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  1. Introducing Tor

    Reminds me of the Undertaker when he first started on the wrestling scene, mystic. Welcome TOR JR
  2. You should have it Enjoy JR
  3. Sent last night JR
  4. I want a Hippo - Singing Trees Sequence

    If you don't get any replies in Aug I will be posting a Free singing face sequence thread. Just keep an eye out. JR
  5. Sent enjoy, I think I hit the send button, it went somewhere. LOL Let me know if you don't receive it. My email and this laptop is acting weird about now. JR
  6. Thriller faces and Pixel

    Sent both files, enjoy JR
  7. New look?

    It was absolutely no problem, I thought it was humorous that 50% and I answered one question and it was 100%. JR
  8. New look?

    Too funny. They do have the cool emojis now JR
  9. New look?

    That explains why I had to type my user info in on all devices today, along with the "your profile is 50% complete" message. JR
  10. Thriller faces and Pixel

    Sent both files, enjoy. JR