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  1. All my RJ45 connections under the eaves come to a central location in the Attic and are numbered on both ends so I can configure them on the fly. And then I have several runs that go downstairs to my computer. Almost all of the equipment I need to run the show sits on the shelf or hangs on the wall in the Attic including my Raspberry Pi, my FM transmitter, amplifier, And my E1.31 Bridges, as well as my ethernet switch. I have a pull down stairs in the garage that shoots me up to where I need to be and I have enough Headroom to stand there and work comfortably with some overhead lighting (LED of course).
  2. https://goo.gl/photos/88PmjMpwdvsHEF5L8 I have several spots with multiple connections for ethernet as well as power under my Eaves https://goo.gl/photos/vpnVVn9Q8sMDs1ZX9
  3. Please don't let a few Cheapskates with no moral compass wreck it for everyone else.
  4. Can you get other controllers to be picked up on the same cable and adapter? Use process of elimination to trace down what's causing the problem including any cables. If you get down to the only thing is the controller, start a trouble ticket. Remember to test on both RJ45 jacks on the board.
  5. I'm xlights user if you have any questions. From your response I can tell you that I think you're making things more complicated for yourself than they need to be. You can also find me on the xlights Forum using the same name
  6. Do you have a rework station? I've tried fixing sections with my rework station and I got mixed results. Now I just change out the bad section to end up with a solid repair.
  7. Will they at least sell you a pixel section so you can repair the strip yourself? I repaired many strips and it's not that hard if you have some experience with a soldering iron.
  8. I have a 12 inch 3 Channel 3D wireframe star. I bought the LEDs that they recommended for it but they just clip onto the outside and come off constantly. It sits on top of my blue spiral tree so I was thinking of using the LED Neon Lights in blue which are similar to rope light. My question is has anybody had any experience using this? Will it work on a wire frame? And where did you buy it, Ray Wu, Amazon, eBay?
  9. That price is outrageous. Smart strips from most anybody else are a quarter of that price. Or they offer you a discount.
  10. For what they charge for the strip they should be repairing it for you. Make a call and see if that's an option. If no you can pursue other options.
  11. Doing pixels you definitely want to add another Network E1.31 is the direction that everything is going these days so look at going down that path. I'd like to add that the Falcon board is the best you can get for the money. The new version 3 coming out gets rid of the Achilles heel of not being able to daisy chain. It has a built-in onboard switch so you'll now be able to daisy-chain your E1.31 controllers.
  12. Read his original post. He stated that he tried that and had reliability problems.
  13. This might depend on the power supply you bought. I've got some power supplies that turn the fan on based on load instead of on temperature. Having the fan turn on based on load really isn't the way to do it, these were cheap power supplies I got from Amazon that I would never buy again.
  14. At a loss for words
  15. I've just been using plug in digital timers. Transmitter and speaker come on 15 minutes before the show starts. Speakers turn off at 9 and the transmitter turns off shortly after the show ends. Some of the digital timers that I'm using are over 10 years old and work perfectly. It's always worked for me and I couldn't see any reason to make it any more complicated then it needed to be.