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  1. Anyone have anything for for Memorial Day Weekend?
  2. please meldog312@gmail.com
  3. could i get a copy of both, come from a family of disney fanatics here meldog312@gmail.com
  4. yes please meldog312@gmail.com
  5. yes please meldog312@gmail.com
  6. Does anyone have Christmas Can-Can (Pentatonix) or Nightmare before Christmas - Whats This, or any other pixel sequences? meldog312@gmail.com Thanks!!
  7. could i get a copy? meldog312@gmail.com (will take any rgb pixel sequences you want to share
  8. Could i get a copy? meldog312@gmail.com
  9. meldog312@gmail.com
  10. My Costco has 2 full pallets in stock just bought 4 more yesterday. Can work something out to ship some... As for the connectors check out MCM Electronics, they sell all kinds of fantastic connectors