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  1. Sent to you all! Cheers!
  2. sent
  3. Ah ha!!! Channel Configuration! Forgot about switching some channels around. Thanks Guys! Joe George, I coming up to check out your lights, one of these days!
  4. Thank you!
  5. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the responses. So going back into the HU console, I can turn all channels on correctly. I also have the same amount of lights on multiple channels. For ex: I have 4 posts with the same amount of lights on each and post #4 won't turn on during multiple songs. That is telling me that it is in the controllers??? Is there a way, through the software, to test how much power each channel is drawing?
  7. Hi guys, Sophomore year of LOR, I'm all LED. 32 channels. 10,000 lights. I have basic plus edition. I use simple show builder to create shows. Everything works well using the HU. I have a glitchy channel and 3 others that do not turn on during shows. I have tried to trouble shoot as far as I know with the software. Whats the next step in trouble shooting? Joe
  8. Hey All, Where are all the MN LOR users at. I know there is some mini meetings in the off season but I'm ready to check out some of your displays this winter.!!! Joe Prior Lake 2015: 32 channels, 4000 lights, mega tree 2016 : 32 channels, 10000 lights, who knows....its a work in progress.:)