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  1. ebrown1972

    Falcon Pi Player

    Will xlights convert the new S5 sequences? I know it did pixel editor sequences but the new S5 sequences has a different file extension.
  2. ebrown1972

    Falcon Pi Player

    Recently I built a p10 matrix. I have only tested the matrix out in bridge mode. I am using a Beaglebone black and octoscroller. I am considering not using the P10 matrix as part of any sequences but rather as a standalone unit. If I am correct the Beaglebone will need real time for the schedule. I can enable wifi to do this but am not the best when it comes to networking but hopefully I can figure it out. For those of you who use Falcon Pi Player it is my understanding that only fseq sequences can be played from Falcon Pi Player. Is this correct? If so Xlights would be the only option to do this or will Falcon Pi Player output LOR sequences? I plan on using S5 this year. I am just trying to get a better understanding of how this all works. I could use bridge mode since then it would act as an E131 controller but it may be a little choppy. I am just trying to wrap my head around just how and what is the best way to for me to use Falcon Pi Player/Beaglebone black with LOR. Thanks for any advice and suggestions. Eric
  3. ebrown1972

    P10 panel matrix was quite easy

    More than likely I will probably just use xlights for my P10 matrix since I will be running it in standalone mode. I already made a few sequences for it and tested it out. All works as expected. It is nice to know that pixel editor sequences can now be imported into xlights though. I have played around with xlights quite a bit in the past so it didn't take me too long to get the feel for it. Thanks, Eric
  4. I ordered an 8 panel P10 kit from diyledexpress the other day. I have to say that everything was much easier than what I thought it would be. Beaglebone black was easy to setup and so was the matrix itself. FPP was easy to configure. S5 controlled the P10's with no issue. Now I just need to build an enclosure for it. My plan is to mainly use the matrix to replace my pixel matrix sign. If any of you are thinking about building one go for it. Not a bad build at all!
  5. ebrown1972

    P10 panel matrix was quite easy

    Jim, most likely my P10 will be used to replace my tune to sign also. I plan on using the p10 in standalone mode which by the way looks so much better than bridge mode. From my understanding FPP will only output fseq files. If this is the case it looks like I will need to learn a little more about xlights at least to program my show information on the P10. I plan on using S5 but do not see how to convert S5 files through xlights. I don't think that can be done at this time.
  6. ebrown1972

    P10 panel matrix was quite easy

    Jim what is involved in setting up the colorlight card? Is it simple and straight forward? You now have me interested in checking one out. Also where did you purchase yours from? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks, Eric
  7. I told myself at the end of last year I would not be adding anything to my display for the coming year but I guess I lied to myself. I have ordered another F16v3 for a 33 string pixel tree I plan to build plus I ordered a P10 matrix kit, and some really big lights (will be using pixels). Will it ever end?!
  8. ebrown1972

    Halloween display

    I have done a Christmas show since 2012. I have thought of doing a Halloween show but have never pulled the trigger. I am not looking at doing too many props really. I mainly just want to use my lights (pixels). I have some things I need such as 8 spooky eyes (pixels), 8 floods, 2 large spinners, a 24x50 matrix, the outline of my house and a few other props. I also have icicle pixels. Has anyone used their icicle pixels in a Halloween show? I feel that they could be useful but wanted to see what everyone else thought. Give me your insight please. Thanks
  9. ebrown1972

    Halloween display

    Yes, I was thinking the same thing
  10. ebrown1972

    I will be the one

    I'm pretty sure I thought I read that the next beta release would be in June when they released the last beta. I could be wrong but it seems I read that on the forum somewhere last time.
  11. ebrown1972

    LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    I can only speak for the Falcon controllers. I have 5 total and love them. I still use LOR software with the Falcon's. They are super user friendly and support is great. I would highly recommend them. I have over 12,000 pixels in my display and LOR software has handled them fine for me. I am switching to S5 and believe it will be a step in the right direction for LOR.
  12. ebrown1972

    100% Brightness?? Do you EVER?!

    I use fades when the music changes depending on what I want it to look like
  13. ebrown1972

    100% Brightness?? Do you EVER?!

    My first year being all pixels I ran 100%. After expanding and tripling my total pixels and having longer runs I dropped most of my props down to 50%. It still looks very good at 50% but quite frankly if I had the option I would have kept them at 100%. Nobody ever complained when they were at 100%.
  14. ebrown1972

    Prayers for Val & Family

    Prayers for the family!
  15. ebrown1972

    DD05 Copy and Paste

    I am seeing a huge slow down when I try to select an area in a motion effect row that already has effects in it. When I do this the sequencer hangs for 10 seconds or so. If I select a motion effect row that does not have any effects in it I see no issue. I did not have this issue whatsoever in 5.016 but in 18 it is really bad.
  16. ebrown1972

    Converting 12 string Mega tree sequences to 16

    Jerry, In version v4.3.24 it can now be done. It's very simple actually. Search "scale" in the superstar forum and you will see where Brian explains how it is done.
  17. ebrown1972

    Converting 12 string Mega tree sequences to 16

    Just search "scale" in this forum and you will find the answer.
  18. ebrown1972

    Ripple Effect

    I agree 100%. It would be very nice having the ability to reverse it. I believe when the official release comes out we will also see some other effects added. By the way I really like S5 so far.
  19. I was told by Brian that superstar props that have forced rows and such will not work in S5 (insert superstar effects) at this time. He did tell me the issue would be addressed with Matt. My custom spinners have forced rows and no matter how I change the arrangement in the preview the effects will not work correctly. I am hoping the official release fixes this issue at least.
  20. ebrown1972

    Where is the Flood Prop?

    In the preview add a bulb in props. After that you can select the size and shape of the bulb which includes several different shapes and an option for a flood. You can enlarge the flood also. I'm not on my computer now but the option to change the size and shape is on the bottom left I believe. I'm not sure if this is what you are wanting but it's there.
  21. ebrown1972

    Holidaysequences Support Sequence

    I just talked to Chris through email today. I had asked him if he was in hibernation lol. As far as Chris goes I just think he's been busy.
  22. ebrown1972

    Frustrated with S5

    If it looks like dots see if you can change the bulb size. I imported a file from visualizer in the preview and it looked like a lot of big dots. Changing the size of bulbs in the preview fixed that. I'm not sure if that's what you are referring to or not though.
  23. ebrown1972

    Really big lights

    I just ordered 10 all white really big lights. I am going to be using 4 rectangular ws2811 pixels in each and plan on hanging the lights in a small tree in my front yard. For those of you that have placed pixels inside of the really big lights do you have any video of them in action? I would love to see how they turned out in your displays. Thanks, Eric
  24. ebrown1972

    Really big lights

    Thanks guys. I appreciate all of the videos! Eric
  25. ebrown1972

    Light Type Where?

    Holiday light express is a reputable company. I personally have not ordered from them but I know plenty who have.