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  1. As usual, if you are a seller or someone who wants to use any portion of this sequence for your personal gain, please don't ask. Surely no one has produced this. FRESH OFF THE PRESS Please this is provided to forum members for Private Use only, do not share. If you do not understand the process of properly using my sequences please ask me for my step by step guide. It will ensure you have the best experience possible with this and all of my sequence. I will email it upon request. Sorry, I do not respond to sequence sharing through private messages. Keep it in public pm's will be ignored. Thank you for your understanding. Music Info Despecito Luis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee Despecito Remix featuring Justin Bieber Album ` Despecito Remix CDs JR
  2. Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Sent along with the step by step on how to properly use my sequence for your show. Private Use Only as listed in my original post. JR
  3. Mini Tree?

    2- of the largest tomato cages one inside the other and turn the verticle veigns so they do not line up. This gives more places to zip tie to and doesn't create a sag affect. JR
  4. Running all the cords

    Sounds like my logs (extension cords) running across my sidewalk during Christmas. 2 Bundles JR
  5. Transiting into RGBs and I'm dead in the water

    If you follow the tutorial verbatim in the Help menu it's pretty good. i was able to design and sequence my first spiderweb in PE. I have not touched it since. i found it easier to purchase a spiderweb already made for pixels. JR
  6. Transiting into RGBs and I'm dead in the water

    Sounds to me like you do not have a pixel controller. If you are attempting to use tha Ctb16 to run your CCR's/ RGBs that's your first problem. i think I read into your paragraph to deep. But still what controller you using for pixels? Please clarify. added Dont worry if you have or can get the correct controller there are at least a couple of us that will share sequences with you so at least the wife doesn't get upset. JR
  7. That is Carol of the Bells by Monique danielle JR
  8. Singing Reindeer Face

    The singing snowman is 5 channel lip movement. Any 5 channel HC singing face will work. I use the tees for everything 5 faces except my pumpkins but they are also interchangeable since I ceated my own channel config to make sequencing life easier. The same with any 2 lip movements like Rudolph. I use Rudolph for all 2 mouth movement characters. JR
  9. Try copy paste by time and see if that fixes it. Have you checked the music properties? Right click on the mp3. Ensure it is not 256, it should be 128kbps. Please, post what you did to resolve your situation when finished so others that search may gain some help from the info. More often than not users do not post their fixes. Thank you JR
  10. Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Sent, please Private Use Only do not share Thank you JR
  11. No difference in CCR ribbon or pixel tree as far as sequencing, I copy paste into mine all the time. As a matter of fact every time. If your actual matrix screen is upside down reverse the order of your strings. Start the easy way in your controller config. If that doesn't work do it at the screen itself. Also if you have SS you can configure it so it exports to SE the way you need it. Let me add that if your sequence has people in it the people should hang upsude down while looking at them in SE. Words as well My matrix is backwards controller to matrix channels are opposite. JR
  12. 485 adapter has nothing to do with watching your computer screen vis or SE animation. JR
  13. Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Sending, please private use only. Thank you for understanding. JR
  14. What I have found is, if it looks like (on the prop itself) that the items are sharing the same universe or channels you have either a "copy/ paste" problem or your strings on the prop are backwards. Also ensure you have the "exact" song that the sequence was produced for as well as running the mp3/ wav itself through audacity. Save at 128kbps, constant bit rate and speed fast. At least with the singing faces those last steps are 99% of the problem. The other 1% is not copy pasting into the "end users" correct channels. JR
  15. Change directory

    Jim ~ two part question sort of in same ball park as Jerry. 1) Show on Demand will not play my show that I placed in "D" drive. Is this normal? 2) The reason its in D drive is because I had a horrible week last week with .24. Reverted back to .18. My desktop when new came with Win10 and at that time windows 10 had 500gb resourced for "C" and 1.5tb for "D". To put it short, I received an error message that there is not enough space in my C drive to move my show files. Put show files in D, ran attempted to run Show On Demand and CL started getting overloaded with errors ~ "cannot open..." for each file I used to have Ghost Copy but that's long ago. Is there a way in WIN10 to allocate more or all of my D free space without losing everything. Thanks JR
  16. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    pray for us
  17. Cannot make the pixels work

    I am thinking that you have gotten mixed up with the normal singing faces and hoping with RGB faces. The singing faces that the majority are using are non RGB faces controlled by normal AC controllers, not pixel controllers. If you have not produced any normal singing faces ever with papagayo or other methods and being brand new to RGB's youd have to be, I don't have a word, beyond genious to pull both of these feats off in 2 weeks. All I can say is WOW and best of luck. JR
  18. Cannot make the pixels work

    It sounds as if your problem is going to be in your configuration. Your pixie16 needs to use 16 consecutive channels. Not channels 1-16 though. When you set the config it should ask you to select the pixie16's first unit ID. It will automatically assign the 15 consecutive ID's. Example. If your pixie16 first channel is 1 then it will assign 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 0A, OB, OC, OD, OE, OF, 10. You are starting out with one of the most difficult props to build (a singing face) in the first place. Youd be better off testing and getting to know other props with the pixie16 rather than jumping right into a singing face from the onset. The pixie16's are very easy to configure in of itself but with you being new, and since it doesn't sound like you have experience with singing faces in just regular mini leds/ incans from someone who produces many sequences I wouldn't jump into both fires at once. Select one and get comfortable with it and then branch out. If you have questions about pixie16's and how to configure shoot me a pm. If you have questions about sequencing singing faces, shoot me a pm. I can tell you how to get started. JR
  19. Anyone doing Despacito?

    No, I only use my pro headset and my mouse. Nothing else. If I do not know a band I will watch videos to determine who the lead(s) are and who the backups are. Nothing else. A great headset makes the difference. I couldn't imagine doing it any other way. The only reason I watched the videos is because with Spanish a lot of the consonants are silent and a lot of vowels are not sounded like ours. I speak Japanese, English and some Tagalog but not Spanish. JR
  20. Problems with all the programs

    Best to search your computer for one of your sequences and that will tell you where they are. Look for my computer/ my documents/ Light o rama once you find that folder all of the sub folders should be within. That is where you should be saving your audio and sequences to. JR
  21. Anyone doing Despacito?

    Happy you like it. Was very difficult, watched 2 videos while sequencing. One with spelling the other for sounds. JR
  22. Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Sent, for private use only. Thank you Enjoy JR
  23. Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Private Use Only, you have mail. Enjoy JR