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  1. Thank you sir!!!
  2. lol... sorry been a looooong week...
  3. could i also please get a copy of both songs?
  4. Here you go Brian. audio is quiet as I havent had time to edit video and add the music track separate yet..had outside speakers on for the video
  5. Thank You James!!!
  6. yes please to all the above new years eve sequences.. lol thank you
  7. definitely want this and all your New Years Eve sequences if possible thank you
  8. first off do you have your channels already mapped to your lights properly? if so.. just create a new animation sequence of 1min or so.. expand first rgb channel to see all 3 colors (red green blue) click the 'on' button on toolbar and select the red channel for full sequence... this will turn on Red for full sequence right click the first cell on the red channel and 'select row' then 'copy' then paste into the green and blue channels.. this will make first channel white for whole sequence... now right first cell of your first channel (the black one for all colors) and 'select row' then 'copy' (not sure if you have to do these last 2 steps or if they are overkill but dont have LOR on this computer to check) then right click the next channel and do a 'paste multiple' i think it is called and paste to end of sequence.. this should turn all on all white on LEDs is VERY bright.. I would suggest you bring the intensity down some.. to 75% or so.. but you can try it out and see how bright you want as George said it will put a strain on your power supplies.. so definitely lower intensity finally just play the sequence in a loop....
  9. use an ftp client or right-click and choose 'Save as' or 'Save Target As' 'Save Link As' etc your browser is just letting you view an xml text file.. doesn't know you need to download it like an executable
  10. I will try to have mine up next week...
  11. Thank You Brian!!
  12. I would like to have it as well please thanks in advance
  13. make sure to add your email to your post so people can send you something
  14. I would like a copy as well... thank you in advance..
  15. I would love a copy as well...