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  1. Just like in Korea, man i hated that.
  2. Yep, Stinger. I also learned how to operate the Avenger system when i was in the Guard.
  3. Trust me, Hood did not get much better from m73' to 89'. I loved it went i went to Sam Houston. It was like going from driving a pinto to driving a BMW.
  4. I was 2/5 ADA out of Hood. 2nd Armored. My brother in law as out of McGregor same time to were. Bobby Davis.
  5. My ex brother in law was Patriot, he was the first unit to touch down in Saudi Arabia in 90'. I was 16S.
  6. If no one has been able to access it on my drop box, please let me know.
  7. Anyone got this? I would love to do this for Halloween, i have the 8 yard pumpkins keeping beat tot he drums, it looks awesome so far but no point if i cant have the faces.
  8. US Army. Was invited to try out for ranger school in 91', dislocated my shoulder before heading to Airborne school, Army said no more active duty for me.
  9. I thought some one already had it, thought i seen it a couple years ago when i did my arches.
  10. Man i love that song. I am hoping to go see Def Leppard, Poison and Tesla on Portland on the 10th of June.
  11. I posted a message to the guys at Holidaysequences on facebook about it for their 24x50 matrix, but have not heard back from them yet.
  12. Yeah, i should have thought that out better.
  13. Sent you all a link to my drop box. Not sure how t make it public so i just added you all.
  14. Just thought i would ask, because i spent days trying to get visualizer to work, only ,to find out that i had no set up the channels correctly.
  15. Did you change your channels and universe in the SE?
  16. So my newest creation. Plan to hang these about every 5 feet or so from the fascia on my house. Going to use 4 core t's so i can run them all off one output. I would rather have them all together then separate. This should compliment the LED fascia lights i already use.Pixels of your choice1 3" pvc drain cap, thin wall1 3" piece of 1/2" pvc1 1/2 pvc cap 1 RBL pixel adapter You can see the pictures at this link.
  17. Yeah, they are a really good price, cheapest anywhere else for them is $8 at HD. By the way, should be shipping yer package next week.
  18. I really think they will look great, i may even use them during Halloween.
  19. The easiest way.....
  20. I better not get mugged when i roll in with a trailer full of RBL's
  21. Boscoyo will custom build a matrix panel for you. Mine is a 24x50 with 1.875" spacing.
  22. I had to do some experimenting on not only how to reduce the number of lights, which is easy with a resistor, but also how to eliminate the other 2 strings that way you donbt have all that extra string, which can be a pain on the eyes.
  23. Getting closer to making sequence that looks good. I am on about my 7th or 8th try.
  24. SO what i am trying to do is create a swirl effect in side an opaque 6" globe. I will be using 8 WS2811 nodes in a circle patter. I made a 14 second sequence using the shockwave effect, hard to see if i am going to achieve that effect or not, SS doesnt show you the true results. Take a look and see what ya think. Please, any suggestions will help. Gonna fire up the E682 and try it out. I plan to have my tune to sign held between two striped north poles with globes on them.