. That's funny and exactly why I got rid of my house phone. Those 18 prop children I have kept pranking folks JR
  3. Just in case you don't get any takers since it is so close to the holidays. And just in case you ever want to try this Johns video is a great starting point. I am swamped or I would assist you with the timings. Ears are helpful but optional. JR
  4. Useful Programs

    Papagayo- as s starting tool to learn how to make singing props "sing". Or you can just ask me how to make the magic, I can teach you. The more the merrier. JR
  5. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Two old geezers
  6. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Featuring Burt / Ernie
  7. 2016 WowLights Christmas Contest Winners Posted

    Congrats Dan. It will add 16 more to your show. That's 2 singing faces. JR
  8. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    I'm on fire
  9. Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Sent along with step by step. Enjoy JR
  10. Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Anytime, you are welcome. I think I re produced your Owl City sequence. I;m pretty sure it was one of the ones I produced for you. JR
  11. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    1990's boom box. I'm sure this new generation doesn't have a clue as to what it is. Should be easy to spot though if someone steals it since in todays standards it would be similar to walking around with a rack component stereo on your shoulders. Even gets AM. JR
  12. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    bath water feet
  13. TSO 2017 tour dates are out

    Dec 13 for us. Wife and I will be there. JR
  14. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    To too pale
  15. This thread started in 2015. The prices are lower than they were then. I believe the prices are the same as the 2016 prices. Unless I am wrong there is no current sale on licensing upgrades and prices are posted on the store. JR
  16. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    Yes, I am with you. Just a whole lot of other people are not. I am not sad. You, I and a bunch of others here may feel that way but more and more people are not sharing our old beliefs. If they did we would be in a better world. It's a fact of life. You met me, I am as happy go lucks as anyone. I did come unraveled at the hotel but that was after a 11 hour trip and not having a room when we arrived and then throw the mixup by the front desk in there, I believe I had the right. Other than that I wake up every day thankful for yet another day, big smile on my face as I wake up my boys. Bill Andersons song wraps it all up. JR
  17. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    I meant the "true meaning" exactly retailers will always have this cash cow. You never hear the old Christmas songs playing in the stores anymore. I have seen grown women fighting during Christmas sales in Belks over a pair of shoes. I am talking fists and rolling on the floor. People have gotten shot in the mall over parking spaces. I know it's not limited to Birmingham, just making a statement. its sad. JR
  18. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    Chet- actually IMO Christmas is what the government is pushing on us taking away a lot of our rights to cave to other religions. Don't want to get into all the politics but the true meaning is slowly going away. Too much hate. listen to the song Bill Anderson "Still believing in Christmas" this is the true meaning/ spirit combined with what's happening in our world. But yes, I also do it for the children. JR
  19. Need Coro Singing Tree Visualizer File

    I will send you my VI's as soon as I get home JR
  20. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    on Gilligans Island
  21. Sequence Sharing

    That was actually requested in my Free Halloween Sequence request thread. It is on my production list for this year. Now I just got get finished with these voice overs. Put me to sleep in around 15 seconds. JR
  22. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    I have often said "sequencing is physically keeping me alive". At 52 I am still one of the young bucks here. As the PC garbage gets more fierce every year I believe that Christmas will someday be just a blur in some of our children's memory. Its a shame (not the words I wanted to use). JR
  23. Looking for Snow Miser/Heat Miser sequence?

    Sent singing faces Music Info is within the sequence JR