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  1. Nice on the thermal detection FLIR camera. 18 of my 36 cameras are FLIR, 8 of them color night vision, but other than one of my rifle scopes I have no thermal detection devices. JR
  2. Great time to have it, right after taxes (for most). I'm saving hope, hoping to get some more controllers. JR
  3. Much! Still a great job for your first attempts. JR
  4. them ifya gottem
  5. I remember those easy bake ovens LOL Yes I know that mil spec equipment is made for the environments (25 plus years of AFS). Was using that as an example. Using your statement 80C is about 160F, still much more than a human can take. Thank you for your service! JR
  6. free time to
  7. I may be wrong because I'm just a military guy and not an electronic component expert but I believe a pcb can take more heat than a human being. Our field equipment will outlast a soldier in the heat. now if it gets hot enough in the enclosure to melt the solder connections then yes we are in trouble. I will put mine through a test as it warms up and if there is a problem can add a $6 fan JR
  8. /\/\/| Exactly why I didn't sign up on LOR forums 7 years ago. To much drama between "old timers" and "newbies" asking questions. Luckily some things changed a couple years ago. There is a difference between "helping" someone and being condescending. The OP asked for recommendations and experiences, everyone is going to have their opinions based on their experience. Personally I do not put all of my eggs in one basket. I will shop with whom I want , supply and demand. I use all vendors until I get screwed, then I make my decision to not do business with them. (My money, my terms) I have found every vendor to be very helpful. I have not had a single problem with any vendor other than a slow customer service experience but it was not a product issue and it was a busy time of year. I just waited my turn. Since then the same vendor has had great customer service with me. JR
  9. Yes, I understand that, but I still think all should be fine without a fan(s). Its not crammed in. Once I start running the first 16 channels to the matrix I will find out for sure. JR
  10. Thanks, It sounded sort of like the MTC but I wasn't sure. That explains it. JR
  11. What album is that from?
  12. That is really good for your first time, yes fades work great at beginning and end. Great job
  13. Just the vents, there is a lot of space in that box. I may get a thermo resistor to keep an eye but I'm thinking its going to be ok. I have all the wiring done and have left it on for 2 days straight and no heat problem.
  14. Primex 20 X 14 X 5 Works great for my two ps's and pixie16
  15. You got that right about HC. I too use them and whoever else I can save a little money with. I just happen to learn about the bosocyo strips first. I just received some products (waterproof extensions) from HC, they are by far better quality than the ones I got from Ray. So I am assuming I can take the old pair of nylons out of my trunk and replace it with a strip of the pixel mounting strip of my choice to use as an emergency fan belt?! JR