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  1. 100% Brightness?? Do you EVER?!

    I use fades when the music changes depending on what I want it to look like
  2. 100% Brightness?? Do you EVER?!

    My first year being all pixels I ran 100%. After expanding and tripling my total pixels and having longer runs I dropped most of my props down to 50%. It still looks very good at 50% but quite frankly if I had the option I would have kept them at 100%. Nobody ever complained when they were at 100%.
  3. Prayers for Val & Family

    Prayers for the family!
  4. DD05 Copy and Paste

    I am seeing a huge slow down when I try to select an area in a motion effect row that already has effects in it. When I do this the sequencer hangs for 10 seconds or so. If I select a motion effect row that does not have any effects in it I see no issue. I did not have this issue whatsoever in 5.016 but in 18 it is really bad.
  5. Converting 12 string Mega tree sequences to 16

    Jerry, In version v4.3.24 it can now be done. It's very simple actually. Search "scale" in the superstar forum and you will see where Brian explains how it is done.
  6. Converting 12 string Mega tree sequences to 16

    Just search "scale" in this forum and you will find the answer.
  7. Ripple Effect

    I agree 100%. It would be very nice having the ability to reverse it. I believe when the official release comes out we will also see some other effects added. By the way I really like S5 so far.
  8. I was told by Brian that superstar props that have forced rows and such will not work in S5 (insert superstar effects) at this time. He did tell me the issue would be addressed with Matt. My custom spinners have forced rows and no matter how I change the arrangement in the preview the effects will not work correctly. I am hoping the official release fixes this issue at least.
  9. Where is the Flood Prop?

    In the preview add a bulb in props. After that you can select the size and shape of the bulb which includes several different shapes and an option for a flood. You can enlarge the flood also. I'm not on my computer now but the option to change the size and shape is on the bottom left I believe. I'm not sure if this is what you are wanting but it's there.
  10. Holidaysequences Support Sequence

    I just talked to Chris through email today. I had asked him if he was in hibernation lol. As far as Chris goes I just think he's been busy.
  11. Frustrated with S5

    If it looks like dots see if you can change the bulb size. I imported a file from visualizer in the preview and it looked like a lot of big dots. Changing the size of bulbs in the preview fixed that. I'm not sure if that's what you are referring to or not though.
  12. Really big lights

    Thanks guys. I appreciate all of the videos! Eric
  13. Really big lights

    I just ordered 10 all white really big lights. I am going to be using 4 rectangular ws2811 pixels in each and plan on hanging the lights in a small tree in my front yard. For those of you that have placed pixels inside of the really big lights do you have any video of them in action? I would love to see how they turned out in your displays. Thanks, Eric
  14. Light Type Where?

    Holiday light express is a reputable company. I personally have not ordered from them but I know plenty who have.
  15. I got an email

    Congrats Dennis and everyone else who won!
  16. RGB Cross

    Maybe this would work https://www.boscoyostudio.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_31&products_id=155&zenid=pom1kmgp0sgf7l2b0uofu06hf0
  17. I will be building a 32x50 180 degree pixel tree this year. The tree will be approximately 8.5 feet tall with 2 inch spacing. It should be very dense which is what I am going for. Please share any photos or videos if you have a tree that is similar in build. Thanks, Eric
  18. 32x50 180 pixel tree

    Thanks for the videos of the tree. Do you happen to have any videos of it in action? Thanks again, Eric
  19. I only use heat shrink butt connectors on my strings. I have had no issues whatsoever doing it this way. I once used solder sleeves but had nothing but problems with them. For me the butt connectors are quick and easy and seal very good. I do not use any other heat shrink on mine just the butt connectors that are heat shrinkable.
  20. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    Great idea Dennis. That will look awesome!
  21. Fraud

    Glad to hear it Dennis. I changed my password yesterday just in case. Whoever was behind it wasn't very smart. If my job was that of a criminal I would have sent very small payments to see if those went through and then saved the bigger payments for myself. LOL. I've worked as a law enforcement officer for almost 18 years now. Internet fraud is one of the most reported crimes of all now.
  22. Fraud

    Dennis, Glad I could help. About a year and a half ago you purchased a red usb adapter off of me. I have no idea what happened with paypal but I think if it were some type of scam or fraud whoever was behind it would have sent the money into an account they had set up for that purpose. We may never know what happened and probably won't. When I received the email from paypal saying that you had paid me $870 I thought it was a fake email. When I went to the paypal site the money was there. Weird for sure! Although I know there have been a few scammers on the forums in the past I am thankful that we look out for one another on here and although I've never met any of you in person I feel as though we are all family! Eric
  23. Prop File

    I agree 100%. There should be a prop file section on this forum!
  24. print channels

    I think you can go to the preview and click information. You should be able to save it to a clip board to print from a spreadsheet.
  25. Wreath

    I'm not sure if you want to do this but you could just make as many wreaths as you wish then group them together as nested.