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  1. yep!
  2. i never really figured out how to do pics on here, but they are brand new. It says how many boxes above before the dash.
  3. We are moving and found a lot of brand new Incan lights in some boxes. Holiday time 33-150 ct red green wire they are not in the box but are brand new 100- 100 ct ww green wire Ge 80-100 ct green wire ... 1 or 2 may have white wire Asking $1 each box boo plus shipping and PayPal fees
  4. i use bootcamp this year to run LOR software and my show... no issues at all..
  5. I use 16 channels for of each color for mine. It does look really good with the light strings are close together. its the thing people comment on most in my display.
  6. HLE is running there presale right now check them out.
  7. i got all my male and female vampire plugs from home depot, almost 1500 of each, best price any where $45 for 100 ... free shipping to store or house.... and always work!
  8. all my vampire plugs are from home depot, about 1000 of them and work great no issues.... $46 for 100 and free shipping
  9. I use bootcamp to run the LOR software, bought a cheap Windows 7 disc on Amazon and works great
  10. i use the same design, just don't glue the pieces together. I made a 11 foot one and an 8 foot one, and they break down all they way to fit into a couple large black trash bags. and slide between boxes and tubs in my shed.
  11. Where are they from?
  12. looks like no one has that song for the faces though, my son loves it and I added it this year but no luck.... haven't figured out papagayo yet either to do it myself
  13. sun-thuds till 10 fri and sat till 11, ran until midnight christmas eve
  14. nothing but leds and a few incans, like the incans way better but the power consumption makes them not feasible
  15. yeah, thats the one...