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  1. Singing Christmas trees

    i got all mine from holiday light express, wanted to make sure the colors all matched across the 4 i have.
  2. please send it ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  3. Spt1 wire with female taps

    i do that for some of my roof ridge lights. you can put them in anywhere along the line.
  4. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    The CDI lights, what bulb and how long? how many of each?
  5. i use the opaque warm white from HLE and they are very close.
  6. Demo does not work on safari

    i use boot camp on my mac to run windows. only way to do it.
  7. House Outline

    zip tie the super strands to the j channel if they will hold the weight, I use the c6 icicle lights in red green and white and zip tie them to shingle clips every few few and have had no issues.
  8. Fear of Heights

    I'm good up, not a issue.. coming down is another story.
  9. strobes

    the LED ones don't pop, they just flash light.... you will be disappointed in the LED ones.
  10. strobes

    i got them in a presale so about $4 each, but you will need about 10-20% more then you think for failures. I had about 50 out last year and had to replace 8 or 9 during the season. most have many failures.
  11. strobes

    Got mine from there at first but the 1-2 times a second are actually once a second. got mine from christmas light emporium, 3-4 times a second way better.
  12. very true, and for sale stuff goes in the coffee shop thread
  13. Incans for sale

  14. Incans for sale

    i never really figured out how to do pics on here, but they are brand new. It says how many boxes above before the dash.