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  1. A possible option is to bring power directly to the nodes and tie only the ground, clock and data lines to the Pixie. You'd need to provide your own fuse (an inline auto fuse holder works well) in this case. -Gary-
  2. Displayed in Edge just fine here. -Gary-
  3. Spring is coming in just two weeks I'm just dying to use the Pixie for ribbon strips. I'd gotten the same time frame and am just getting anxious I guess.
  4. Just wondering what if anything is known about the upcoming Pixie update and how close it might be to being released? Looking forward to the addition of the CCR emulations. -Gary-
  5. Received a reply from support. Due to time constraints the current firmware does not support the CCR emulation but a new update, due within 60 days, will contain the emulation code. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. In re-reading the Pixie manual, it appears the only Pixie controller that will be able to emulate the CCR/CCB controller is the Pixie 4D which hasn't even been released yet! Why the heck is it even in the documentation! Only took 50 times reading those pages before it sunk in. Anyone wanna buy a Pixie 4? No use to me now. I refuse to re-program all my CCR sequences. Teach me to use something proprietary (the macro's) in my sequences! Gets ya bent over every time. I suggest LOR change their description for the Pixie 4 as it states the following directly in the Pixie 4 features: Supports legacy mode which makes each string behave like a CCR or a single string CCB. Support all features of these devices (color effects and macros) Either the docs are wrong or the description of the Pixie 4 is. Can't be both ways!
  7. According to the manual (if it's indeed right), I shouldn't even have to do that. Supposedly the Pixie's are to be directly compatible with CCR commands and channel assignments. At least that's what the doc's say
  8. That was my next option. Trying to figure out that manual is like a spaghetti bowl. And this from someone who's figured out the E1.31 side already and been doing this for over 10 years.
  9. I can't believe not a single person, let alone someone from LOR, hasn't answered this question. So much for support.
  10. They are if you just program the pixel channels. I can make them work properly that way, but I wanted to be able to run all the sequences I have done using the CCR programming and not have to re-do them.
  11. WS2811 is correct, It's a supported type.
  12. Just wondering a few things. As I read the documentation for the Pixie controllers, it indicates they can emulate a CCR (of which I have two currently). I have sequences which will run perfectly on the original CCR controllers but I can't get them to work no matter how I configure the pixie controller. The manual is close to useless as it seems to be written by software engineers for software engineers and not normal users. Also, Pixie4 and Pixie 4D are used interchangeably in the documentation. What's the difference? Any help you be appreciated! I'm using 50 count pixel strings with 2811B IC's controlling each pixel. The controller is a Pixie4. Software is 4.3.18 Pro
  13. Check Guitar Center as I believe they may have the 5 pin to 3 pin convertors in whatever genders you may need.
  14. 50 lashes with a pixel string Mike
  15. Jeff, why must you make things so easy that we poor humans miss them?