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  1. At Toms mini
  2. Just funny intentions
  3. I'm just glad you kept your pixels. I can tell you how to add pics and animated pics to a matrix in SS but that's all I have played with. I did a step by step if you want it. It will work for the tree as well, you'd just have to change some things around in your setup. JR
  4. they're not poems!
  5. little black book
  6. Ask Bill Clinton
  7. you've got time
  8. Yes, my great friend. Everyone should be glad to have access to your sequences. It is a lot of hard work. This is what the spirit of the holidays and LOR is all about. Helping each other through telephone, skype, chat, pm's, emails and in person. I have made several great friends along the way. Even took one to the OKC mini, though we never met I shared a sequence with Don and from their we became friends and had a blast at Santas Helpers mini (Tom) and Mega Arch (Dan) , thanks for the invite. Great drive and great people. JR
  9. Time for Tapatalk
  10. Lord knows I have plenty of stuff to work on. Worst hotel I ever stayed in but it was all a misunderstanding and lack of checking ID's by the desk clerk. I about had another heart attack. Its a long story that if I called it a Biography of the OKC mini, absolutely nobody but Don and I would believe it. Thanks to the clerk 4 people got great rooms (upgrades) due to my name changing from JR to Ceasar. LOL In one minute the clerk forgot my name and everything. She called Ceasar and pointed at me so I thought my room was ready. 6:00 pm and rooms were not even ready. Got to the room and only 1 king size bed. Don was in the Navy but I being a Marine/ Army am not sharing a bed with a dude. It went all down hill from there. Clerk basically called me a liar and it was on. JR
  11. I will probably be one of the last. Placed my order on Saturday night. I was at the OKC mini, no excuse though since my roommate placed his order a few minutes after the sale, oh that's right, his wife did it from their home. He called her. The WIFI in the hotel sucked to term it lightly. I could barely get on the LOR sale page and then it kept cutting on and off with each time having to log back through the hotel site. Saturday night I was finally able to keep wifi enough to order. Luckily what I was looking for was still available. JR
  12. or most garments
  13. YVW- took me a minute to remember your email address. Anytime JR
  14. While producing custom singing face sequences for people for free I have only asked two favors in return. First test in and let me know what you think about it and secondly DO Not Sell or share it. If someone wants it they can ask me, after all they are posted publicly in my "Now Accepting Singing Face Request" thread. I have done 80 requests since Feb and less than 10% have told me what they think and another 10-20 % ask for the mp3 which I do not share. I ensure all music info is within the sequence and also inform everyone where I get my MP3's for 5-12 cents each. If they cant afford 5-12 cents they have the wrong hobby. And at least 2 times one of mine was listed for sale. I do this as a hobby and do not want to feel its a job. When it feels like a job its time for me to quit because I promised myself what I enlisted in the USMC at 17 that if I do at least 20 once I retire I am retired for good. 9 years ago I retired, other than taking care of my boys, I sequence the faces. JR
  15. Great~ didn't quite understand your comment. The things that Brian speaks of I have never done (but I am new to SS) however I run every wav through Audacity and convert prior to any use, so that's the reason why I have never dealt with any problems with audio. With production of my singing faces it is crucial to run through audacity as I mentioned above. JR