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  1. I have 2 6 arch sequences but each arch only uses 33 pixels.
  2. hey Dibb, the audio file in the folder on drop box for this is the audacity file, wont open.
  3. So, played my sequence with the monster faces in viz for my 19 month old son, almost got tear in my eye when he started rocking out.
  4. My best advice, with new computer, SSD drive.
  5. Hit me with yer email address and i will share the drop box files.
  6. Just like in Korea, man i hated that.
  7. Yep, Stinger. I also learned how to operate the Avenger system when i was in the Guard.
  8. Trust me, Hood did not get much better from m73' to 89'. I loved it went i went to Sam Houston. It was like going from driving a pinto to driving a BMW.
  9. I was 2/5 ADA out of Hood. 2nd Armored. My brother in law as out of McGregor same time to were. Bobby Davis.
  10. My ex brother in law was Patriot, he was the first unit to touch down in Saudi Arabia in 90'. I was 16S.
  11. If no one has been able to access it on my drop box, please let me know.
  12. US Army. Was invited to try out for ranger school in 91', dislocated my shoulder before heading to Airborne school, Army said no more active duty for me.
  13. I thought some one already had it, thought i seen it a couple years ago when i did my arches.
  14. Man i love that song. I am hoping to go see Def Leppard, Poison and Tesla on Portland on the 10th of June.
  15. I posted a message to the guys at Holidaysequences on facebook about it for their 24x50 matrix, but have not heard back from them yet.