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  1. Isn't the overall LOR universe limit something like 999?
  2. I believe I read somewhere that they recommend around 2500-3000 channels per network. That channel count comes up pretty quick when using pixels.
  3. It's always helpful to post your software version and license level since it's not showing under your picture and location.
  4. Just for future reference there is a chart if you want to manually input custom colors:
  5. Great suggestions from all, I am leaning towards the Holiday Sequence panel and the Boscoyo panel.
  6. I am doing a matrix this year and I have already received or ordered everything to create a 24x50 matrix. I am looking for suggestions for the actual matrix itself. I have been looking at the abs board from Holiday Sequences and the Pixnode nets from HolidayCoro, anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.
  7. I was considering one but the shipping is as much as the matrix. I might just bite the bullet if I can't find something else.
  8. JR, you mention that your matrix is 24x50 is that the abs 4'x8' board from Holiday Sequences?
  9. It's just the easiest way to explain electricity to someone. I mean everyone knows how a faucet works.
  10. In other words just because the power supply can flow 70 amps doesn't mean that 70 amps is constantly flowing into the pixcon. Think of it as the plumbing in your house. Your kitchen sink has a faucet, the water pressure in the faucet is the voltage, how fast the water comes out is the amps and the pipe size is the ohms. When the faucet is off there is no water flowing so there is zero amps. As you open the faucet the water comes out faster (the amps go up) until it is all the way open (70 amps). So if you don't hook up any lights there is no amps, as you connect more lights the amps go up just like the water coming out of the faucet. The fuses prevent the amps from going over a set limit.
  11. I understand that but how many little fingers walk around with a wrench? Personally I prefer without the locks as I already have enough keys in my life without needing one for my lightshow.
  12. Recieved my stuff today and once again a new box design change. Not too crazy about the keys to open the box, will probably take them off and replace with screw. I figure someone will take the enire box if they want it, not open it.
  13. A solder station:
  14. Just make sure they are 18+, those state line laws are a doozy.
  15. I wish I could say the same as I have the 24 CCR version. I would love to use SS but I just can't get the hang of it. I and many others have asked for classes but the only response we get is read the tutorials. Sorry but the tutorials just don't cut it when you have questions about things. When I first started LOR years ago I took one of George's classes just to get the basics of SE and it makes a huge difference when you can ask questions. So here I have spent $200 for a program that I can barely use and find myself using Xlights 95% of the time. Grant it, I think SS is a great program for those that know how to use it but for many of us it's useless.