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  1. Mr. P

    How to mimic ccp 50x2 in visualizer

    This is exactly what frustrates me about LOR. Why didn't they add the support in the latest S4 version they just released, 4.3.34? I understand that S5 is the future but S5 has been out in beta for a year now and S4 is still the retail version. The CCP2 has been out for a while with no support for 100 pixel strings. C'mon LOR how about the supoort? I mean not everyone will be jumping on the S5 bandwagon as soon as the retail version is released.
  2. ItsMeBobO

    Dance of the sugar plum fairy

    I can share all the background for that one. All the notes for each voice are sequenced. This video is old.. looking for a new one.
  3. dibblejr

    My 2018 song list

    I share all for free, you just have to purchase the music. Since you are creating these sequences feel free to PM me a list with the Album/ Singer/ Title and I will sequence them per your song so they will align with what you have. James and I have already produced some of the songs on your list. I do faces James does everything else. Christmas Don't Be Late Man with a Bag There may be others I simply cant remember but I know James can. JR
  4. jerry72

    Christmas Expo 2018 Texas

    Sadly i will never get to go. Those that put it on have said they do not believe it would work on the west coast. A lot of us out here, but we dont matter.
  5. ItsMeBobO

    strobe light strings?

    Watching tv and wrapping lights the last few nights. I am mounting the bulbs a little less than an inch apart. This cuts the length down from 25 feet to 42 inches for each set. They wont get tangled this way.
  6. PhilMassey

    Windows 10 monthly lease

    Fueled by clickbait.
  7. ItsMeBobO

    How to mimic ccp 50x2 in visualizer

    Gee GriswoldStyle you did a good job of impersonating k6ccc ! Will the real GriswoldStyle please stand up! 😆
  8. k6ccc

    How to mimic ccp 50x2 in visualizer

    I wouldn't know anything about having live props set up inside the house. In my case, it's my 4W x 3H P10 matrix and my 3W x 2H P5 matrix hanging from the ceiling of my family room. A view from my sequencing desk and a closeup... The iPhone camera does not do the colors justice. Yea, I know the room is a mess!
  9. WE all start with baby steps, but you'd be surprised how fast that baby grows up and all of a sudden those steps are so much bigger!! Enjoy!
  10. Off hand, the show director will not be the limiting factor. The ELL MAY introduce a problem. Remember that ALL network traffic will be transmitted by the ELL link, not just the traffic for the neighbor's 16 channels. Your new configuration will be 436 channels which should be fine on a 115K network, but it is something to keep in mind when you add more channels down the road (and you will). The ELL is limited to 115K network speed which many years ago, the rough rule of thumb was 900 channels - and you are well under that. If your director is the G3 version, it will go to 500K - otherwise it is limited to 115K as well. When you add more RGB and network speed becomes an issue, likely your best solution will be to either use a computer or the big brother director that can handle two networks. Then run your non-G3 controllers and the ELL link at 115K on one network and your newer controllers on a 500K network.
  11. Kapkirk

    RGB Leaping Arch's for sale

    Thanks all, the Arch's are sold, now back to LED LOL.
  12. Kapkirk

    RGB Leaping Arch's for sale

    Frank Thank you, you are a very lucky man, you have a very nice family and Cheri and I enjoyed your visit, we were already talking about your family and looking forward to your next visit. And of course Bandit is welcome too, although the pool may be a little cool for him during xmas LOL. We usually do a fire pit in the driveway on Saturday nights during the light season and we hope you can make it, smores and more abound during these Saturday nights so come on up. Keith
  13. dibblejr

    Snowman Mix

    Starting the faces to this later today. JR
  14. Kapkirk

    RGB Leaping Arch's for sale

    Orville Thanks for the post, I thought of you many times through your rough times, very happy to see you back at it, you are an inspiration. But i am past the frustration, I know my limitations, and I will probably make some more arch's in the future, but they will be LED strands cause I can do them. I had a set of incandescent arch's and like the look, thought the RGB would be better but alas, sequencing is my down fall. There is a fellow from down your way in Citrus county interested in them, if he can stomach the long drive I think he will get them, if not I might be able to find a way to get them to you if your interested later. Thanks again, Keith
  15. steve lopez

    pixel mega tree

    ok thank you, I tried already but I will revisit the manual p.s. thank you for your service to your country.
  16. all of mine are faces ones (I have a singing snowman and three singing trees). Do you want all three?
  17. jamills706

    SHow Music

    Jaynee... Have you heard Bradley Gillis: Santa Claus is Rockin' - one of my recent new songs. I think it's fun.
  18. Santas Helper

    strobe light strings?

