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  1. blood sucking demons
  2. watch for ticks
  3. Nothing to be embarrassed about, stuff happens. I basically live on and off this forum (keeps me alive) no joke there. It was missed! I had no phone (crashed and burned), no forum But I did get 3 sequences done! I need an intervention JR
  4. Let me get my matrix finished (just need to install the nodes and cords). I have everything. And then I have to finish (well tighten up) the controllers. I will gladly test it. If it means anything my matrix is 24X50 each strand having its own channel. It may be a week before I am ready though. JR
  5. Yes, all new stuff is on my good laptop now. Well good that it doesn't like papagyo and forced me to get off my lazy butt and manually produce the seq. However when I get free time I still have about 3 tb of stuff to transfer. I don't even know where to begin.LOL
  6. I looked back and I had a sent message to you previously and still couldn't see the error
  7. Crap, I missed that, copy paste without checking
  8. As a matter of fact, just send me an email dibblejr@ h ot mail and I will reply, forever embedding your correct email in my system
  9. no freeballing allowed
  10. The best way to get it right- when you get to a word, back up each block and play a small section. If you hear the voice even the tiniest bit back up again until you hear nothing dealing with the voice. Some singers you can actually hear the start of a word quite a few blocks "S"'s are common. Papagayo gives you a basic understanding but leaves the sequence really flashy and you still have to move stuff around. Really fast songs like that Devil went down to GA was extremely bad after papagayo (I showed some of the guys here) the before and after I spent time cleaning (redoing) it in SE. Good luck. itsMeBob (Bob) has probably the best tutorial. Its basically the only honest one I found. I spent several years trying to figure out lip movements and until I joined LOR and found Bobs tutorial could not for the life of me figure it out. I purchased every sequence. May I add, a great set of professional headphones with EQ adjustments assist a great deal with picking up the background singers, noises and sometimes the main voice. They are expensive but well worth it. Best of luck. JR
  11. Your email is failing. Please confirm. Did you receive the singing face copy of this? It failed then and I resent but you never confirmed. Thanks
  12. don't forget underwear
  13. and grass skirt
  14. Dan - sent. If you need anything else hit me up on PM. I can add you to my DropBox if you wish. I thought you didn't have singing faces but if I remember you was thinking about adding some.
  15. You will just have to copy and paste or just use my tree animation. Its all the same, just requires you to do one or the other. If copy paste ensure you copy from and paste to the correct channels. Will get it out ASAP, got a little progress. I also have life events. JR