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  1. I use a boot called Cougar Paws when I have to go up on my roof. My roof is three stories up and the boots have interchangeable soles so you can put on roofing soles or spikes to walk around. I am not afraid of heights but I sure as heck don't want to fall off from that height.
  2. He is from Nebraska, lots of tornadoes, maybe he is looking for something heavy.
  3. All pixels on the controller must be the same protocol or type. The pixel type is set in the card configuration for the entire card.
  4. Once you snap the ends together there are no clips showing. I always hang them so they are never on the ground and they never rest in water. My 16 ribbon tree has the JST connectors on the ends and so do most of my other pixel strings, I don't have one waterproof cable in my display as all my wiring is the three pin RGB wiring with connectors soldered on the ends coming out of 14 E1.31 controllers.
  5. I keep the JST connectors on my pixels and I haven't had any issues with them over the last four years that I have been using pixels.
  6. Yes, you should just be able to use the DMX settings. Just change the name of the group from Pixcon to whatever.
  7. PE tutorial.
  8. That right there is why your files are so large. The conversion from Xlights to LMS greatly increases the file size. I use Xlights as well as I have never been able to get the hang of SS and I have some files approaching the 2gb mark and I have no issues so far. However, I do use a super fast gaming laptop as my show computer so it would take a lot to slow it down.
  9. Since you are going to sequence in SE you must use the color fade tool in the top bar to get your different colors unless you are more advanced and know how to select colors manually. You mentioned that all your channels come out white. You are not breaking the channels down far enough. The RGB channels on the left are black, if you click on a black channel it opens R, G and B channels. If you attempt to manually put a sequence in the Black channels it will always come out white as you will be turning on the R, G and B channels 100%. You will need to turn on the individual Red, Green and Blue channels if you don't want white. For beginners the color fade tool at the top is the easiest way to go.
  10. One more thing and I can't state this enough. BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP!!!!! Make sure sure you BACKUP everything and I highly recommend that you keep at least two BACKUP copies stored somewhere other then on your computer. BACKUP!!! I can't be any clearer then that.
  11. I don't use the pre-programmed sequences as I create my own but you should still be able to open the sequence in the Sequence Editor to look at the channels and what is assigned to each channel. Usually those canned sequences are grouped in 4's so channels 1-4 come on together then 5-8 then 9-12 and finally 13-16. Someone with more knowledge on the canned sequences will chime in and give you more details.
  12. 1) You use the Sequence Editor in the Showtime software, this is where you program your lights to the music. 2) The CTB16PCG3 has two banks of eight channels. The left side has channels 1-8 and the right side has channels 9-16, each bank has its own power cord and fuse and can handle 15 amps each. Each channel is rated at 8 amps so yes your par56 light will work on each channel as each light will draw 2.5 amps. Here is where you may run into troubles, each bank can handle 15 amps but if you connect a 300 watt par 56 light to each channel (1-8) and turn them all on at the same time you will pull 20 amps which is more then the bank can hold. 300w x 8 = 2400w / 120v = 20 amps You should be good if you don't turn on more then six lights at the same time on one bank but then again that all depends on the second bank and whether or not you have the power cords plugged into two seperate house circuits. If you have both power cords plugged into the same house circuit then you are limited by the breaker in the house which will be either 15 or 20 amps. You really need to plan your circuits out carefully so you and your home are safe. I have to ask, why a 300 watt light? That is a lot of light, You can use way more lights if you use LED.
  13. Hobby? That is how some of the giant conglomerates got started, working out of their garage.
  14. Looks like someone needs to expand
  15. Mine is smaller (that doesn't sound right )