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  1. Ebuechner

    Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    You will hear the Falcon controller come up several times and there's a reason for that. The F-16 V3 and the F-4 V3 is where the smart money is at because they give the best value for the dollar with excellent support and features that no one else has even thought of yet. Holiday Coro has support if you pay extra for it and chances are you will need it with their controllers. I bought a holiday Coro controller once and I was quite surprised when I found out that I paid for the privilege of being a beta tester ( I never recall volunteering for that position).
  2. In the screen capture below, I have selected the file "THX-robot-edited" (the Red arrow). Then select Menu > File > Close (the Green arrow).
  3. Select the file you want to close. Then Menu > File > Close.
  4. sax

    Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    I started my smart pixels with a larger card. Sans e682. Found that I prefer the smaller ones. E6804. I have recently went to the outdooor power supplies so I can use a small enclosure. I am putting my controllers closer to the element. In my posts I have always stated central location due to theft or vandalism so this is new for me. But smaller enclosures are not noticable. I also advocate readily available easily implemented. So nothing is power injected. And all my cables are off the shelf premade. This makes life easier for me in setup and take down as well as build time. The reason I like the smaller cards is setup and take down as well as troubleshooting 16 outputs for one box is a nightmare and when I had issues it was unpleasant to work on it in the Oregon rain. 4 outputs with 1 spare per element is working better. Easier to get my hands in there...fewer outputs but also fewer interruptions if a failure occurs. Anyone starting new in smart pixels I would recommend looking at smaller cards. Putting them closer to the element and reducing costs on power supplies and cables. Plus easier setup and take down.
  5. Mr. P

    Lots of Lights...

    Holiday-Light-Express https://www.holiday-light-express.com/
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