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  1. I watch the sequence all the time. Highlight of my show this year.
  2. is that the 16 string tree sequence?
  3. Way to much work. I already have my Viz files laid out for the year, think i will stick with my current version tell the Visualizer goes back to how it is now.
  4. Unless they bring back the Visualizer, am not upgrading.
  5. Are there any files for the Boscoyo tombstones?
  6. The pixel ,extender is to extend the pixels string itself, not add additional strings. I will have 24 strings of 50 nodes each.
  7. I will try that, i think i tried it before but couldn't get it right.
  8. Is that a 16 string sequence ya did? I went with a 24x50 matrix this year for halloween.
  9. Thought i would update this, after many many attempts, i have given up, i can not get a smooth swirl effect. I am sure some one like Bryan could make it work, but i have been unable to.
  10. Dont replace them, get nodes. From Ray Wu
  11. I think the final cost was just under 10 bucks. The globes are 4.80, the cap was like 1.90, 8 nodes is $2 and the 1/2" pvc cap for inside was .49 cents.
  12. Ditch the strips and go with nodes, my smart nodes have lasted 3 seasons now, from October 1st to January 2nd, they are up and running for the entire month of October and december. Have only had 1 bad smart pixel, and only a few dumb nodes go bad, but the dumb nodes were my fault. I live on the Oregon coast, This last year, we had more rain then we have had in 10 years.
  13. I dont think any of the Dumb Controllers out there will let you set intensity on them, i have only seen the smart controllers that will do that.
  14. SOunds like winner to me.
  15. I have 2 6 arch sequences but each arch only uses 33 pixels.