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  1. As usual, if you are a seller or someone who wants to use any portion of this sequence for your personal gain, please don't ask. Surely no one has produced this. FRESH OFF THE PRESS Please this is provided to forum members for Private Use only, do not share. If you do not understand the process of properly using my sequences please ask me for my step by step guide. It will ensure you have the best experience possible with this and all of my sequence. I will email it upon request. Sorry, I do not respond to sequence sharing through private messages. Keep it in public pm's will be ignored. Thank you for your understanding. Music Info Despecito Luis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee Despecito Remix featuring Justin Bieber Album ` Despecito Remix CDs JR
  2. My 2 cents about Papagayo

    Best way to avoid the wasted time it takes to produce the repeated chorus (as long as it is exactly the same) Bunch it all together in that segment and skip it. Bunching it will allow you to identify it after pasting into SE. Then you just delete that portion in SE (off) and copy/ paste from the good chorus. Hope this helped. Once you get really good and understand how it all works dump papagayo. You can also just leave it out of the original music sheet where a repetitive chorus is not even written to the papagayo timeline. However sometimes it can make it confusing. JR
  3. Jerry72 asked me to assist him with this. Artist: Little Jimmy Dickens Album: Still Believing in Christmas As always include your email address. Please do not sell. Enjoy JR
  4. PE will not runpixie 16 or ccrs runs if created in SS

    Are you sure you are not trying to play a DMX sequence? Ask me how I know. Had the issue for a couple days during Halloween. I may have accidentally attempted to play a DMX sequence(s) It sounds like a config issue still. Have you made a vis of the tree with your pixie unit assignments? If not its a lot easier than testing on the actual prop unless you can see the prop from your computer. I normally don't use a vis but when I first attempted to set up my pixies I did (made by several members here) it helped me troubleshoot actual prop. JR
  5. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Thanks Jerry ~ On the "City Tour of Lights" show day my mega tree hook head broke 6400 lights in a huge pile. That was the day after getting it all set up and tested. Prior to that computer problems throughout Halloween so I had to leave my HAlloween display up to test the new show computer to ensure it was going to act right. That was two weeks lost. Not to mention I couldn't sequence at night because the seq computer was running the show. All my fault, well mostly because I should have added the extra networks but failed to. First year pixels. Two days after I got my new hook head (the old frying pan) up and tree back up mother nature dumped 6-8" on us. Well the mega tree is under a massive pine tree. The powder snow would build up on the branch and fall directly on the star. No big deal until that snow turned to frozen snow, destroyed the star and 8 strands of lights. Never in a million years would anyone think about that much snow or any snow in Birmingham, AL in any month let alone Dec. If we get snow it always been Feb-Apr and just enough to screw driving up. Cant talk about the other problems. I an running about 70% 13 singing faces, mega tree, ccr mega tree, matrix, circles, roof outline, whats left of my min trees after canabolizing because I ran out of green 100 led strings on the tree fiasco and there have been no green 50 strings this year. Setting up my fun snoopy red baron theatrical skit. Just got the inflatable plane up a few mins ago, and due to computer issues and trying to get my head back into the game I have 9 out of about 150 sequence put together. My great friend James, Greg and Don are the ones suffering because I need to push out some faces promised. They've been there though tuffing it out and at least letting me vent. Thanks to everyone for understanding, once I get up and running and get a few of my need sequence compiled I will get my head back into the game. JR
  6. Faces Only! 4th of July and Halloween have Priority. After May I will post up a Christmas request thread. (Good Lord willing) If you would like a "special" song for singing faces (8 channel) just ask. All I need is the song title, album and singer. If I cannot find it from my paid MP3 provider I will let you know. Cutoff date will be May 1, 2017. Reply in this thread with title. Include your email address or I will assume it is not a valid request. Please do not ask for a Sequence that is already available for sale ANYWHERE, I will look before I reinvent the wheel. If you are a "seller" please do not ask! **Receiving this sequence does not authorize you to sell it. Sequences prepared by me ARE NOT FOR SALE. I will report it to LOR Admin and Admin of which ever site I find it on. I am attempting to not have to "Protect" my sequences from being sold. Of course I am just an individual so if I get swamped I may not get to your sequence. I will do my best but since it is free "No Guarantee"! You will be in my Queue. ~JR
  7. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Sorry guys, to much stuff going on now. My sequencing is on hold until I can get back in the game.Ive had stuff go wrong brought by Mother Nature and man made. I’m so far behind. JR
  8. Looking for a sequence for Despecito song

