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  1. US Army. 4 years. MOS: 24T10 - Patriot Missile Operator / Mechanic.
  2. That too... and how many controllers can be used
  3. Unless you have 240 controllers in your network set the search parameter to the number of controllers you actually have or like 5 or 10 or 15 and so on. Otherwise it will take FOREVER for the software to "look" for all of the LOR controllers on the network.
  4. Do a restart...NOT a power off/on. Powering off/on does not reset the internals. It saves the settings for the next power on cycle. Once you restart is resets the settings. The backwards time thing will happen if you haven't done this in a while
  5. I built mine using Holiday Sequences matrix panel using square pixels. I made the frame out of 2x1 wood strips. I have also ordered the Monster Matrix Panel from Boscoyo Studio to cut down to smaller ones. I am building 4 smaller matrices for some columns that are located near my sidewalk. The matrix panel from HS is 1.9" pixel spacing. That one give or take will be around 40-80 feet away depending on where you are standing or driving. The matrix panel from Boscoyo has spacing of 1.125" pixel spacing. So, the viewing distance give our take will be from 2-60 feet depending on where you are standing or driving. The tighter pixel spacing for the closer viewing distance.
  6. I ooggled and drooled over LOR displays for a few years. Before i took the plunge and bought my first 16 ch controller in 2014. I had been doing static displays for about 20 years. Fast forward to 2015...3 LOR controllers, a 12 strip 12 tree, 12x50 pixel tree and 4 tree singing faces. Then in 2016 i added 20 - 10w rgb floods and 6 - 50 watt rgb floods. Each year i get more ( it never ends. Lol) This year is a new 24x50 pixel matrix (built and tested for the upcoming season). And possibly a 24 strip matrix (still thinking about this one)
  7. Some people on this forum are using smart pixels for the outline only and dumb for the eyes and mouth expressions. This is what I'm going to do this year as well.
  8. I more UV flood for Halloween bringing my total to 3. I too am switching over to pixels completely. There are better deals for hardware and such elsewhere.
  9. Sorry to hear this. Those of us with pets can relate. This past year I had to let one of my boxers and a cat go to the happy hunting ground in the sky. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. I have two of them and am going to order another two tomorrow durong the Mad Grab Sale. They are BRIGHT. I do not recommend looking at them directly. Even at a distance they are uncomfortable to the eyes.
  11. I do the same as George. Hang them straight from rhe garage rafters. But I keep mine all togather and wrap with large 55 gallon garden trash bags to keep the dust off and protect from light
  12. I use rope light for my Halloween monster faces ( which I think look better for Halloween ) and dumb nodes for my Christmas faces. I have no problems with either one. It's just the preference of the person's display.
  13. I have pixel strips from HC. I really haven't had any issues. There are a few that pop out but a little nudge and it's back in. I am though switching over to Boscoyo pixel strips for some matrixs that I'm building this year. The quality I do have to say seems MUCH better. I do have 5 Alphapix controllers and 1 Pixlite. They work great for me and have no issues. I don't need a controller with 10 million functions. So I am.happy with them. But to each there own....
  14. I have singing monsters made with incandescent rope light. I get it here... A roll of 150 foot costs around $80 and usually anything over $100 ships free
  15. This is awesome to hear. My grandfather and father in law both passed due to cancer. My mother is also a breast cancer survivor. As an RN I deal with this ugly disease every day and see the toll it takes on families ( even as a Nurse it's an emotional rollercoaster) It helps to have a great support system and a community that stands with them. I applauded your resilience and your mother for beating it. I will be honored to buy this sequence and display it for the upcoming seasons