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  1. Needing a Christmas Miracle!

    Thanks to being sick, i have not even got 20% of my show set up.
  2. Christmas Expo 2018

    Used to go to Vegas once a year for the Nascar races until Nascar got stupid.
  3. Christmas Expo 2018

    Shame that the people who put this on dont think that there is enough of us out west to bring it out here. I would go to Vegas, Sacramento, even Seattle for it, but not worth going all the way to Texas.
  4. WIll have a video of this by the weekend for ya Dibbler.
  5. I can not find the shortcuts for choosing multiple cells without having to hold the mouse arrow all the way to the left. I had them wrote down, now can't find them. Help.
  6. The first part, about the shift key is what i was after, thank you. I tried using the shift key, but held it down the entire time, not like you said to do that is why i couldn't get it to work.
  7. Who is ready to laugh at me

    Nope can't laugh at ya. I run my show off a Pi. During Halloween, i could get no output to the lights. I spent almost 45 minutes tracing wires, ,checking the Pi output channels 3 or 4 times, traced some more wires, figured something bad musta happened with the Pi. My stupid Pi thought it was daylight savings time, set the clock back and it thought it was 4:30 instead of it actually being 5:30 when the show was supposed to start. Of all the things i checked, not once did i look a the clock on the PI.
  8. Superstar Instant Sequence questions

    Not a question, more a comment, when using Instant sequence, a few of my props would not come on, spent man hour trying to figure out why the 3 props that are white, would ,not come on, i had those props assigned to TCM3, i had custom colors set for Color, there was only 2 colors chosen, red and green, took mem an hour to figure it out, changed to RGBW by effect, now i got all props working, dont be a Jerry.
  9. Buying sequences from Holiday Coro

    He nwamnts to know of they work with LOR, easier to ask here then submit a question to their help desk. Took me a week to get a response last time i asked something.
  10. Buying sequences from Holiday Coro

    Purchase the E1.31 sequence.
  11. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    I had people rocking out to it.
  12. Anyone got this? I would love to do this for Halloween, i have the 8 yard pumpkins keeping beat tot he drums, it looks awesome so far but no point if i cant have the faces.
  13. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    This should work....
  14. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    Gonna try and upload to dropbox then share that way.
  15. Buying sequences from Holiday Coro

    That is why we call them Holiday Copy.
  16. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    I made the mistake of posting it on youtube, funny, i can find 100 videos for this song, not one of them blocked, the moment i do one with a light show it gets blocked.
  17. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    Had to show off for Dibler.....
  18. Being original.

  19. Buying sequences from Holiday Coro

    Dont, buy from Holiday sequences. They are far better. They will send you the LMS file and the SS file.
  20. Being original.

    This is what i do.
  21. Shortening LED light strands

    Every single one of my Every single one of my strings for my signing faces has been shortened, actually far easier to do then some let one. All you need to know is what resistor size to use. More then likely, depending on the manufacturer, ,a strand of 82 will have a strand of 50 then a strand of 32, so you technically only need to cut out 18 from a strand of 50. Lets say you need to cut out 18.... starting voltage is 120, need voltage is 76, 76 volts at .02 amps would leave you with a 2.2k ohm 3/4 watt resistor. you remove the last plug, save it, cut the 18 off you need, solder in the resistor between the last plug at the end ya just cut off. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8mqfa6fezarnsi/led string.jpg?dl=0
  22. Create VU meter using SpEx

    Looks good, gonna add the vu into a couple of my Halloween sequences so the matrix is doing something.
  23. Create VU meter using SpEx

    Once you press the Generate EQ button, how long does it usually take to save to the clipboard file?
  24. Got My First Complaint

    I am still waiting for the big huge protest I was promised last year from the freedom from religion moron in my town.
  25. Create VU meter using SpEx

    Will this work on a 24x50 matrix?