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  1. Alice Cooper's "Man Behind the Mask" Jason Voorhees them!!
  2. Dibblejr, Can you resend please. I didn't receive it. I think it went to my spam. Thanks again....
  3. I would love a copy if your still willing to
  4. James, I would love this also and any others you maybe willing to share for New Years Eve show. I have a few things but it totally slipped my mind to get this going for New Years. Thanks in
  5. James, I would love a copy if you wouldn't mind. Thanks in
  6. Sent Sent Sent
  7. James, May I also have a copy?
  8. Does anyone have a copy of the Eagles - Please come home for Christmas for Trees? I have a 16 Channel done by my Papagayo is not working correctly. Thanks in Advance, Ed. Please send to
  9. I would love to get a copy. Thank you in advance.
  10. No Problem, Bill!
  12. Looking for Rodney Carrington - Camouflage and Christmas lights for the singing trees. I have a copy of a 48 channel of Rodney Carrington - Camouflage and Christmas lights but it's not setup for the singing trees and my Papagayo is acting up.
  13. Need email?
  14. Does anyone have "9 little reindeer" or "Believe, Disney" sequenced yet? I would love to have this for the singing Christmas Trees. If so, I would love a copy. Thank you in advance, Ed. Please send it to