    For their size, I think they're really bright. Maybe not as bright as the Xenon strobes but still pretty bright. And the flash rate is great for each bulb. I really like these and may purchase more of them. I bought a bunch of 50 bulb strands in hopes I could share two mini trees with each strand, but all 50 from one strand looks much better on one mini tree. Gives an awesome bright sparkle effect.
  19. ItsMeBobO

    How to create equalizer effect on RGB nodes

    Notice the colors of the SpEx icon are green/yellow/red like the old days but updated to do quad. The EQ effect is not exclusive to smart strings. You can do it with a single regular channel if you want. Groups are good and colors better. When you are working with regular channels or dumb RGB strips you(SpEx) will use INTENSITY to denote volume of the audio file. All the types of lights we use support intensity so all can do an EQish effect of some type. In SpEx you can set the color for RBG or if a regular channel set to Red and use the red channel in your sequence. This video is old but the software is working and recently updated. You don't have to speculate Orv... try it and see. I have many sequences with EQ effect seen on regular AC channels and on dumb strips. Sorry so many videos in this thread. The second one shows the EQ effect on regular AC channels on little fountain props with only 4 channels each of plain light strings.
  20. MattBrown

    Switching from S5 back to S4

    This is the procedure I follow when installing any version of Light-O-Rama software: Your sequences will stay in place during a reinstallation. However, now would be a good time to make a backup, if you don't do so regularly. 1) Reboot your computer. After the reboot, make sure no LOR software is running. In particular, if the LOR Control Panel is set to load on computer startup, you will need to right-click on the light bulb icon in the system tray, then select "Unload Light-O-Rama". 2) Uninstall the current version. In Windows 10, this is done from Settings > Apps. In prior versions, go to the Control Panel > Programs and Features. 3) Verify that all LOR programs have been removed. If running a 64-bit version of Windows, go to "C:\Program Files (x86)". On 32-bit versions, go to "C:\Program Files". If there is still a Light-O-Rama folder there, delete it. 4) If needed, download the software installation file from http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/. Look for your version of software. The latest is at the top of the page. If you have trouble with the download, try using the 'Alternative Download' button. 5) Reboot the computer again and make sure you're logged in with the administrator privileges. Find the file you downloaded above and run it. Follow the prompts. When the installation is complete, run your tests and you should be good to go.
  21. dibblejr

    Now Sharing ~ Dominic the Donkey singing faces

    Sent and enjoy JR
  22. George Simmons

    Opening song.....opinions

    2001 Space Odyssey / Nutrocker by Philharmonic also has its fair share of robust moments.
  23. George Simmons

    Opening song.....opinions

    Here's one I use. Lots of people like it. I use it for checking all the lights across both yards. (Sorry - I can't find any more recent video.)
  24. lightingnewb

    My 2015 Xmas display

    I don't want to be the one to burst your bubble or be the one guy, but... I just don't think it's appropriate or necessary to share with us the 1,150 cars that passed by or the number of views on YouTube. I feel like when you participate in this holiday tradition, success should not be dependent on viewer count or audience total. It should be about the holiday and the success of putting together a show to bring a smile to someone's face (it doesn't matter how many people see your show as long as you had fun setting it up and you are proud of the work you put into your display). I feel like, when I see statistics like the ones you shared with us, it is more of a way of showboating or bragging to the rest of us and I think you miss the point of the season if you are bragging about your display. I think it's a great display, too. I just feel that throwing stats like that at us is unnecessary, and can be considered rude.
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