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  1. Don't have a FLIR as they are too expensive, however I do I have a temp gun that I use around the house for lots of things.
  2. Common issue, follow this thread:
  3. Sorry all but I am the opposite. I will live in a house until I die but I won't be doing the lights forever so the house has priority. Whichever house I happen to be in I will just tailor the lights to it until I just can't do it anymore. My current house is three stories and I don't see myself climbing a 40 foot ladder to get to the roof to hang lights when when I am 70 but I won't sell just so I can keep up the lights. It all must come to an end sooner or later Big workshop in back or a big front yard? Hmmm. I'll take the workshop.
  4. Your issues will come down to simple math. If a 50 node string of ws2811 will pull 27 watts and 2.2 amps then a 100 node string (if you double up) will pull 54 watts and 4,4 amps per port. If you have 2-350 watt PS and max out your Pixie16 with 100 nodes per port you will be pulling 432 watts and 36 amps per bank or 864 watts and 72 amps per board, two PS will not be enough. However, if you are going to zig zag 12 100 node strings with six on each bank, splitting banks equally, you will be using six ports on each bank at 324 watts and 26.4 amps per bank. Bottom line is you need to know exactly what the specs are for the lights and the capabilities of the controller, I believe the Pixie 16 is fused at 4 amps per port and 32 amps per bank. Also keep in mind that these numbers are based on all lights on white which is very unlikely with a matrix. I mean if the entire matrix was on white then all you would have is one big, white, blinding, square. My opinion, the Pixie16 is great for simplicity but LORs RS485 network is not that great for high pixel counts as it is too slow. I pt all my 110v controllers and dumb RGB on LORs network but all my smart pixels are put on E1.31 as it is a much faster network..
  5. I purchased one of the new Hinkspix16 to try it out while it was at an introductory price of $100 off. It looks like it may have a bunch of cool features in it with some new features still to come.
  6. Have you ever read the fairytale "The Elves and the Shoemaker"
  7. I don't use my tree for Halloween either, I guess I am on board with the wife as it is a CHRISTMAS TREE. However, I will be adding a matrix this year for my Halloween.
  8. Yes, in the video it shows a 1/2 coupler.
  9. Here is another idea to build a tree. I made mine like the one in the video using EMT conduit as the metal 1/2 conduit is stiffer then PVC. Just another idea for you to consider.
  10. The switch is for E1.31 networks.
  11. Why not have a Dam Party? Swimsuits optional.
  12. Highlight the portion of the sequence you want to change then right click.
  13. Sorry, I misread the post. Yes the pixie will work just bump the network speed up.
  14. You will need a Pro license to use a USB485b as it rquires an ELOR network. An Advanced license will allow it to run on a E1.31 network through the computers ethernet port.