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  1. Am I the only one that suffers acrophobia? I don't let it stop me from doing much, but it would be nice not to be white knuckled while doing it. I actually leave my RGB strips on the roof line all year. I tell people it's because they blend into the house, and saves me some time next year.......but it's really because I am scared S***less to climb up there and get them. Ladders are an exceptionally frightening experience for me (and a comical one for my kids to watch as I whimper like a little girl). I actually saw a bucket lift truck for sale a couple blocks away that I considered buying to avoid the ladder issue, but that would be bending to my fear, and I hate to do that. Am I alone on this?
  2. So, what is the final cost per globe? I have a huge Black Walnut tree that these would be great for, but I am thinking I need 30 - 40 of them.
  3. Where in SJ are you? I am in Marlton.
  4. I gave up buying strobes when i got a 25% failure rate right out of the box.
  5. Well, I have a few switches laying around still NIB. Was gonna trash the older 10/100's. Glad I didn't. Checked Ebay, thinking maybe I could sell them, but they really aren't worth more than $10 - $15, so not worth the Ebay/Paypal fees (remember when you could make money on Ebay seling $10 items?). Thanks for the info, guys. You people are the best!!! Honestly don't know what I would do without this site, and it's members. I have never encountered a better group of people in any hobby I have ever been involved in (and that is a lot). Another question: I also found a 5 port hub (not a switch). Any use for this, anymore? I really can't think of a reason to hold on to it?
  6. Is there any advantage to using a gigabit switch vs. a 10/100 for DMX? I am currently using a gig switch, but it only has 5 ports. I have a brand new 10/100 with 8 ports, and the extra 3 ports would suit my needs better this year.
  7. May be time to buy a servo dog, and make bone boy climb that poll.
  8. Did he have Obamacare, or did you have to pay the expenses out of pocket?
  9. I ordered the HC 16 strip pixel tree. My issue is that it will be 17' tall, and I have no ladder to get me to the top. Has anyone tried using this with strips? http://www.holidaycoro.com/Pixel-Strip-MegaTree-Topper-p/750.htm I was thinking about attaching the strips to pixel node strips http://www.holidaycoro.com/PixNode-Pixel-Mounting-Strips-p/767.htm . Thinking I could mount the topper, and strips, and then erect it without worrying about getting to the top after. However, I am worried about what the spacing my look like at the top? Any ideas? Am I over thinking this?
  10. Wait.....you used 1 to power them all, or you used one for each controller? If the former, how many controllers would that be?
  11. Actully, the power supplies listed are intended to power chargers, and not as chargers themselves. Not really sure where the filtering would happen....in the charger, or in the power supply to the charger? I'll have to look into that. Multiple cell lipos (1 to 8 cells and varying mah). They are actually designed for powering chargers that handle larger batteries. I chat with the vender on another forum ( RC planes/helis). Will see if I can get all the specs. I'm kinda leaning toward the "not right for our needs" side at the moment.
  12. I'm thinking I could run 3 of the HC 12v 9ch dumb boards with this supply? Almost Three 4ch smart boards? Two 16ch pixel boards is probably pushing it? 900 watts, 75 amps, and sleek.... Thoughts? https://www.rlpower.net/products/75-amp-power-supply They have an 85 amp, 1025 watt version, too. https://www.rlpower.net/collections/power-supplies/products/85-amp-power-supply-with-a-usb-port
  13. Along with the 4 monitors, I also run to a 48" TV. I like to see the work in a larger scale at the end of a day.
  14. I personally can't stand to work on a computer with less than 2 monitors, anymore.
  15. Was wanting to do this for awhile. Had no idea what was involved. Did a little (very little) reading, found this forum, and dropped $1600 on a starter kit from Wowlights. My wife threw a fit when she saw the bill. Said "I could see as much as $500, but $1600!!!". She didn't know about the other $500 or so I dropped on cases of lights, sequences, cords and wire, etc. My first display was Halloween, and it was weak. This will be my 4th year, and it's still weak, but it is getting better. I am starting to understand that the flashy winky blinky thing isn't all that attractive, and loses peoples attention quick. Would say I spent the first 3 years learning how to do it, and the last year learning my mistakes. Gonna take a fair guess, and say I'm still 2, or 3 years from actually having that "wow" show. Adding a pixel tree, and backing off everything flashing all the time, is a big step in the right direction. So good to have people on this site to guide, and help. Can't imagine doing it without all you people.