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  1. I use rope light for my Halloween monster faces ( which I think look better for Halloween ) and dumb nodes for my Christmas faces. I have no problems with either one. It's just the preference of the person's display.
  2. I have pixel strips from HC. I really haven't had any issues. There are a few that pop out but a little nudge and it's back in. I am though switching over to Boscoyo pixel strips for some matrixs that I'm building this year. The quality I do have to say seems MUCH better. I do have 5 Alphapix controllers and 1 Pixlite. They work great for me and have no issues. I don't need a controller with 10 million functions. So I am.happy with them. But to each there own....
  3. I have singing monsters made with incandescent rope light. I get it here... A roll of 150 foot costs around $80 and usually anything over $100 ships free
  4. This is awesome to hear. My grandfather and father in law both passed due to cancer. My mother is also a breast cancer survivor. As an RN I deal with this ugly disease every day and see the toll it takes on families ( even as a Nurse it's an emotional rollercoaster) It helps to have a great support system and a community that stands with them. I applauded your resilience and your mother for beating it. I will be honored to buy this sequence and display it for the upcoming seasons
  5. Check out the Tombstones that Boscoyo Studio offers....
  6. Where?? Would love to get one specifically made for this. I usually use a socket wrench or a pair of pliers. Thanks
  7. If I ever move I'll be doing the SAME THING...LOL. As I pass by houses even now I'll be like.."OMG, that would be perfect for a display!!" . Good luck and can't wait to hear about the new place and see the results in 2018!
  8. I had ordered 2 Alphapix 16 and 1 Alphapix 4 to make a 3 matrix's. One is already built. I'm waiting on some items from Boscoyo Studios to make the other 2. Should be a busy Spring and Summer....
  9. He can actually custom make them any length you want. Im going to get some later this year but they will all be of even length to be more like a matrix
  10. I purchased the 24x50. With the selection he has I currently have 3 of the songs sequenced for my display. So this is a quick though expensive addition. He's going to have more the closer to Halloween we get. He is also working on Christmas matrix's as well. So the matrix I have will be doing double duty. As far as sequencing, with the amount of pixels I'm moving to I'm starting to learn XLights with the whole house / display effects it's really cool and pretty straight forward.....and I really don't get PE.
  11. I received mine a few weeks back from HS. It took me about 3 days to get it built: Frame, soldering on the pigtails, and install the pixels. I got my first sequence from them two days ago. Set up my visualizer to test it on the computer. I'm going to physically test the matrix in the next few days. Should be fun 😀
  12. I'm going to switch out the dumb to smart on the outlines this year. Keeping the dumb on the actual facial movements. Yeah sure it's going to add an additional controller to the four already used but it will give me more options for sequencing.
  13. Yes. One strip per universe. I have both the pixel tree and strip tree from HC. Although I only use them for 12 universes each and use the other 4 on each for other things like my circles.
  14. Me too. I've got 2000 pixels from Ray and a matrix board from Holiday Sequences which holds 1,200 pixels and the distance between pixels is 1.9" in any direction. So really not movie quality of course but with simple GIFs and picture animations it looks very nice. And also the viewing distance helps too so the more pixels you have the closer the viewing distance and the tighter the matrix with a 1" pixel to pixel distance. The less pixels you have the further viewing distance you'll need to have so the picture or animations don't look so "pixelated" Can't wait to get it up and running. Just got in my controllers from HC. So its gonna be a fun weekend
  15. I just got 2000 pixels from Ray last week. Total out the door was $619 with shipping. From order to door was only 4 days!! Awesome guy!