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  1. john if u cant sell all 12 ccr i like to buy 2 ccrs ..let me know.. pm me
  2. very nice dennis!!
  3. try this i hope this work 4 u
  4. here the pic of my e682
  5. i dont know that much about E682 configuration? u think it needs more power
  6. yes everything work great
  7. hello guys i have a problem with 1 of my arches. 1 works and the other 1 lights half way i switched the plugs and notting playing it through pixel editor ..i have pixels on my arches ..controller is a e682 .25 pixels in each arch and all my channels are the same ..any suggestions ..
  8. hey james can i have a copy please
  9. thank u very much equinator
  10. I would also love a copy. Please
  11. s4

    thank u k6ccc
  12. s4

    without the beta '
  13. s4

    hello i like too know when u guys are released version 4.3.4
  14. thank u very much for the help guys I got it going I got in my 7 props