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  1. Murry's pretty cool
  2. not the koolaid
  3. forgot the blood
  4. Sent to both of you Enjoy JR
  5. Going to send you something JR
  6. use wire brush
  7. Anytime, you should have mail JR
  8. Welcome back my friend. JR
  9. I guess Mr. P and I both thought of the same thing. IMHO- I don't know what use it would be to me since most lightsters want to be the first on their block with a particular song sync'd. Not everyone though, I'm not in it for the competition, I'm in it for the fun. I just cant see going/ joining another site just to get music ideas for syncing. With lights esp. Halloween almost anything goes. Also FYI MP3 millions is a lot more affordable for MP3's than the ones you mentioned. I've been using that site for years. I only go to another site if 1% chance they don't have the particular MP3 I am searching for. That's just my opinion though so charge on. JR
  10. Ah oh. Its been discussed. You'd be on your own with this. Just to show a couple.
  11. You have mail along with detailed instructions Enjoy JR
  12. After S/H mine were like $33 per box. I got in on Jerrys group buy he had going on. Shipping through Greyhound is cheap but takes forever to arrive but worth the wait. JR
  13. I ordered mine through Jerry72. JR