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  1. I was just placing a historical type of timeline on your thread, it is a much needed reminder for many lightsters. JR
  2. I was JK
  3. It's your thread
  4. You got pass
  5. Going down hill
  6. My in laws own a gas station, ive been using the free stuff for a long time. Keep in mind, ask them if they have any old, non opened signage as well. If they do they have some super heavy duty zip ties and other goodies in the box. A lot of clerks are to lazy to actually put all of the advertisements up. They will be perfect for your signs as well as other props, stars, spiders whatever. The 2/3mm thick stuff you can get off the big box stores shelves just to thin. And even though they advertise having the thicker stuff you will not be able to get it shipped to the store so shipping will kill the deal. I paid $14 8X4' sheet 6mm locally at mfg. JR
  7. You wrote that well over "one" year ago. I remember reading that while I was a lurker, or at least similar. Its great sound advice. JR
  8. squeal like pig
  9. Depends on what thickness. I used a punch about 1' long for the thin 4mm stuff. I will be using a drill bit in "reverse" for my 6 mm stuff. There is a big difference between the two thickness's. I have seen some people refer to the 6 and 10mm coro as "commercial grade".Nothing commercial about it. its just thicker making it heavier duty. Lucky for me 6 miles away is a mfg. Don't waste $ on Lowes/ HD stuff. If you befriend a local gas station they get free coro for signage all the time. Pepsi, coke etc. Once the special is over it just gets trashed. You can paint over the coloring , Best of all "free" JR
  10. Why don't you just ask for a free sequence from one of us that share. That will help you watch the sequence and the color patterns. Most of us use SS but it is pricey. Personally all of mine are made by someone else here as I produce the singing face portion. Look for my sharing threads and JAmes Morris, I am sure we can share a few with you. At least you can see your lights work. JR
  11. Host your photos on a site like Photobucket, once there copy and paste the forum URL to your thread. Easy peasy. JR
  12. pile of spaghetti
  13. meet the Jetsons
  14. stars and beyond
  15. Backups- That's what friends are for..... JR