    I have not seen but one of my threads closed to replies. And that wasn't my thread, it was a thread that had some bad goings on init. I have a "Despacito sharing thread". You can search for my UN under advanced search and reply within the threads. Sorry it helps me keep track of whom I sharing with . Advanced search for "Now Sharing" will net you favorable results with absolutely no closed threads that I started. JR
  9. PE will not runpixie 16 or ccrs runs if created in SS

    I would still like to know your Unit ID's for the CCR's and pixie. From my experiences even with the non HS adapters the pixies will still run the pixels, I am not sure of lag or adverse affects but they do run sequences. What gen pixies? Dip switches or not in the pixie. If the pixie has dip switches in order for you to set and save the unit ID all must be off. From the factory it has one dip switch #9 on. That resets the unit ID to #1. HU will allow you to set the Unit ID with the dip switch on but as soon as you exit out of HU the board will revert back to unit 1. If you have a ccr with unit 1 and the pixie is also sharing unit 1 I have found nothing on that network will work. That's just a little tip just in case. I realize you said there are "no conflicts" stranger things happen. JR
  10. Sequence from HolidaySequences.com will not run

    The OP is up and running now. Thank you for the screen shot it saved whats left of my hair. JR
  11. I was beginning to think I needed just one more drink before he sent that pic. I have asked several others for the pic but no one ever followed through. This time though when he asked if there was anything he could do for me after fixing his config and getting his lights blinking my reply "please send me the screen shot of the NP tabs". Thank god he came through. I just relooked at your pic, the problem was I asked "what do you see in the NP tabs" he repeated verbatim what he was looking at. I failed to have him start from very top of the page. "simple" may have been the key word. Alan- where do you host your pics to get them loaded and posted so quick? JR
  12. Exactly, something so easy but I never seen it and with it not being like the advance look I wasn't concerned with anything other than "apply" in the right margin. Glad I posted because it was starting to bother me esp. when I probably came off as being sarcastic or something toward you, I did not mean any ill intention. I was simply being inquisitive sine all of us could see the enhanced but those I helped couldn't. Didn't make any sense until I saw the picture and asked him to select the tab and there it was. "Enhanced" Anyway thank you to everybody for helping with this. As a team we figured it out. Merry Christmas JR
  13. I just received the email with screenshot. I think it solved my problem. His screenshot says "simple LOR Network". I have asked him to select the "advanced tab" hopefully this is the fix and he can see "enhanced" option box. Thank you for your patience and time. I have never seen this "simple LOR Network" screen. Y'all can beat on me now, UPS already has with their disrespect of my property and lights. JR
  14. Correct for HU however if it’s not in your NP and or config it wouldn’t work. This is the most common mistake. Thinking because it works in HU it should work on show. I like to think of HU as being a pipeline straight to he controller itself. JR
  15. Now that’s a possibility and I forgot to ask since all lights blink. I will ask the member from today as I await his pic of the screen
  16. Alan and gang- I can only state what they are telling me. As of about an hour ago as I assisted someone his screen did not have the enhanced box “nothing to the right of the coment box”. This has been the case with quite a few people as of late. That’s why I was asking. I actually had to open up my laptop and ask them to go through the steps with me and tell me verbatim what they were looking at. U know y’all know I have the process figured out by now. Yet again his lights work when finished even though the “enhanced” selection is awol. Also his work with normal rs485 adapter but since he has at few g1 g2 AC controllers he will be ordering a HS adapter since he has to run 2 networks. Just confusing why they haven’t been able to find the selection box yet everything is running. JR
  17. Jim- I just got off the phone with another member here and he is going to email me his screenshot as well. He has nothing after comment. SO he has no "enhanced box". IDK. why it would be different. Hopefully his picture will shed some light on the subject. As mentioned above, I never doubted you or anyone else, just going by what they are telling me while we configure their setups. JR
  18. Singing Face Question

