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  1. I could be wrong, but I think it was something like stained glass paint.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Thanks guys! I think I have it setup like the photo. Just to confirm what I am seeing. I have the + & - coming in from the outlet going to 1 power supply, then that + & - form the power supply going to one bank and the grounds jumpered, then doing the same for the other power supply and bank. Neither of the power supplies are directly connected to each other in any way, correct? I appreciate it.
  4. I am going to use two power supplies to power my Pixcon16's. 1 for each bank of 8. Do I need to have the grounds of both of the power supplies connected for a common ground? Or can I connect one bank to one power supply and the other to the second power supply and I am good to go? If I should have both power supplies grounds connected what is the best method for doing this? Thanks
  5. I would love a copy as well. Thank you! & Thanks James. derekb@derekb.com
  6. Is it possible to create a 3 dimensional prop? I am trying to create a prop for the boysco present so as I program I can see how the effects will looks. Any insight would be appreciated.
  7. Could I get a copy of this as well? Thank you very much! derekb@derekb.com
  8. Awesome work. I would like a copy, If you are still sharing. Thank you!! derekb@derekb.com
  9. I would like a copy as well. Thanks! derekb@derekb.com
  10. I went over all my songs last night since the rain kept me from continuing to install lights and I completely forgot about adding all the RGB stuff to my Toy Sack by Bob Rivers sequence. If anyone is willing to share or sell me that sequence, I would greatly appreciate it. Really just need to add RGB arches, windows, garage, and 2 wreaths. If not, not a huge deal. I will copy and paste from other elements and not take full advantage of the RGB pixels on those elements for this song this year. Thanks in advance. derekb@derekb.com
  11. Could I get a copy as well, please? derekb@derekb.com
  12. I know this is vague, but I had an issue with an LOR product and LOR support really took care of the issue right away. That's getting more and more rare these days. I am very impressed with their service. An already dedicated fan is now more of a fan! Thanks LOR Support!
  13. James - I would appreciate a copy as well. Thanks! derekb@derekb.com
  14. I would appreciate a copy as well. Thanks for shairing! derekb@derekb.com
  15. Thanks. I am just using it for a very small halloween show. I was just trying to make the most of the device. I was disappointed that the description was wrong, and pointed that out to them. I will keep mine as the effect is cool, but they certainly missed the boat in making it really cool for multiple applications.