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  1. Glad I could help. I have a few 30/30 props so I was a little familiar. Just remember you can have partial "sections", you don't have to cut at the factory splice but, the partial section must have a buck converter.
  2. I don't think your problem is the direction of the data, well is could be but,,,,,,, you said 60/60 2811? I believe you have a buck converter at least every meter on that strip. I believe you do not have buck converter in the "group" you are supplying power to. (even supplying power to the other end wont work) You took a full 60/60 strip and cut at pix 170? and now the rest of strip doesn't work? THEN>>>> count up pixels to where you see a factory splice where 12v, neg, & data are soldered but there is a black box over the 5v? If so then that is where you need to cut and attach your connection. THIS ONLY MY GUESS FOR I CAN NOT VERIFY WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE!! DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. heres a vid that explains it better
  3. hey jack I am not the one to respond to PE questions , I don't know . To insert RGB channels in SE, go to the last channel at the bottom>right click>insert RGB channels>insert multiple RGB channels below>select "8">OK You would then right click each RGB channel and address and rename them. Your in good hands with Jim, just thought I would throw that out there.
  4. #1-2 - no. The 50w cf and uv floods used 5 channels (3=RGB and 4 & 5 are for custom strobing effects) (how long on, how long off,,,). The 10w floods just use 3 channels (or one RGB channel) per flood and don't have a built in strobe effect. So 24 channels for 8 10w floods. #3 - sure, that one way people do it #4 not sure what you mean - put it under whatever works for you #5 there are several video, heres one from JStorms that might help
  5. Hey Terpsmurf!! long time no see.....As DibbleJR said, ANY song goes for Halloween. I would definitely put it in your Halloween show if you like it, for you did a fantastic job with those mouth movements. Very impressive.
  6. I believe ducks was referring him to use his current a/c lights with a regular controller and OP is wanting dumb RGB, not pixels.
  7. Bump. ... incase someone has not heard the sad news yet. Frankly, I am surprised at the low number of replies to the news. Everyone grieves, in their own way but, this man was one of the greats and from the displays I've seen, almost everyone has at least ONE song from TSO. It is almost a staple in our hobby..... RIP peace Paul, you WILL be missed,,,
  8. Welcome to the forum, Tom. LOR is very helpful so don't be worried, they have a help desk that is on the ball and an excellent warranty, if needed . here is a link to a page you are looking for, packages not offered anymore, so .... controller $110 - Power supply and enclosure $100 - Software - $50 - $190 - (I recommend the generic starter -includes an a/c controller (that you will want, if not now, later) - . or you can just get software (and adaptor) without the a/c controller.) LOR doesn't have the RGB strips it seems but there any where and fairly cheap (WOW lights, Holiday Coro, ect) There's a rough estimate, good luck
  9. Paul has passed away from illness. Truely talented and brought us enjoyment to listen to and sequence to. Prayers to the TSO family.
  10. (lol, sequencing credits) I heard of a good HD cleaner
  11. Ben, your too kind!! . I have a vote and never entered!!!
  12. I viewed all the thumbnails and many full videos,,, great job to you three. It was cool to spot several other forum members entries, too.
  13. Had these flood for a while and decided to use for the first time yesterday. cheap Harbor freight locking pliers and clipped them to the gutter - literally less than an hour. Came out pretty good.
  14. excellent news Brian! can we expect other additions as well? (i.e. twinkle/shimmer software, excluding pixels in viseffects, )??