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  1. I am going to do 16 of the white this year for converting to put in a front yard tree with my 120 dripping icicle lights. I can get them at $7.18 each from Home Depot, can anyone get better pricing?
  2. The easiest way to add dumb RGB is to use LORs CMB24D as it plugs directly into the LOR network. It will give you the possibilty run 8 different strings and is easy to assemble. You need to purchase the CMB24D from LORs store, an enclosure and a power supply. I am not sure if they still sell one already assembled but they are pretty easy to put together.
  3. US Army 1985-2010
  4. When you consider Superstar you must think in channels. CCR's come 50 pixels to a strip or 150 channels. Each pixel uses three channels so 100 pixels in ws2811 would be 300 channels or the equivalent of two CCRs. There are many programs to sequence pixels with, as mentioned you can use Pixel Editor if you get a Pro license. There is SuperStar but you need to purchase a seperate license depending on the number of CCRs /channels you will be needing. There is also Xlights which is free but you will need to convert to LOR. I personally have all three of the programs mentioned and they are all good in their own way depending on what you want to accomplish and how fast you can learn the programs.
  5. Each Pixie8 controller will use eight unit ID's and the Pixie4 will use four unit ID's so that is the equivalent of using 20 controllers. You will need to have at least an Advanced license but I would recommend the Pro so you have full access to the Pixel editor and enhanced networks.
  6. Not knowing your license level keep in mind that the Pixie4 would be the equivalent of four controllers since it would use four consecutive unit ID's. Make sure your license can handle the total number of controllers.
  7. I understand what you are saying but as a general rule it is true, everything you sell will connect directly into your LOR network. The Pixcon can connect to E1.31 but it will also connect into the LOR network whereas the Alphapix will not.
  8. The easiest way to remember things is: If LOR sells it (or their partners) then it plugs directly into their networks. If someone else sells it (HolidayCoro, Falcon, San Devices) it doesn't, you will need an adapter (dongle) or use ethernet.
  9. Why don't you just make the post part of the show? I have posts and for the Holidays I put in a color changing led bulb and just let it run.
  10. To use the Alphapix you must have an Advanced or Pro license. If you already have the proper license there are several programs you can use to help in programming pixels. Pixel Editor - if you have a Pro license Superstar - seperate program and costs extra Xlights - free but you will have to convert to LOR
  11. S5

    Where can we get more info on the expo?
  12. Just a little misunderstanding in here. Typing words doesn't always convey what you are really trying to say and sometimes things are taken the wrong way. Everyone's opinion in here counts as there is no one person who knows everything about evrything. I kind of consider myself an LOR expert (toot my own horn ) but I have been corrected by others who know more about a specific matter, I am always learning. Thanks for trying to clear things up lightingnewb and I am pretty sure that JR didn't mean to offend.
  13. I agree that a beginner may want to stick with the LOR products. The biggest benefit is the warranty, however, if you cut the ribbons it voids the warranty.
  14. If you are going to start working with RGB either dumb or smart you really need to learn how to solder. Ribbons come standard at 16.5 feet so you will need to cut them shorter or solder extra on to make them longer. Strings are a little different as a length of 50 depends on the spacing. Bottom line is if you really want to get into RGB then you will have to cut and solder, no way around it if you really want a trouble free connection. They do make solder connectors that make it easier for the novice, you pretty much stick the wires in and melt the connector (for strings) but ribbons you need to know how to solder, at least the basics as the ribbon clamps really suck.
  15. Also, if you are going to use smart pixels you will definitely need to upgrade your software license. The Basic Plus license is good for up to four controllers but the Pixie's and Pixcon eat up the Unit ID's very quickly, I would highly recommend Advanced or just go ahead and get the Pro and be done with it. You can compare the license levels here: