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  1. Steve, just a heads up. The problem with loading the new firmware via the hardware utility turned out to be a problem with the bootloader on the chip. The board I'll be getting will be at v1.02 still but with the fixed bootloader. All I have to do is the request the beta software version and upload it to the Pixie with the hardware utility as normal.
  2. I just submitted a help ticket. We'll see what happens I'd really love to test out this new version. I have a number of CCR sequences that I could modify to test as many of the macros as possible.
  3. Is there a best way to contact them about this? I sent John a message but when he sees it is anyones guess...:)
  4. I did indeed see that. I have a number of sequences that use the macro channels so I could certainly help. I got nothing else to do this spring
  5. Yeah, most people running 16 strings go with the PixCon16 instead. I wanted the Pixie update to use the CCR macro functions and to be able to run multiple arches on just one controller as well as use any string of pixels the Pixie supports without being limited to the 6803 chipset.
  6. Giving this a bump, hoping for an answer.
  7. Just wondered what the latest time frame is for the firmware updates for the Pixie controllers to handle the macro channels? -Gary-
  8. In this case, George is right. I also use the same method he does and it works flawlessly. I use these type of connectors where I work and they ALWAYS pinch the wire towards the screw. I have yet to see one that works the other way. If I have questions, I find out from the supplier data sheets as to how they are to be used. The problems you had may have resulted from not enough wire stripped to go far enough into the connector. I always allow a quarter inch and trim if needed. -Gary-
  9. A possible option is to bring power directly to the nodes and tie only the ground, clock and data lines to the Pixie. You'd need to provide your own fuse (an inline auto fuse holder works well) in this case. -Gary-
  10. Displayed in Edge just fine here. -Gary-
  11. Spring is coming in just two weeks I'm just dying to use the Pixie for ribbon strips. I'd gotten the same time frame and am just getting anxious I guess.
  12. Just wondering what if anything is known about the upcoming Pixie update and how close it might be to being released? Looking forward to the addition of the CCR emulations. -Gary-
  13. Received a reply from support. Due to time constraints the current firmware does not support the CCR emulation but a new update, due within 60 days, will contain the emulation code. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. In re-reading the Pixie manual, it appears the only Pixie controller that will be able to emulate the CCR/CCB controller is the Pixie 4D which hasn't even been released yet! Why the heck is it even in the documentation! Only took 50 times reading those pages before it sunk in. Anyone wanna buy a Pixie 4? No use to me now. I refuse to re-program all my CCR sequences. Teach me to use something proprietary (the macro's) in my sequences! Gets ya bent over every time. I suggest LOR change their description for the Pixie 4 as it states the following directly in the Pixie 4 features: Supports legacy mode which makes each string behave like a CCR or a single string CCB. Support all features of these devices (color effects and macros) Either the docs are wrong or the description of the Pixie 4 is. Can't be both ways!
  15. According to the manual (if it's indeed right), I shouldn't even have to do that. Supposedly the Pixie's are to be directly compatible with CCR commands and channel assignments. At least that's what the doc's say