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  1. Thank You for this and all your time in doing this song for me. Dave
  2. Would love a copy please. Thank You very much. davejones_136@yahoo.com
  3. Would love a copy if your still sharing. Thank You in advance. davejones_136@yahoo.com.
  4. Would love a copy of both please. Thank You. You do great work. davejones_136@yahoo.com
  5. Please add me to your list for Good to be Alive. Thank You davejones_136@yahoo.com
  6. Hello Jr. Any chance you could do the singing faces to Good to be Alive by Andy Grammer. Would love to have this one. There is some special meaning to this song for our family. Thank You So Much. Dave davejones_136@yahoo.com
  7. Thank You Sir Great job.
  8. Would love a copy please. Both wife and I are Retired Vets and are doing a show for all the vets. Thank You in advance Dave. davejones_136@yahoo.com
  9. Thank You For Sharing.
  10. Would love a copy if your still sharing. Thank You so much davejones_136@yahoo.com
  11. Would love a copy please. davejones_136@yahoo.com Thank You Very Much
  12. Sent to all above. Hope it helps. Dave
  13. give me an email and I will send you one for 144 channels.
  14. Is there anyone who can do the singing faces for the song Good To Be Alive by Andy Grammer? Would be willing to pay a reasonable fee if possible. Thank You davejones_136@yahoo.com.