    Actually with my aforementioned santa both channel 3 and 4 move. Not sure what you mean about "lyrics tied to channel x" since most groups have more than one lyrics and words have more than 1 lip movement. With that said it doesn't matter how many lip movements you have as long as your audience sees movements at the correct time (unlike the old Chinese movies) they will be impressed. JR
  19. So what I am hearing is that all the people are not seeing it. I had .24 for about a week and never looked. JeeZ Even Sunday and last night both said they did not have an enhanced box and no enhance check block while configuring the pixies in SE I do not doubt you or Jim but why these guys are not seeing it. Everything still works after configuration. The other thing I see My Old pixies will not work on a prop without the HS adapter. The version 2 will but I always tell the person they nave have issues during a show
  20. Yes, as mentioned 4.3.18 and older it’s been there, however according to the people I’ve helped in the last several months that have .24 and up it is not there. Ti verify I opened my .18 and they had theirs open, they do not have the enhanced block in the screen. Theirs all stopped after comments. Thats why I was asking if someone could verify with a newer version. That screenshot is .14 looks exactly like mine but as I’ve been told not like .24 on JR
  21. In 4.3.24 and higher the selection of "enhanced" is no longer where it was. I have not been able to find it while assisting those with .24 forward. However the controllers work so perhaps it is now automatically selected with the pixies. Unless someone can tell me exactly where it is in .24 forward. Its not in NP, not in the Config dropdown while setting up in SE and not in the HU pixie/ pixcon settings. I cannot confirm personally but based on the screens the LOR members I have assisted with the newer versions. JR
  22. Singing Face Question

    For the commercially made singing santa there are 4 channels. 1-Outline 2-Eyes 3- Open mouth 4- Beard (closed mouth) however ther is only 1 sequence I know commercially available. For typical commercially produce faces 1- outline 2-eyes open 3-Eyes closed 4-top lip 5- mid lip 6- bottom lip 7-O mouth 8- Vowel mouth There are other names used for some of those lips and hudreds of commercially offered sequences I do not use the standard movemnts due to I have mine to ease my sequencing. My last 4 are in a different order. Just starting out ItsmeBob's website will be your friend. Download papagayo and papagayo to LOR conversion tool. Also do yourself a favor, do not watch to many youtube videos. Some will cause you to waste time. A lot of time. Bobs tutorials and some additional guidance that some of us can provide will be useful. Best of luck. JR
  23. Did you check your channel config? You say network config is assigned to aux A but did you assign it to your unit ID. You don't mention what controller(s) you have, how many networks, which adapters. I understand everyone is in a hurry these days but in these cases more information is better than to little to get good assistance. JR
  24. Sequences for the 16x25 LOR Tree are available!

    Don't forget to grab the visualization when you are at it. I learned quite a bit about the 16X25 tree tonight speaking with Brian. The vis is at the bottom of the page, I understand nobody reads entire paragraphs these days but read his instructions. The vis file looks like a link. I have not stayed up to date with the tree and have helped others the only way I knew. Gave it a good effort and had made a vis file for someone when I had a little problem and contacted Brian. He then noticed my vis file and the conversation took off from there. Thank you again Brian. JR
  25. Sequence from HolidaySequences.com will not run

    We need to configure your pixie for you. That is HS configuration. Its to late tonight, I tried to call you earlier but got your VM and left message. You should have my # on CID. Shoot me a text before calling me anytime after 8 am tomorrow. Just to ensure I am avail. If you only have the one controller and you have everything ready it wont take long. JR