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  1. Sorry but I see no use for such a database. Between forjms and commercial sequences providers, lots of opportunity to id potential songs for a display. a If using shared sequences, you're going to know the artist and then it's a simply matter of downloading the mp3 song length that matches the sequence's time. I have a handful of sequences that have various song version lengths by the same artist and have had no problem in grabbing the right song to match the sequences. Also the problem with a "hobbyist" developed site, they tend to die on the vine pretty quickly...cost too much or takes to much time.
  2. I appreciate the shared seuqnces I get from this site, I have also purchase manyof singing faces from commercial sites and ebaayers who I assume are "hobbyist" and don't gegrud them for making a little income. While it's generally considered bad taste to try and sell hobbyist sequences on this forums, I see no issues in charging "clients". It really doesn't matter if the client is commercial, non-profit or homeowner. In reality, hollidaysequences and those that did Holidaycoro's sequences started out as hobbyist who found that their sequences had value.
  3. First question to ask yourself...are you up to the challenge as far a time committment and sequencing expertise. Just because someone ask, you can say no-thanks. Instead of pricing it out as "total hours x hourerly reate", decide what price you feel it's work your time..$50, $100, $200 and then present to client to either say yes or no.
  4. Copy please, thanks for sharing.
  5. Use the silicon end caps with some caulk/adesive sqeezed into the end of the tube and cap itself. I'd never use hotglue to seal anything outdoors...ultimatley it's going to fails. The tubes on pixel strips do come in different sizes and you can get end caps to match.
  6. I said DISAPPOINTED but you read it as anger...geeze. Is there a safe space at LOR?
  7. The site you might be thinking of was discontinues a few years back. It was a site where you could upload/download sequences and had a nice search engine. I believe ;it was under the LOR web structuure. I used it a lot in my first year of LOR to stockpile certains songs which I later used to help build my sequences. Was disappointed when LOR apparently cut the vine on the site.
  8. Did nice job of sequencing. But for the song choice, will visitors stay and enjoy it or drive away, less enthused...I don't know. Not a fan of the song but would proab ly stay and wait for the next song. But if same type of music, would drive off.
  9. I'm using the pixnode netting for some 4row x 31nodes tree trunk wrap. The HC pixels snap in and hold realy well in the netting. If storage is an issue, it rolls up really nicely. Was able to roll 8ft strip into an 8-10" diameter roll with the pixels installed. so for easy of install and takedown, don't know if you can beat it.
  10. If patient, ctp16s show up for sale in the coffer shop forum quite often.
  11. If you upgrade from xp to w7/8/10, the file path to a user is different between the 2. So your sequence is looking for the old xp path to the audio files, which no longer exist, unless you manually re-create the folder. I would just take a few minutes per seuqnce and just re-linking the audio files.
  12. Starting point might be id'\ing some disaply elements you'd like to incorporate and then matching it with a particular light type. Versus picking a light type (ie dumb rgb) and then trying to find a use for it in the display. With some specific ideas, people here will be more than happy to guide you along.
  13. Will kind of depend on the display element and whether wire color will matter. Want more reflctbility...go white, less...go black. How visable the wires are during the daytime will kind of depend on how anal you are and if it's going to bother you or the boss in the family. I use 3 color wires (ws2111) to make soldering connections easy. I don't have the vision to read the labelling inside the pixel casing.
  14. Hey JR, haven't kept up with this post after my intially requenct. Know you were working on zombe's it going? Thank Mike
  15. HC sells them for $8 or so, Hollidayseuqnces $15. I've purchased form both dealers and some from ebay'ers. An options if you don't get much in the way of shared sequences.