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  1. Thank you sir. I hope to take a look at both tonight
  2. I've only been doing the blinky blink light thing for a few years now. I'm still very much a beginner. When I first got started, I came here mainly because my first controller was from LOR. The LOR Forums contain a wealth of knowledge for our blinky blinky addiction. I've learned a lot reading the forums/threads over the past three years. I've ventured out and found a few other message boards that feed the addiction, some better than others. Below are a few that I have or still visit. What other resources/websites do you use when researching things to enhance your display or learn about the latest and greatest technological invention?
  3. Good to know. Just waiting on my controller to arrive and then I can mock them up in the den and see what happens.
  4. JR, I've got two songs that someone probably has already sequenced, but I don't know if they've been sequenced for the singing trees. Light of Christmas by Owl City(feat. Toby Mac) and Greatest Time of Year by Aly & AJ If you wouldn't mind adding these to your list, I'd appreciate it. Let me know if you need anything from me. Thanks Art
  5. I've had LED arches for the past 5 years. I'm looking to venture in to pixel strips/bulbs/bullets this year. Figured I'd start small and add on more each year. So I'm starting with converting my leaping arches from LED to pixel strip. Obviously there are tons of videos and references out there. I watched many on youtube and decided on Matt Johnson's leaping arches. I've got everything except the controller and power supply. I ordered my pixel strip from Ray Wu. Since I'm not familiar with the controller's he's using, I haven't ordered any yet. I'm building 5 of these arches. Obviously I have many questions. What would be the best controller and power supply to use for these arches? Will I need more than one controller? If they are right next to each other, will I need to inject power somewhere? At what distance would I need to inject power? Let's start with those questions. I'm sure some answers may lead to other questions, but that's my current issue.
  6. Thank you
  7. If you're still sharing....
  8. I'm working on my 2017 show and would love to add this song. If you're still sharing, I would love to get a copy.
  9. Sarge, Appreciate that you are sharing with everyone. It's what makes this place great. If you're still sharing, I'd like some as well. Thanks
  10. I was just talking about trying to do this sequence. If you're still sharing, I would love a copy. Thanks
  11. The Christmas Light Show last year shined a big spot light on the hobby. It would be interesting to hear from the LOR staff if controller sales have increased year over year. I've asked for a few sequences here and there. I went from 1 controller last year to 9 this year. I spent more time with light setup than I expected. Very little time sequencing. I'm sure my show will be a work in progress through the end of the year.
  12. I'm adding a 14' spiral tree to my display this year. I plan to start putting it up this weekend. I may be overthinking it, but wanted to see what others thought about the base/pole setup. I'm using a portable hole II setup for the base and a 10' and 4' metal plumbing pipe for the pole. I plan to have at least 10 support wires. My question is does it matter which pole is inserted in to the base? I'm thinking the 10' section first and the 4' on top. Thanks in advance for the help/advice.
  13. Can someone explain the benefits of using different tracks?
  14. I've tried ordering these several times and each time I got a cancellation notice. I went to my local store and they stated they may never be available.