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  1. Holy cow! Looks like you're almost powering your a city! Great job, thanks for sharing.
  2. I too am furthest from you but would love to be of any assistance as possible. Please feel free to ask me here or email me @ I'll try to respond as quick as I can... longer answers may require a bit more research. Thanks and best wishes! Ryan
  3. I always am extra safe about this so I consistently backup my files and backup those backups as well. I personally +1 the thumb drive experience as it should be relatively easy. Hope this helps.
  4. As DevMike said above and in another thread - they're still many months out from announcing the winners. Welcome to the forums - I noticed you're newer to the forum. If you have any questions on anything, please, please ask!
  5. Alright, no worries. Just was curious. Thanks for the update.
  6. Anyone know when winners are announced?
  7. So I've seen some of the comments here and want to weigh in on my thoughts: Initially, I thought about using the hill as an opportunity for "preemptive" signage for viewers, should you consider taking this house. Then, I was thinking about how some have said, "make use!" and thought about how that would be accomplished while also incorporating some signage (at a minimum). This brought on a concept of leaping arches and mini trees. My main concern is the traffic backing up to the road if it's a "shared" entrance/exit driveway. That could get messy and LEOs would need to be there to ensure safety is preserved. As that would be costly, I recommend continuing the search a bit longer... I'm sure Santa will reveal an early gift soon.
  8. Thanks for the clarification - I can see how we both could have taken it out of context. I apologize if I also came off as a dominant personality ... I'm not at all in such a place to be doing so.The knowledge I've shared and will continue to share has only been taught to me from people like you. People who are looking out for others. No hard feelings, it just put me off just a tad. Thanks for cleaning this up, I'm glad we could come to a happy conclusion. I'm sure we all have a perspective to share.
  9. Here's the link... Also, sir, your response I found was a bit ... rude maybe? You could've worded it a bit better. The clarification between controller types was necessary to me, because there was a confusion on language, at least in my perspective. If you noticed, I was looking for his response. AND, IF I was right, then it would have fallen into the category as I suggested. However, it left room for discussion and clarity on his end. The clarification I provided on language was a chance for me to understand what he was looking at so I could better assist. I needed the separation of controllers and then the terminology for light types so I could be of better assistance. But I'll "gladly" step out of the conversation... since I'm of no use apparently. Oh well, I'll go help someone else. No worries.
  10. Let's do some clarification, for everyone. It sounds like this was what you bought, OP, correct? If so, then this is what you get: The "Base Package" includes a single 16 channel controller. To make things easier for everyone, I've broken the language down to simple words. A standard controller is a NON-RGB controller. It can run traditional lights only. (LED or incandescent) This package you bought is a standard controller - it can only operate traditional lights. You can buy other controller types as well though. You can buy dumb or smart RGB controllers. DUMB RGB CONTROLLERS: control the whole RGB strip at once - one color for the whole strip at a time. SMART RGB CONTROLLERS: control each PIXEL of the RGB strip...individually. There are other products that fall in the RGB category, but thinking of the RGB strips for right now is a good way to have a working understanding of the difference. Each RGB product is different, thus having different abilities to be chained together. DUMB RGB Strips, for instance, have two different options: 1) Put two full-length strips together and run the power cord (under 50 FEET) without experiencing any drop in power. 2) One full-length strip run with up to 100 FEET of power cord without running into a power issue. There ARE ways to fix power issues, though. This is a bit more advanced, however. To add these controllers to your show, you buy them from a vendor and DAISY CHAIN them to each other via an ethernet or ELL connection. Each controller needs to have it's own power and it's own connection to the chain. The ORDER they are connected in doesn't matter, so long as each one is given the proper ID. (We can talk about this later.) Does this make sense to everyone?
  11. Look into these webpages as well.
  12. Read the following links, then provide us with a little more context about what you bought so we can help you figure out what's best.
  13. Most TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) songs or ones by Mannheim Steamroller are classics to our family. We also have done "throwbacks" to classic movies like "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."
  14. Which one of these did you purchase?
  15. George, Santa, you both have been a tremendous help in helping me get started. Thank you for all that you do for this community. I hope I've become a little more helpful like you two have. I've learned a lot from just participating in the thread. I have offered in the past to those who contact me by email, but my main source of assistance has been in design and setup, not quite in the sequencing. (Which is totally fine, I'm not the best when it comes to sequencing tactics.) I hope to one day spread this knowledge for others. ( I might open a more in-depth part of my website up where I go into much larger detail of how to build my show's pieces. ) Thanks again for everything, you two!
  16. For RGB LED strips, I used PVC! I cut and soldered my RGB strips to length (based on where I could cut them) and ziptied the ribbon to the PVC frame. The PVC frame then was ziptied to staples hammered in along the window frame. We found cheaper elbows on Amazon and bought a bulk order. There was quite a bit of soldering involved (4 solders per corner, 3 corners to solder). To seal/waterproof, we used clear packaging tape in the corners. It allowed for the lighting to still shine through, while blocking water and dirt/dust. It survived the California storm, too. I understand how difficult it must be. Our 2014 season only used 2 16 channel controllers, 2 seasons later and we're expanding to a fifth controller. (2 RGBs and 3 standards). Please feel free to email me for more support or questions. Email is My videos here show how well it worked.
  17. On the topic of software: it's not just "what will work"... but what you're doing. What I mean by this is a couple of things: [1] How many controllers do you expect to use? [2] What do you need to use? This will help you figure out what you need. I've heard that some people advise to just buy Advanced, as it will do everything you need. It's a one-time fee for starters, but you may need to renew the license down the road. The reason people have bought the Advanced license is to be able to expand their show without having to upgrade a license further (and paying more later). Yes, you'll be paying for more than you might use to start. Personally, I've started with Basic Plus and expanded to the Standard license. (Even the site mentions something along these lines!) Think about what you hope to learn or wish to learn how to do and how involved you want to be in the sequencing and programming. How much expansion do you predict could occur in the future? How much do you want to learn about? Consider this as you weigh your options. IF you're only doing one controller, I recommend just going with the Basic, since you're only using one controller. If you're going to grow your show larger, though, think about the other levels. For lighting your house and waterproofing connections: Depends on what you're using for lights. RGB Ribbons: I use silicone... it hasn't been a problem. Hope this helps.
  18. I appreciate the update and am sorry this is happening. If only we lived closer to you... we could have helped. I understand that you're facing a hardship and therefore need a quicker sale. Best of luck in the next month and the future.
  19. I understand... This is an outdated file too... back before I converted to RGBs. Let me know if you want it. I didn't use it when I hit the RGBs era of lighting.
  20. One other thing to note is that people tend to steal and re-purpose these sequences or re-sell them on Ebay or other sites. It's frustrating to deal with. Therefore, I only share sequences as a trade, or with someone I know that will give my sequence "justice." (Meaning they'll respect that I (a) want credit for the sequence and (b) would like a plug to my site if they use my sequence and video it for their website. I don't need to deal with people abusing the hours and hours of work I spent perfecting the sequence.
  21. Mike, Please take a look at my video, I can clean it up if you want it. (This was from my first year of sequencing, roughly 2014) Thanks!
  22. I'm assuming the post where you first mentioned this has the pictures; the top two are of the CMB24D, the bottom for the CTB16PC? Is that correct? Please either direct message me or email me, the email is ... thanks!
  23. Well I might just have to convince the family to take a trip out there! Looking forward to a great season.
  24. Always a treat to see your sneak previews! Maybe one year we can make it out to your show in person.
  25. Battery powered lights... are... always on? They run on battery power, so... I would assume not. I have zero experience in this field, since my display is not static (fully synchronized).