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  1. Importing image

    Ok I got it to work. Now after the grid enlarges and I click standard and then play it I do not see the image. If the grid mode is on large I see it just fine. Am I missing something here? Thanks
  2. Importing image

    I have just started messing with images in superstar. Every time I try to add the image action I get the error that the start and end times cannot be the same (x,y). I do not have the start and end times set to be the same. This only occurs while trying to import an image. If I draw my own image I do not have the error. Can anyone help me with this? I am using v4.3.14. Thanks
  3. Importing image

    Thanks Alan but every time I hit add in step 5 I get the error "start and end times cannot be the same" no matter what I have the x and y set at. I just don't get it. When I draw my own image I do not get this error. Thanks
  4. Use preview

    Can someone explain to me what the use preview is in the prop group section? I have two 46 in boscoyo flakes that consist of 222 pixels each. I could not get the effects I wanted to get with them until I tried the use preview option. I also set the bar to high resolution which worked great. On high resolution it shows it will be slower. What exactly does that mean? All of the effects are now working great. I would just like some explanation on what exactly the use preview is and whether or not performance will be lacking since I set it to high resolution. Thanks.
  5. Use preview

    Thanks Scooter but by use preview it seemed to do a lot more than just that. The spiral effect worked perfectly along with lines vertical and horizontal. Every effect in pixel editor worked just as it should whereas before by using all of the other settings in prop view would not. Either way I am happy that it is working like I had hoped with my big flakes.
  6. Intensity Data Files

    If I remember reading correctly you cannot use intensity data files in S5
  7. Light of Christmas by Owl City ft. Toby Mac

    Could I get a copy please James? Thanks a bunch
  8. TC01 LOR BANNER Won't go away

    Dennis I am not sure if this is related or not but I had a problem similar to this before and my graphics card was out of date and caused the issue. If you have a newer computer it's probably not the graphics card but just thought I would let you know what my problem was.
  9. Superstar? Is it worth it?

    Brian I tried this but under selected area there is no option of selecting superstar effects. I downloaded s5 on the first day so I am not sure why I do not have this option.
  10. Opening subsequence

    Every time I try try to open a sub sequence S5 will shut down. I have not been able to get a sub sequence to open in the application
  11. Success - Adding SS to SE in S5

    In this field mine says export to superstar. I am not sure why they would be different.
  12. Success - Adding SS to SE in S5

    I understand that and actually got my 12 ccr sup file to work in SE. But lets say I also have a matrix sequenced in superstar and I want to export it along with my 12 ccr sup file. How does one do that? I sequence my props separately in superstar and in the past merged them together to play in SE. I cannot merge the two together in legacy format. How does one make this happen. I hope you understand my question? Thanks
  13. Success - Adding SS to SE in S5

    Thanks. I will give that a shot when I get some time. If you don't mind making a video sometime soon that would be awesome. Thanks again very much for the information! Eric
  14. 5.0.0 How do you edit the RGB lights?

    Anyone know how to export superstar effects into S5? I am not seeing how it's done.
  15. No word on S5 yet??

    I downloaded s5 on my old computer to see what it all looks like. To me S5 appears to be an updated version of the pixel editor. I still plan on using Superstar no matter what but I cannot find a way to export effects from Superstar to S5. If someone figures this out please post it here. I used pixel editor for some effects last year and to me it was easy to learn. Going to play around with it for a little while and go from there.
  16. No word on S5 yet??

    So I take it that s5 looks like the pixel editor and is somewhat setup the same way as the pixel editor? What pre built effects are available in s5? Can anyone share some screenshots of it?
  17. No word on S5 yet??

    If I decide to download s5 beta do I lose s4? I don't want it to replace s4 for now anyway.
  18. No word on S5 yet??

    Hmm that was my hope too. Maybe I will jut hold off for now!
  19. For those of you who may have gone from a 12 string pixel tree to a 16 string pixel tree was it worth it? How much better does the 16 tree look compared to the 12 string tree? I had two 12 string pixel trees in my display last year but have considered cutting it to just one 16 string tree this year. Let me know your input please. Thanks all
  20. Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus

    Looks great. I would like a copy if you don't mind? ebrown1972@nwcable.net Thanks
  21. Cry Little Sister

    I would love a copy James. Please mail to ebrown1972@nwcable.net Great work you do and thanks.
  22. Pixel Controller Ids

    No as long as they are on different networks all will work just fine.
  23. New Feature in SuperStar - Pixel Extender

    I should mention I'm not looking to make my tree taller. I'm just looking to add more pixels and make the spacing of the pixels smaller. Right now my spacing is 3 inches.
  24. New Feature in SuperStar - Pixel Extender

    Does anyone have video of a 12 or 16 ccr tree stretched? I would like to see how it looks from having 50 pixels per string to 100. Last year I ran two 12 string pixel trees with 50 pixels each per string. I have considered changing that to 100 pixels per string and only having one tree. Thanks.
  25. Wytches Brew Pixel

    Absolutely. Great job on the last one you sent! Please send to ebrown1972@nwcable.net Thanks James