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  1. OH.. Thank You!
  2. I was referring to the LOR Editor software
  3. I did this a long time ago but now can't find it. Where do I set the default directory for where show builder and sequence editor look for sequences? Thx!
  4. I have some sequences that people have been generous enough to share. I am editing them to make them fit my layout. One thing I am trying to change is the intensity. But I cant figure out how to change the intensity from 50 to 100 without having to redo the how setting. Can anyone help.
  5. search for GIGA in this forum.. He had a lot of good 16 channel sequences..and I believe a link in his sig.. If not I can share ..but credit goes to GIGA
  6. willing to share what you have?
  7. I have recently upgraded my show to 32 Channels and have searched several of the sites but not finding many that are 32 channels. Can anyone point me to a good source or any one willing to share thiers? Thx
  8. I am trying to take sequences that have been shared with others that have more channels than mine and reduce them down. I was hoping combining channels would work but looking for other suggestions. Thx!
  9. SO I am getting into this full steam. I was looking for recommendations on extension cords and light strings. Has any one had success of Cutting a sting of lights down to size? What about splitting extension cords? I have done it before (Not on purpose I accidentally cut it with the trimmers LOL) But is there a better/cheaper way to get extension cords and light strings? Thx!
  10. I see people post for sale a lot but I always miss out. I am looking to buy 1 CTB16PC willing to pay $150 plus shipping
  11. One More.. Is there an easy way to Combine 2 channels into one?
  12. I was looking at how to copy the elements. I was missing the Select Row Thank You!
  13. I have tried to figure this out but can't Is there a way to copy 1 or more channels in 1 sequence and paste them to Another sequence?
  14. Thanks for the replies that is helpful!
  15. What is the difference between Beat Wizard and VU Wizard? What Am I msising?