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  1. I am 43 started LOR in 2013...I have a lot to learn to catch up.
  2. When we weren't deployed, we used to set up on a former Pershing site in Germany. Of course, on a the middle of nowhere.
  3. You were Stinger? Testing how good my memory is...or isn't
  4. First to Fire...Was in 1/7 ADA under 32nd AADCOM (94th BDE) in the early 90's.
  5. US Army - '91 to '99. Good to see so many years in the group serving our Great Country!
  6. 8 years Army
  7. Hi JR, Would enjoy a copy please Thank you!
  8. If you don't mind, I would enjoy a copy too. Thanks!
  9. Received my things today. 4 more CTB16PC (up to 19 now), 2 more ELL, and white SPT wire. I like the new controllers from the aspect that you can install them without opening them (mounting ears outside of the enclosure), I also purchased dangles so the plan is not to have to open the controllers outside/very often. Time to go open the Christmas boxes. :-)
  10. I got 4 each CTB16PCG3, another pair of ELLs, and some white cord.
  11. Would love a copy. Thanks!
  12. Sent. Enjoy!
  13. Sent hope you enjoy!