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  1. Just over a week left to go in the sale, if you or anyone ya know wants to get these all white lights, now is the time. If your not planning to be at the CLAP meeting this year, but live in the Pacific Northwest, we can certainly make arrangements to get them to you. Matt from Rainy Oregon Christmas up in Newberg is willing to be a pick up point. He is close to Portland and just off the 5.
  2. Lots of Duct tape and hot glue.
  3. Post yer viz file so some one can open it and check your settings.
  4. Sounds like the way to go then just have you do a special voice over for our Halloween show that we talked about.
  5. We can change the end date of the sale to April 8th, i have a time on shipping form them to me so we can extend the sale for another week.
  6. Well, i will be going right by a Grey hound Terminal when i go to the mini at the end of April. Send me a PM with how many boxes ya want.
  7. I sent a request for the group Z man. Sale has gone well, over a pallet so far. Not sure if ya posted the sale in the page. But people can get a hold of me that way as well.
  8. Well i dont know about that, but i know how difficult it is to keep a 16 month old little boy from shoving stuff into the printer.
  9. WOO HOO, he did it. I feel special now.
  10. Im gonna post my email, i dont need the sequence, i just wanna see if James will send me an email just to say hi.
  11. I would, but i dont run a 16 string tree, only ,a 24 string matrix.
  12. Brian, can you please explain Caps height, cell height and cell width. I am trying to put the words We Love, i changed the font to 10-10x10, but the width did not change. I want to stay with bold.
  13. Those look very nice with a 2" spacing. I feel better about mine being a 1.876 spacing. Holiday Sequences has the God Bless the USA medley for Matrix that i am gonna get.
  14. I only got run over once, stop bringing it up.
  15. Nice. I am having boscoyo build mine out of a single piece of material. I figured 1.875 spacing would be good.