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  1. I upgraded my license the channels are in LOR they worked before I added the RGB lights.
  2. Since I added my RGB channels nothing in the visualizer works I believe that I set all the channels up correctly unit# color and channel #.
  3. This worked I up graded my license and assigned each port an ID worked like a charm. Thanks for all the help. Now I need to figure how to import the sequence from pixel editor to sequence editor. to get the most from my mega tree. Again thanks.
  4. Do I need to up grade my license ? I am running basic plus does it support that many channels? Thanks
  5. I hook up my pixie 16D and only 1/2 the first string lights up. I push the test button all the lights go through the test stage. Can anyone help? Thanks,
  6. I did that even took out the battery. It never did this before.
  7. When I try to use the visualizer an error comes up states that windows time is running backwards reboot is needed. I rebooted my computer several times but the error still pops up. Thanks,
  8. Yes it did work thanks
  9. I will try when I get home I will let you know thanks again
  10. Thanks for the help I have 2 contriolers 32 Chanel's
  11. When I Use super star auto sequence it does not use two of my channels. Can any one assist? Thanks,