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  1. This is sounding good. I have plenty of waterproof connectors, but I'm just not sure I wanted to change them all. My patience on soldering is starting to get thin.
  2. Sorry to start another thread on this, but all the pixel strands I bought this year came with this type of connector- Has anyone used just these and had any success or issues? I'm thinking where I should be fine under fine under the eaves where they are more protected from the elements, but I also have some out in the yard that would be exposed that have me thinking I may run into some shorting problems. Let me know your opinion. Thanks,
  3. Sorry for starting another thread, but I couldn't find the one I was reading a while back. I bought some new Pixel Strips this year that are different than what I've been using. Up to this point the ones I've been using are the ones that look like a half dome with sticky tape on the back. When I cut and solder them, I've just been using Hot Glue to seal them and haven't had any issues. The ones I bought this year are in the silicone square tube. The Hot Glue doesn't stick to it on the outside. (I am mounting them to a board and that is how I learned the hot glue doesn't work. So I bought some brackets for them.) What has everyone been using to seal them? I've seen the end caps online, but can I just fill the end with hot glue, or will it not stick well enough to seal the end? Do I need to go back to using Silicone II on them? I was hoping for something that will dry quickly.
  4. Just wanted to throw this out there again for the LOR Team.
  5. If you have created your matrix in PE just use the Movie Effect option. Now you do have to convert it to .AVI first. I use a program called VirtualDub All in One to edit the video. There are options to convert it to the .AVI, but you can also reset the pixel canvas to match yours. (Again scaling down loses good resolution.) Here are a couple of other threads talking about it: I use a method similar to your method of multiple Pictures for shorter segments, but I'm not patient enough to draw out dozens. I've just started playing with SS again, so I'm not as versed as to whether or not you can do this in SS.
  6. I use the Pixnode Nets from Holiday Coro and haven't had any issues with them. They are flexible enough to fold down a little for storage. Sometimes they will have some in the "Off Spec" section which are cheaper. I bought both the new and offspec and you really can't tell the difference.
  7. What is the end result you are looking for? If its a picture of a flag, it's best to go to or Photoshop and draw one out and insert it into the PE Effect area. I use all the time and what I do is set the canvas to the same size as my matrix so anything I draw corresponds with the exact pixels on my Matrix.
  8. Hey JR- Jim is correct about the resolution issue you run into, but you can use a .AVI formatted video in PE.
  9. Are you using the entire strip? If not, adjust where the ribbon sits and make the first pixel a "null" pixel, then you won't see the flicker. If you have some spare pixel ribbon, you can cut the first section at the cut mark and solder on a new section.
  10. I too have had my Dumb RGB Strip lights up for about 4 years now, and only have had to replace a couple small sections. They have yellowed a little, but it's not noticeable. The wires go into the eaves and through the attic and into the garage where I have 3 controllers mounted to the wall. I use them most of the year for each holiday. If you look at the video at around the 7:08 mark it shows how I hung them. I do take the ones off around the Garage Door each year as they kept getting hit by the kids and other things. I got a few ideas from Jim and put them to work around my yard as well. Yard lights. House Lights
  11. I use 5 on my house, 2 on the porch (a little over kill) and 3 down the side, and one on the fence. At Christmas I also hang string lights on the side of the house. Makes for some cool effects. The string lights help to make the kitchen door and small deck not so dark. There is one hung on each side of the deck and one in the flower bed pointed up. The 2 on the porch are hung from the eave pointed at the house. This year's goal is the get one or two pointed at the garage.
  12. I do the same thing with my Deer on the roof. The 2x4's are cut at the same angle as the peak and connected together with just a couple of 2.5"-3" screws and they rest over the peak. No holes in the roof. I screw flat brackets to the feet of the deer to cinch them down.
  13. I think I missed something in my set ups. In PE I set up my Pixel Strips with starting points where I need them for Controllers. How do you tell which end of the Pixel Prop/Fixture is the first in Visualizer? The "chase effects" I created in PE all go in the same direction in my PE Preview, but they are random in my Visualizer Preview.
  14. It's about 16' x 32'
  15. I built mine out of Nodes using Holiday Coro's Pixel Net I got on sale a while back. If your going to have the matrix closer to the viewers, a closer spacing of the nodes will make it look better, but if it's from a distance, you can make them a little further apart. Mine is a 126 X 63 Pixel Node 3" on center.