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  1. There are many sites out there that claim there are with particular companies and they aren't. All they are looking for is the traffic and recognition but they are not actually knowledgeable on the product or at least not up to date. Nobody said anything about contributors to the site as I don't know who visits the site. So claiming that I am calling your advice on the site bogus is a little bit of an exageration. I mean if I thought your advice was bogus I have no problem telling you.
  2. I was only going off of the last info I knew about as I didn't want people going there thinking it was a sanctioned site and getting bogus info. Now that I know LOR has an actual page I will not hesitate to reference it for others even tho I won't use it.
  3. Maybe they actually have one now but the last I heard they didn't. Really doesn't matter to me as I have never had a Facebook account and never will.
  4. Here is a quote from DevMike from last July, now whether it still stands true or not I don't know: "We are not on Facebook, (Well, I think we are BUT we do not post anything there or even monitor it). There is an unofficial LOR facebook group that we have nothing to do with. Anything posted there is suspect and certainly is not OFFICIAL. The only official place for LOR information is the LOR website. There are also people on Facebook who claim to be employees of LOR, or even the owners themselves. Some people at the company do have Facebook accounts, but they are NEVER used for LOR business. They are personal only." 12th post in the below thread:
  5. It was my understanding that the LOR Facebook page has nothing to do with this LOR and was run by a person totally unaffiliated with LOR. Can someone officially verify please.
  6. WS2811 pixels are directional as the data can only flow in one direction. Make sure that you have the strings connected properly. If you take a magnifying glass and look at the pixels you will see an arrorrow on the pc board inside the pixel, this shows the data direction flow. You will also see which wire is the 12v, data and neg as they will be printed on the pixels board.
  7. There is a reset/test button on the Pixie4, if you press it the lights will go through a test pattern if you have them connected correctly. If the test works then there is something wrong in your LOR configuration settings.
  8. The upgrade will get you 4.3.18 and Pro and any upgrades for the next year. ($50) A renewal will get you 4.3.18 in the advanced. ($29.95)
  9. If you upgrade to Pro it will also upgrade you to the most recent version of LOR, 4.3.18
  10. Since you are using the Alphapix controller you have have to add all the channels manually. The easiest way on a 12 leg tree is to make each leg a universe. Open a new musical sequence and import your 2014 channel config. Go to the top menu "tools" and open the channel config. Click on add a controller, you will be adding a DMX universe so start with universe 1 and add 150 channels. Then you would add another DMX universe, universe 2 and another 150 channels. Keep doing that all the way up to universe 12. Another way to do it is to go to the last channel in your sequence and right click, then click on "insert a device below" then follow the instructions above. Tip: When adding the channels check the "group" box so the channels don't look so large.
  11. What controller are you using? You can add the controller and it will automatically add the required number of channels if the controller is recognized. If the controller is not recognized then you will have to manually add the channels. Once you have the first sequence complete you can export the channel config and save it. Then you can import the saved channel config into all the other sequences to automatically populate those channels.
  12. So are you trying to add the new pixel sequence to the 2014 channel config? If so then you will have to open a new sequence and import the 2014 channel config. Then you will have to add the pixel channels into that sequence and copy and paste the pixel sequence into your sequence. You can't import two channel configs into one sequence as one will overwrite the other.
  13. You can't add the pixel config into your existing sequences. What you will have to do is take one of your current sequences and add the channels, then copy and paste the pixel sequence in to that current sequence. Then once you have completed the first sequence you can save the channel config and import the channels into all your other sequences.
  14. SuperStar or PE?
  15. Now wait a minute, all that and you mention only one Pixcon?!?!?!? I hope you have more controllers then just the one. What program will you be using for the sequencing?