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  1. I had to do some experimenting on not only how to reduce the number of lights, which is easy with a resistor, but also how to eliminate the other 2 strings that way you donbt have all that extra string, which can be a pain on the eyes.
  2. Getting closer to making sequence that looks good. I am on about my 7th or 8th try.
  3. First, i got the coloration i wanted in the globe, but the lights were to jumpy, not smooth. I may have to program each pixel to fade up then fade down in order to get the smooth effect i want. But, they do look good in the globe. Second, where did ya get yer lights, i am planning on using dumb strips.
  4. Here is my version. It was originally only one tree but i adapted it to 4 faces. it go
  5. How have those strips held up over time? I was thinking the same thing for my yard. I thought about putting them into HDPE but HDPE is not UV resistant.
  6. What i mean is SS doesnt show you what it will look like in real time, with the globe on as a defuser, so its hard to see how it will look.
  8. Thought the Viz file was in there, The viz file will be added to the zip file in the first post.. I will be using a RBL Pixel adapter. It will be be held in place by 1/2" PVC connected to a 3" pvc cap. snow globe.lee
  9. SO what i am trying to do is create a swirl effect in side an opaque 6" globe. I will be using 8 WS2811 nodes in a circle patter. I made a 14 second sequence using the shockwave effect, hard to see if i am going to achieve that effect or not, SS doesnt show you the true results. Take a look and see what ya think. Please, any suggestions will help. Gonna fire up the E682 and try it out. I plan to have my tune to sign held between two striped north poles with globes on them.
  10. ESP8266 is just a module that works through a wireless router, you can transmit data from a home computer or Raspberry Pi to 8266 receivers that are connected to controllers, no one has yet written a Wiki page on it that i know of. I am still piecing it together myself. As far as i know, it does not work yet with LOR protocol, only Reanrd, DMX and E1.31
  11. E1.31 actually works perfect on Wifi, it is pixel information that does not work well on Wifi, way to much data to transmit.
  12. I wanna see the 16CCR license
  13. I know nothing about the ELL's, i am getting into the ESP8266, very nice setup.
  14. Shoot, i have no problem running 2 shows a year. Only thing i switch out are the yard props and a few wall props. All the house lights and fence lights stay up for both shows. takes me a week to swap out.
  15. Those will work, just make sure ya seal them up in an enclosure.