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  1. I think you can pull any holiday off with those. Just change color and you will be good to go. I was wondering about the globes but I seen the info on your FB post
  2. They look really great. JR
  3. You have some great people there in TN. I believe you just missed the TN mini. If you do a search for the TN mini you will find a few of the members within. I'd pm them and see if they could help you out. Try SuperStar yet? JR
  4. Sent, enjoy JR
  5. The Beverly Hillbillys
  6. southerners eat them
  7. As Tom stated its been done. Do a search for it however do not limit yourself to 32 channels. Take what you can get and either add to it or take away what you don't need and transfer into your own sequence. My bet would be on my friend James Morris, do a search for his name in the "Sequence Sharing" section and you will find a bunch. Just ask and leave him your email. Welcome to the C.L.A.P. JR
  8. smelly arm pitts
  9. You know you received it!! JR
  10. Sending now enjoy JR
  11. slowly turn around
  12. I believe DevMike posted this in a similar topic withing the last 30 days. Maybe he will reply to this, I do not recall what he posted. JR
  13. fried by sun
  14. Northern Pike ate
  15. arm while serviceing
  16. I will be sequencing it. As soon as its complete I will share it. JR
  17. Your link doesn't work. As far as the song itself, Halloween is a time to play "almost anything" and get away with it. If you spent 16 hours (screen time) sequencing a song then you should use that song in your show, or you just wasted 16 hours of your life. As far as vocal parts you have to get constructive some times. I personally love having a lot of vocal parts, more challenging and captures the audience attention and keeps them mesmerized. I do have several sequences that are only soloists. I always try to keep my sequences as close as the group as possible but creativity is the key. I have enough faces where I can have 8 or more parts but I only create them using the standard 4. However I would never change the face movements in order to add a 5th face. Its better to use what you have at their capacity rather than change the quality to add an additional face IMHO, 4 faces can be 6 easily and nobody really would know the difference. As long as the parts match and you are not leaving off lyrics. JR
  18. I had added you on 8 Jan and then again on 28 Jan after I shared singing face sequences. You probably got a link and it either went to junk or you didn't know what it was and got rid of it. Adding you again, you should look for a link/ JR
  19. I can take care of this my friend. JR
  20. I believe you are already attached to my DB. I have added quite a few new ones if you haven't looked lately. JR
  21. From one "new to pixel" member to another. Once you get your SS license set up, if you need help with setting up your matrix/ tree and cannot figure it out shoot me a pm and I will keep it in "new person" down to earth terminology. Some of us share our telephone numbers and work together over the phone. Made a lot of great friends here. I can also tell you how to add images in easy terms. I did a write up that I share with those who ask for help, step by step to add pics/ gif's. So easy a caveman can do it. It helped sleeping at a Holiday Inn though. JR
  22. Yeah, I have no complaints with LOR the only problem I had was with the mp3 director when it was new and they sent a replacement within 2 days. Mine 16's are V1 and one has been running non stop since Feb so that makes me feel better but only running off 4 strings now. Just awaiting to finish my matrix and then I will run 24X50 24/7 until Halloween. Thanks for the update. JR
  23. The old standard Matrix size was 12X50 (most commercial cookie cutter sequences). HS is now selling a 24X50 Matrix and is adding sequences to fit to their inventory. Their 24X50 matrix is $75 plus S/H (last I checked), that was my price. It is very heavy duty plastic and comes rolled up. 12"X12" box. JR
  24. Alan- What was wrong with your original? Also if I am reading this correctly your "pink" shows up as pink now? Feel free to pm the answer if you don't want to post. I have 2 16's, great to know what I may face. Thanks JR
  25. Home Depot (if you can find the 6-10mm) prices are ridiculous. Normally they do not carry the thick stuff or even the full sheets of the thinnest in stock. 3 for about $175 then add shipping since they will not "ship to store", I tried and that was the answer. "ship to business or home only" Birmingham, AL local sign shops do not carry any sheets of 6-10mm because that is not what the customers want. They want the cheapest stuff they can find for the advertising signs. I found a local plastic company that manufactures shipping containers and I purchased 6mm for $12 a full sheet (plus tax). 10mm was $14 however I felt it would be too difficult to use my tools to cut and drill it. The 6mm is heavy enough for our purposes. JR