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  1. 9 P5 panels running off a matrix Pi cap, not a single issue.
  2. Mounting too much in a CG 1500 case

    Get yourself a Bud enclosure or an MTM Ammo case, both of these will give you the room you need, and quite frankly ,are cheaper.
  3. Why not get a raspberry pi and a matrix pi hat? That is what i use.
  4. Keeping People Out Of Your Yard??

    I am a fence contractor, no joke here, i just recently spoke with a man that wants me to build him a 3' tall 2 rail ,fence out of 2 inch PVC.
  5. Looks very good James, thank you.
  6. Would like to ksee the matrix James if i could please. Thank you. bowhunter3125@gmail.com
  7. Boy, i guess asking you to make this one was a good idea, seems to be very popular.
  8. Countdown Timer

    I have plans to build a sign like this, and use a P10 or P5 panel inplace on the numbers.
  9. Looks good, better then the one i have, i know this year for halloween i need to add some Matrix sequences.
  10. Square vs bullet pixels

    I am a fence contractor, i have no problem getting top rail. I like the idea. I will have to figure out a way to attack supports, my matrix sits in the middle of the yard. MInd if i ask what size your frame is, outside dimensions?
  11. Square vs bullet pixels

    I like your frame design, where did you get your corner brackets at? Also, how do you keep the center from bowing?
  12. Boscoyo will hold up far superior then HC. My Boscoyo pixel strips held up to the extreme nasty Oregon coast, where at the 6 strips i had from HC got stretched way out.
  13. I will hit up James and see if yours is better. I know i downloaded mine from someone but it is only one face.
  14. Did you do this one last year Dib? I have a version of this, thought it was yours but did not see it in the dropbox folder. WOnder who i got it from if no you?
  15. 100 percent LOR

    Kind of funny, i have a renard 32, a renard TR16, TR24, 2 Strip controllers, never once had an issue with dimming on any of them.
  16. Got My First Complaint

    My goal this year for Halloween is to have my 10 foot tall spider put up. that should scare them.
  17. Well, i can not get version 4.3.24, my license is only good for 4.2.22 or below.
  18. No you can not scale from 12 to 16, you can only change the amount of pixels in a string. From Brain.... "superstar has the ability to stretch or shrink the number of pixels per string, but it does not have the ability to stretch the number of strings. The reasoning is that the resolution of the strings is typically 50 or more pixels, and that gives enough resolution to stretch or shrink and still have it look pretty good. But the resolution in the other direction is low, typically 12 or 16. If you try to stretch 12 into 16 you have to either duplicate every 3 string, or have 4th string be a mixture of two strings. Either way, it doesn't look real good. But I have had several people ask for it, so I should look into doing it. The easiest way is to duplicate strings. In your case it would mean duplicating every string, meaning that you would have 12 pairs of strings where the two strings in each pair would be doing the same thing."
  19. Alphapix vs Falcon?

    I am switching over to server power supplies.
  20. Pigtail Tee

    I do not believe there is such a thing, what are you trying to do with it?
  21. Alphapix vs Falcon?

    I would not listen to anything Brian, he obviously has no idea what he is talking about.. There is a reason everyone prefers the Falcon over the all others. The Falcon F16 V3 is $200, expansion board is $50, 2 PSU's $70, that is only $320.
  22. Powering a pixel mega tree

    I will be getting one of those spider webs from James, however mine will be 8'x8', using dumb nodes, 12 outputs.