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  1. Building2 you have me beat by 3 years.
  2. Sure did. Thanks. Funny thing is that I have used Audacity on all my audio files and this was the first time I had to download another file for Audacity. Just glad it told me how to do it. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Yes. When I tried to load the audio file was when I got the message. I do have things working now. I did try to load the file into audscity, but it won't load. It said I needed to download another file from website. I did and it worked. I think the wav file was uncompressed or something in that nature. Thanks.
  4. Got it to load into SuperStar. I'm happy happy happy. Thanks again everyone.
  5. I have audacity. I couldn't get it to load the song. It said I needed a FFMG or something to that effect. I did get that downloaded and was aple to get Audacity to load my song. Thanks everyone.
  6. It is a wav file. I don't have a program to convert it to an MP3. Thanks
  7. I have a song that I tried loading into SuperStar, but I get a message saying default is 300 seconds. My song is 5.07 minutes long. Is there anything I can do to get it to load in SuperStar. I can load the song into LOR sequence editor. Thanks
  8. Whimmpy1 PM me, we might get together and visit. I am also in Jefferson City.
  9. I had to change a channel on some of my sequences and then saved them. I already have my show loaded in the Show Editor. Will I have to reload my sequences back into the Show Editor or does it bring in the sequences from my sequence file. Thanks
  10. Found the problem. Dummy me got channel 6 and 9 mixed up.
  11. Thanks much K6ccc. I think I have it.
  12. My computer has an IP address of Does the Pixcon16 need to be set to this IP address? Thanks
  13. Wonder if my IP address is off a little?