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  1. Using 240V instead of 12V is brutal. Along with the smell of electronic smoke I'm getting a secondary aroma of brain fart.
  2. Yes most definitely use heat shrink over the sleeve to help provide another layer of protection. Thanks for mentioning it. In addition I tin the wires before installing the sleeve to help with the solder flow.
  3. Solder sleeves work great too for splicing in pixel bulbs/nodes and most of them seal the connection as they're heated.
  4. Holy Cow!.....as Harry Carey would say it! I can't believe this post got past me last year. This is totally awesome and I will be planning on building at least one of these for next year (2018) because as like most folks the budget has been spent for this year. Thank you for taking the time to share this. Your creativity is second to none!
  5. I would go the controller route if available as that would be the easiest but wasn't too sure about dumb controllers. My only dumb controller for my floods doesn't have that option as it's controlled by the DMX output of one of my smart controllers.
  6. You can also highlight the section in SE you want to change and right click on it and this will bring up a menu. You can change intensities from there by selecting change intensities.
  7. Here's the link from Holidaycoro (looks like free shipping) but I will have to send the link for the Mouser one when I get home from work. They way I found it on Mouser was I got the chip part# off the top of it and did a search. http://www.holidaycoro.com/product-p/625.htm
  8. For the pre-sales you are correct about the short warranty. After this past season was over I had an issue with the blue not working on some individual pixels on strips I purchased during last years pre-sale. Dave totally stepped up and replaced them at the beginning of this year after I contacted him. Needless to say I was surprised and grateful and in doing so he got another (bigger) order from me during this years pre-sale. Mr. P did you try replacing the output chip on your defective controllers? It's easy to replace as it just pops out of the socket and not soldered in. You can purchase them from Holidaycoro I believe but I got mine from Mouser electronics for a couple bucks each.
  9. Alright some progress.......looking good! The canes and mini tree look great as does the wreath. I'm liking the controllers mounted in the garage....nice setup. I put together a 60" wreath but not with pixels but regular LED's with 4 colors B.Y.R.G. and will be plugging it into my roof line run to plug a hole above my garage door. I'm shooting for the end of July for my props to be completed.(fingers crossed)
  10. Squid in the Navy 85-94. Stationed NAS Whidbey Island, WA., Kadena AFB, Okinawa and NAS Miramar Top Gun in San Diego.
  11. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Cool.....really enjoyed watching it! Your timing is spot on! I'm sure your kids like adding their touch to it. Never easy to transition from one house to another.
  13. Very nice! Almost a month and a half since your last post better step up the production rate if you're going to make Christmas.....hahah!
  14. SWEET!
  15. Gotta love a big budget display! Will be interesting to see how it turns out.