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  1. Sorry for your loss. Had to put my 13 year old Jack Russel to rest 2 Fridays ago. Rescued her at 8 weeks. Her brother misses her. No one to pick on. LOL
  2. Way cool! Great job.
  3. My 2015 Light Show. https://vimeo.com/153612543 Off to the left, was 3 fire sticks and stars, 4 CCR rings and a 360 CCB tree. Didn't all fit in the video
  4. Awesome Job! Hats off to you and Chris.. Great talent!
  5. If everyone that may have purchased a sequence from Holiday Sequence, could just take a moment of silence for Dave. A very special person to him passed away on Wednesday. Dave, our thoughts and prayers are with you!!
  6. Stay strong my Friend!
  7. Awesome job on all your sequencies David!
  8. Just asking everyone to keep Dave in your thoughts. A very special person to him is going through some severe health issues. Both could use all the support you can offer. Be strong buddy!!
  9. You are welcome. You sure do have Talent!! Thank you for making these sequencies available to all of us. You guys will put a lot of smiles on peoples faces this year.
  10. Awesome job guys!! Dave that is an excellent Grinch! Great Job!!
  11. Awesome job on Rudolph!!
  12. 48 years young!! Have a great day buddy!!
  13. Happy Birthday Dave at Holiday Sequences. Thanks for all the great sequencies you created. Enjoy your special day! Happy Birthday!
  14. Thanks Brian, The big one for me is : exporting more than one file. As like Ron, I do all my RGB in SS, but don't sequence all elements at the same time.
  15. Awesome job Dave!! Such Talent!!