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  1. FM transmitter

    How long is your audio cable? I have my transmitter 20 feet from my audio source.
  2. FM transmitter

    I had this issue before and I used a longer cable between the transmitter and the audio source and it took care of the problem. Let us know if you get it figured out please.
  3. Duelin Bangos sequence jingle bells

    If you haven't done so I would post this in sequence sharing. You will more than likely find someone that has it for you there.
  4. Getting started with RGB

    If you are uncertain about all of the rgb stuff If I were you I would purchase a pixie4 and get a string of 2811 pixels and play around with it. Purchase a power supply that matches the voltage of the pixels (12v or 5v). The pixels you referenced were ip66 rated. I would use only pixels that are ip68 rated. They are waterproof and will stand up to snow and rain. As explained above read and read more. Watch all of the videos you can. 2 years ago I switched completely over to rgb. I no longer have any traditional lights. I watched and read all that I could. After I ordered what I needed I hooked it all up and it all worked with no problems. To me it was not hard switching over to rgb but I literally spent around 3 months researching rgb and taking in as much as I could. Whatever you decide good luck. Ask questions and read the forums.
  5. Holiday Coro Singing Christmas trees

    That's one thing I have not done yet. Singing faces. I think next year that maybe my new project since I only plan on adding a few things next year. It should be fun.
  6. Matrix sequences for sale?

    He will be matching some of the tree sequences with matrix sequences but probably not all of them. It takes them quite some time to program the matrix sequences. As time goes on I believe we will see more and more matrix sequences matching the trees.
  7. Animations

    Just do a google search. I usually search something like "santa dancing gif" in google images. You will have a bunch show up. You can find a lot this way.
  8. Need help with RBG floods

    Yep and it looks great
  9. Need help with RBG floods

    I had not thought about using my floods to face the audience until now. Thanks
  10. You would be better off to build the 24x50 size. You cannot scale it down to make it work correctly in Superstar. I have a 24x50 and it looks great especially with the sequences that Chris makes from holiday sequences.
  11. Importing image

    I have just started messing with images in superstar. Every time I try to add the image action I get the error that the start and end times cannot be the same (x,y). I do not have the start and end times set to be the same. This only occurs while trying to import an image. If I draw my own image I do not have the error. Can anyone help me with this? I am using v4.3.14. Thanks
  12. CAT5 cable runs

    Hello everyone. I have a portion of my yard that I would like to place a few props in and my tune to sign. In order to get to this part of my yard I will need to contend with my driveway. It's possible I could run the cat5 cable from the top corner of my house over to a tree that sits in this area. I will need to run an extension cord to this area also. If I decide to run the cables on the ground and the driveway what are my options as far as wrapping them in something so they do not get torn up from vehicles driving over the cables? How do most of you contend with this? Or is it just best to run the cables from the house to the tree? Thanks in advance. Eric
  13. CAT5 cable runs

    Thanks for all of the ideas. I am thinking about possibly using paracord from the house to the tree and attaching the cat5 cable to it. Thanks again
  14. 4.3.22 has all the new SuperStar features!

    Cool. Thanks Brian
  15. trying to figure it out

    Keep in mind high resolution videos and or pictures will not look very good on a standard matrix. I have used some cartoons on my matrix such as frosty and the Grinch. They turned out well so did let it go.
  16. trying to figure it out

    This might help you
  17. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    I am a huge fan of the falcon controllers. I have 5 of them with 4 expansion boards. Super easy to set up and run. I do not own any lor pixel controllers but I can imagine they are as great as the rest of their hardware. Falcon has great support and so does lor. I really don't think you can go wrong with either. I only hear of good about the sandevices too. I have had no issues with holiday coro but several have. Good luck with whoever you go with!
  18. Opening subsequence

    Every time I try try to open a sub sequence S5 will shut down. I have not been able to get a sub sequence to open in the application
  19. Audio interference

    Last year while running my show my audio would every once in a while sound as though it was receiving interference. Today while testing some sequences the interference would occur often. While the song is playing the audio will cut out here and there but is sounds like a quick and sudden grinding noise. It usually lasts about a half second or so and does it about 5-6 times per song. My computer was supplying the audio while playing the sequences. I did not have an fm transmitter hooked up. Does anyone know what will cause this and how to fix it. The audio was set at about 50% on the computer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. Audio interference

    No cables are hooked up. Running it straight thru the laptops internal speakers
  21. Audio interference

    I will try that. Thanks.
  22. Audio interference

    Also I have noticed that my audio never cuts out when I am doing my sequencing or anything like that. It only cuts out when I actually have lights hooked up and testing my sequences out.
  23. Audio interference

    All of my songs are converted from mp3 to a wave by audacity. The songs do it at different times even while using the same song. That's why I am thinking it's some type of interference and not the songs themselves. I will play around with audacity a little more and see if I can figure something out though. Thanks
  24. Importing image

    Brian I did install that version today. I do have the importing image working correctly but if I choose the standard view and then play the image nothing appears on the element I have placed the image on. Also when importing an image earlier I would get the error I spoke of. The fix for that was simply not choosing the time first but rather doing that last. I often highlight the time first before I make an effect which works for all of my other sequencing in superstar but not with images....The imported images turn out great by the way.
  25. Importing image

    Nope. Just wanted to make sure it didn't have to be standard mode for the effects to appear correctly. I have never used the import image option and just wasn't sure how it all worked. Thanks for your help.