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  1. power supply

    12x50=600 nodes 600x60/1000= 36 amps on full white, run your controller at 75%, 36x75%= 27 amps full white.
  2. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    I am going to build a frame by ripping Trex decking in half, 16 foot board will give me all the pieces i need. Very rigid and the weather will not affect it at all.
  3. The color Pink

    I am going to create a short sequence using nothing but pink, then convert it to a FSEQ file so i can play it off my pi and see what the color looks like. I am also going to try adjusting values on my PI in test mode and see what that does as well.
  4. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    For you, if you want a 3x5, i would go with a 1.5" spacing, it will be 960 nodes, so you would need to get 60 more, ,but it would be 3'x5'. That would look good, drop the illumination to say 75%
  5. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    Reason he is going with a tight spacing is that it will be used as a reader board. My matrix, ,1200 nodes in all, is spaced at 1-7/8", mine will be used for sequences with pictures and text. If you chose 3/4" spacing, you will need to lower your illumination way down or your pictures will be way too bright. How many nodes did you buy?
  6. Pictures or it didn't happen
  7. Question Before Purchase

    Thats how i did this before getting my first boards
  8. The color Pink

    I tired to get an answer over on the xlights forums, got nothing but flack. I am going to hoop up my Pi and tets with it and see what happens. I can make a short sequence and see what the colors do then.
  9. The color Pink

    Had to bring this back up, i used the numerical values from SE and SS, 255-105-180, when i ran those numbers into my xlights for testing, the nodes were nowhere near pink. Xlights should not be different but pink does not come out pink, in fact none of the custom colors re correct.
  10. Mosfet?

    I dont need to ask, seen my share of magic smoke.
  11. I tried swapping my large blow mold over, i used a 7 watt, 60 watt equivalent, way to bright. i am still looking for something dimmer, may have to add a dimmer switch. As for the C9 size, i founf they were not bright enough on a few of my smaller molds with darker colors so they stayed incandescent.
  12. Mosfet?

    I run around 105 channels that all use Mosfets, you got yourself an overload. If you are up to it, replace it, then check and isure all your wiring is correct before plugging in a string of lights, ,although they can fail on their own, most of the time something is causing an overload. Last year i fried the blue channel on n2 DC SSR's because the blue wire was touching the 12v wire in my connection. I replaced the Mosfets, checked the wiring, and finished out the season.
  13. Flame effect

    Yes, but where would the fun be in that?
  14. Flame effect

    SO i got my hands on a replica fireplace, a small one, used to be a heater, but i gutted it after the magic smoke took care of the motor. I am gonna ntry and get my hands on a 1 foot section of a ws2811 strip and mount them inside the fake logs. I have been playing in SS< but can not seem to get a ,flamer effect. If all else fails, i will just just a flickering red, but would like a nice flame, make it look so much better. I plan to use this as a donation box at christmas time.
  15. Matrix sequences for sale?

    http://www.holidaysequences.com/category-s/179.htm He has a lot of them for Christmas.
  16. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    For a reader board?
  17. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    MY 24x50 4'x8' matrix from Boscoyo is spaced at 1.875".
  18. Timing map

    Messing around more with the timing map this year. Last couple years i have just randomly set the octaves to, well whatever. Would i get a better sequence by assigning the octaves, from say top of the house down to the fence line, or should the octaves be random? Would the windows be better at Octave 1 and the roof octave 5? Trying to figure out if certain props should be a certain octave.
  19. New 16 CCR, 160 CCR, and 320 CCR licenses !

    Thats is great, but now that i am adding a 24x50 matrix, i am just gonna have to get the 24 ccr now.
  20. Vu Meter

    Bingo. Looks freaking awesome now. VU meter is awesome with my totems. Thank you Brian.
  21. Vu Meter

    I have a prop, 2 totem poles made from 8 pumpkins each, these are incandescent. I have them mounted in front of the columns of my porch. I am trying to sequence them, and them alone for the first 29 seconds of Thunderstruck, where you hear the guitar. Quite some time ago, i had them sequenced looking like they were vu meters, i am sure i did this using the Vu meter setting in instant sequence, but now i can not get the same effect again. I know it has to be something simple.
  22. Vu Meter

    So when i click on the bottom light of the right Totem, which is the one that is working top to bottom, the first square on the far right for that prop lights up, but when i press on the bottom light of the left totem which is working properly, bottom to top, the first square on the left of that prop lights up, so some how the right totem is backwards in the sequencing grid.
  23. Vu Meter

    Why do i now have one Vu going up and the other going down?
  24. Superstar Instant Sequence questions

    I had to choose column 6 row 5 to finally get the the fence on its own.