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  1. http://www.timesrepublican.com/news/todays-news/2016/12/local-teen-builds-synchronized-light-display/ I don't know this kid, but he lives about 25 miles south of me. I'm definitely driving down to check out what he has done. I'm especially impressed with the fact that he took the initiative to do this all on his own. He saw what he wanted, did what he needed to do to get some equipment and made it happen. Good for him! I hope he stays with it for a long time. Gary
  2. I think this would be a nice addition to the functionality of the controller. Maybe an "AUTO/MANUAL" switch. The manual position could be an input to the microcontroller that commands all channels on. In auto mode it operates as normal. Maybe even a 16 position DIP switche so you can select which channels come on in manual mode. Gary
  3. Stima took my cake.
  4. I bought two more DIY 16 channel AC controllers this year and when I powered them up for the first time, one of them had no status LED at all. I quickly realized the COM chip was getting hot. I double checked my work and found that I had the two voltage regulators swapped. Smoked 485 driver... (must have been a late nighter) lol I opened a service ticket with the LOR help desk and explained that I had goofed and what was going wrong because of my error. I said that I was sure a new chip would get it fixed and asked how I could go about purchasing one. Within a few hours Mike responded to my ticket and agreed that the COM chip might be the only damaged part and had one shipped out by the end of the day at no charge to me even though this was clearly my mistake. The new chip arrived, I installed it and the controller works just fine. I couldn't be more pleased with my first help desk experience. Thanks LOR!
  5. This is good stuff! I agree with default...love, love, love the can do attitude. We could use a lot more of that these days. Nice work whyintheworld. A big thumbs up for you! Gary
  6. At just over 4 amps per string you could be right, but I couldn't help my myself. Red, green and white C7's dancing along a roofline just screams Christmas! I added a subpanel in the basement and ran eight 15 amp circuits to the front porch. I have four DIY 16 channel controllers and each one has two power cords connected to it. Basically, each bank of eight channels is on it's own 15 amp breaker. This allows me to put each string of 85 on it's own circuit and have capacity to spare. The subpanel is also switched on and off by a mechanical timer, which is really convenient.
  7. I have three 85 bulb strings of C7's on the front roof line of my house this year. I'm pretty sure that's old school. lol
  8. That's a good point bwinter. Big fluffy flakes would definitely reflect light much better. Sounds like you have some experimenting to do Tupper. I'm not familiar with any type of artificial snow making myself. I don't like dealing with the real stuff, why would I try to make it intentionally. LOL My gut tells me the biodegradable snow maker will probably be the best bet.
  9. I want that steamer!! Very impressive.
  10. If you could have snow falling and get some sort of lighting (a strobe or colored flood maybe)to reflect off of it, I can see that having a pretty cool effect. A camera flash outside while it's snowing looks kinda neat.
  11. I don't really think he was asking whether or not he should use fake snow in his show. He wants suggestions on the type of equipment that would be best suited to do it. Just sayin'.
  12. Good for you JeffF! I was on fakebook for about 4 months a few years back and that was enough for me. That [Foul Language Used] is for people who TALK about doing stuff, I prefer to get out there and actually do things. I guess this means my lesson learned for this year is that there are still people who can and will break from the norm and get on with it. Thank you JeffF!!
  13. The track is made entirely of wood and the train is pulled around by a roller chain. The gear was initially driven by on old door opener motor and gear box. I end up switching to 19 volt drill motor because we had freezing rain one night while it was shut off and when it started up the next night the chain was jammed and basically exploded the plastic gearbox on the door opener. IMG_1507 by Gary Kelley, on Flickr IMG_1513 by Gary Kelley, on Flickr IMG_1514 by Gary Kelley, on Flickr IMG_1516 by Gary Kelley, on Flickr
  14. Another test pic Hey it works! My other hobby by the way.... IMG_1061 by Gary Kelley, on Flickr
  15. Yes, that is a train track. That tree and box with track was my first display from last year, but the lights were static. The wife is totally on board with this. I have a second garage that I use like a shop and the last two years we've setup a haunted house inside of it at Halloween. Doing that and a Christmas light show would be a bit too much, so we decided to switch to light shows for both. I will post more pics soon detailing how the train works, my setup for this year and the backyard. Thanks for all the interest.