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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Cool.....really enjoyed watching it! Your timing is spot on! I'm sure your kids like adding their touch to it. Never easy to transition from one house to another.
  3. Very nice! Almost a month and a half since your last post better step up the production rate if you're going to make Christmas.....hahah!
  4. SWEET!
  5. Gotta love a big budget display! Will be interesting to see how it turns out.
  6. I must be in minority or just lucky as the WHT/POS has worked great for me the past 3 years and it transmits a good block or so. But if something is half the price then that would be hard to pass up.
  7. I will confirm what LOR has stated. You need a dumb controller to run those.
  8. Cool display and the fireworks are very innovative. Team effort and hard work paid off. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your win!
  9. I'll keep this hijacked thread going. Recently had to replace a wiring harness for my right rear wheel sensor in my truck. Freaking RAT cost me $450! I used all the wood out of the wood pile so his home was no more and he decided to stay out of the rain under the truck apparently. Needless to say there are plenty of poison bait traps strategically placed now.......ugh!
  10. Ahhhhhhh......simplicity.......gotta love it!
  11. Hopefully this intensity data issue of not being able to sequence the same channel or combine both PE and SS intensity files will be addressed in S5. It's not ideal the way it is as you have to go through a few steps to combine effects from one to another.
  12. It shouldn't be a problem as I have my controller/power supplies on the ground. I didn't need null pixels or injection for my pixel star 16' high. Why are you using the pixie 4 to control the star? I would think the pixie 16 would be enough to control both the tree and star if one output can power 100 pixels without injection.
  13. I used mine last year for Halloween. It's a tree shape but what counts is what you sequence inside that tree matrix so to speak. There are at least two websites offering Halloween sequences for pixel trees. I'm planning on using mine again this year. Here is one for my boy Freddy.
  14. Do you use SuperStar? If so the latest version has a few improvements (image import comes to mind) over S3 in addition what you mentioned about Pixel Editor being added.
  15. Always nice to see professional sequencing that enhances the display......thanks for sharing!