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  1. The youtube link did not work for me - I get a 500 Server Error.
  2. Nope. I haven't opened up my LOR programming since we initially made the decision to sell the house, nor since we decided NOT to sell the house. I've not looked at buying anything this year, which in and of itself is a big change from previous years even before I got involved with doing a light show. We are most definitely not doing a show this year.
  3. We've had a change in plans. We decided not to move after all! We decided not to uproot the kids and let them finish out school - at that point we'll consider selling the house and downsizing into something smaller. We'll still be dark in 2017, though. We need the break. We'll just do wreaths on the windows this year. I know people in our 'hood who love our display are going to freak out when they don't see us decorating over Thanksgiving weekend this year. *lol* With the issues we've had over the past few years (vandalism, things stolen) we've threatened to stop altogether. I'm sure some may think we're following through on that threat.
  4. For my Christmas display I use a plug in digital timer as well. I have my two controllers, my showtime box and my transmitter in the garage, and the timer sits right there with all the cords feeding under the garage door. It goes on faithfully at 5:30 p.m. and turns off at 11 p.m. Never failed me once in two years. As my show gets bigger I could see how I might need something better as my controller count increase, but right now I have room for at least two more controllers (it's a six-plug timer) before I need to consider another option.
  5. My budget did not allow me to participate this year - and I won't be able to participate in the summer sale either. But my hope is that in 2018 I can SPEND SPEND SPEND and really upgrade my display from it's current 32 channels! Congrats to everyone that was able to snag stuff during the sale!
  6. I would be interested in 8 red and 8 green, shipping to the Charlotte, NC area.
  7. Wow...first year and you already have 10 controllers? Go big or go home, indeed!
  8. We started decorating with more than just wreaths in the windows in 2011, but didn't add a light show until 2015. But it was mostly lighted animals in the yard and a few inflatables. In 2015 we added 16 channels, but it was very modest - mostly the window frames and a few other things dancing to music. Even in 2016 it was modest by most standards - I added a snowflake fall on the house as well as a 7-foot, 8-channel spiral tree, which was a big hit. We'll be dark in 2017, but in 2018 I hope to have more channels on the spiral tree as well as lighting on the rooflines (it depends on the house we end up buying).
  9. This is why I want a one-story house instead of a two-story. I'll be able to decorate the roofline, but won't have to worry about high ladders. The other benefit being that when I'm retired from doing lights, I will still be in one-story and won't have to worry about stairs...
  10. The house that went on the market yesterday switched to "Pending" today - I have a feeling it was pending long before it hit the MLS. Our market is hot, but it's not THAT hot (although maybe I WANT it to be that hot so that our own house will sell quickly too).
  11. A house came on the market yesterday - no HOA, flat, corner lot, 3/4 acre, house tucked in the back corner away from both streets. So the yard is PERFECT. However, it's a split level (a layout of which I'm not fond). Pity we won't be ready to list our house anytime soon. I need to stop looking at houses online now and just wait until the "for sale" sign is in our own yard. *lol*
  12. Well, at the end of 2016 we made the decision to be "dark" for 2017 in case we decided to travel, or just to give ourselves a break - but it turns out we'll be dark in 2017 for a different reason altogether! We've decided to sell our current digs and buy a new house. We won't even get ours on the market until May or June, which means we may not close on a new place until the fall - which is way too late to get started on a new configuration and creating a whole new show! And you KNOW I'm only looking at houses that are one-story with big front yards (or corner lots) so that I can decorate along the roofline but also have more room to expand! I'm also only looking at houses that have nice wide streets for traffic purposes. Other people care about updated kitchens and new appliances. I'm the one looking at rooflines and yard sizes...
  13. We had a couple homes in the front of our neighborhood who kept the lights up and running until just last week.
  14. I'm hoping to buy at least one controller during the spring sale so that on the off-chance we decide to set up the display in 2016 I can at least do the three-color spiral tree.
  15. Our display held up since Thanksgiving with no issues until this past week - they took a beating. Several of our tinsel animals sustained damage from constantly falling in rain and heavy windstorms. It finally got to the point where we'd just remove an item once it fell or became damaged - getting a headstart on breaking down the display. By the time we were ready to take down everything on Saturday, 7 of our animals and one of our inflatables was already removed from the display. For us, take down is pretty easy - we got the entire outside done in 6-7 hours, and then spent another hour putting it away in our storage area. The inside of the house is still decorated - we'll slowly begin taking that stuff down this week. Our neighbor across the street said when her 5-year-old looked out the window and saw we were taking everything down, she started crying. Poor thing.