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  1. OK....I'm fixated on arches at the moment but your demo of coro is definitely convincing.
  2. Coro arches?.....I can't picture it.....I'll go with HDPE!!!
  3. Coro arches?.....I can't picture it.....I'll go with HDPE!!!
  4. Yes it is.....I'm going back to my makeshift furnace experiment.
  5. My quote was for 2" ID and was $11 more at $1 per foot for the same quantity. When asked for straight pieces the min went up to 500 ft and the price went to $2.76 per ft. See the below for my correspondence....... Kevin, 500 feet (25 pcs, 20’ each) will cost $1366.07 + handling. The lead time is up to 2 weeks. Regards, Steve Knapp Hudson Extrusions, Inc. Inside Sales
  6. Yes...the same product. They may even supply it to MMC since they are the manufacturer and MMC is a distributor. I am shocked, I just got the quote for 500ft of straight HDPE 2" dia in 20ft lengths and it is $2.75 a foot at the factory.......bummer.
  7. I requested a quote from the manufacturer and they replied with a min order of 250ft at $1.00 per foot as compared to McMaster Carr at $1.96 per foot plus shipping. I then asked them how to straighten a 100ft coil. They told me it is next to impossible given the molecular structure of the extrusion. Then they told me they can extrude it and keep it straight but shipping would be a problem. I told them to give me a quote as I would pick it up at the factory.....have not got the second quote but at half the price of McMaster Carr when coiled I would think it is reasonable if not cheaper than McMaster Carr.
  8. What length Santa?..they look great!!!
  9. How does painting one side allow the light to come through?
  10. I'll tell you my thoughts on straightening. I plan on connecting 10" stove pipe making a total of 22'. I will then cut a 20 foot length and slide it inside the stove pipe. Then I will place my propane torpedo heater at one end and crank it up. I once saw this method used to heat and bend composit deck boards to make designs on fancy decks.....why not try this method to take bends out? Before I try any of this...a quick call to the manufacturer will verify the temp needed to make it payable and ask if I am headed in the right direction.
  11. Was shipping reasonable? Did you purchase it in a coIL? Is it easily straightened?
  12. Thanks Darryl.....I've sent them a request for price and tech stuff.
  13. You are correct about translucent vs opaque. I didn't say what I was thinking. It was a senior moment. I know that McMaster Carr has it but I've got to believe somebody else carries it.
  14. I got my info from Johnson also and he got his from McMaster Carr. My arches will only be 20' from end to end but 5 of them means 100' (see how sharp I am). I have more than arches up my sleeve and I am teaming up with others to make a bulk purchase.
  15. Thanks.....I'll look it up but I'll need several hundred feet.