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  1. This came up in another thread and not to steal anyone's thunder TheDucks told me to go for it. Since this is Military appreciation month let me start by saying Thank you to all that have served and those that are still serving. Less than 2% of our population have served. Please keep it unclass and to the point. As for lights I do both a Military and First Responder display for the 4th of July. Me USMC 1982-94 - Semper~Fi US Army 1994-2008 , retired
  2. You have mail Enjoy JR
  3. Song info: Uma Thurman Fall Out Boy Album ~ American Beauty/ American Physco include your email in the post DO NOT SELL (will be reported to wherever you are selling it and LOR Admins) Sellers don't ask.
  4. After S/H mine were like $33 per box. I got in on Jerrys group buy he had going on. Shipping through Greyhound is cheap but takes forever to arrive but worth the wait. JR
  5. I ordered mine through Jerry72. JR
  6. Seeing is believing
  7. don't judge her
  8. Sent to both of you Enjoy JR
  9. Sent to both of you, enjoy JR
  10. So we will get a two-fer out of it. Will pass them to you as I complete. JR
  11. Mod- please delete "double tap" Sorry
  12. revealing it all
  13. With as many members that appear to live in TX, TX should be as bright as molten during the holidays. LOL JR
  14. Since you brought it to light maybe you could start a "Military/ Ex Military" thread. Figured to give you first on it not to steal your thunder. JR
  15. This is why I am trying to figure out an easier way to get lights up at 50' without renting a lift. My hoist system works good for my singing Santa but not sure I could manage my entire multi peak roof line and have it match 100%. Because of the slope at the front would need an 80' latter to safely get to the peak and that is not going to happen with me or anyone I know on it. That's why I use the whole house for xmas but only 1/2 at Halloween, to expensive to rent for two holidays. (4 rental fees) I am thinking that with the RGB's I can hopefully set them up at Halloween and just change the colors in sequencing for Christmas. But I still would like to do away with the lift altogether. JR
  16. tight fittin jeans
  17. wrapped with bacon
  18. Just a tad over 25 years AFS. 12 USMC and 13 US Army retired 2008 JR
  19. Cool, I take it you approve to bump it to my next sequence after your Mash up Back on track tomorrow. Will be a little slower since I will be doing father son stuff during the days but will get back to sequencing as well. Road trip to James home in June! JR
  20. Jerry ~ This request brings makes me recall another Def Leppard song, Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad, maybe for you and the wife , my wife as well as a few others here who love their wives. You know who you are. JR
  21. Those of us that are/ were military can relate. JR
  22. Gonna be a while but as soon as I produce it all requests will be filled. Working mainly 4th of July and Halloween at this time. JR
  23. "Trying" to make a lot for "US" LOL
  24. Jerry- you mean Def Leppard? You know you can ask me anytime. My son just graduated from Kgarten so I have been chaperoning various events and took a 10 day sequence break. I will finish James request I have had since those days and if James don't mind will squeeze this in. I and I am pretty sure James likes Def Leppard JR
  25. coffee flavored candy