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  1. reddie721

    Sequence Program

    Can anyone help me? I know there is a program to load a song and it assist in creating a sequence for LOR. Can anyone send me a link. There used to be a page with lots of free programs for programming sequences. Please let me know if you have the link to the page
  2. After doing it 3 times to make sure I understood what I was doing, I felt silly for how easy it was to do. I was making it way harder than it needed to be. This is what is working for me. I have no idea if this is how LOR intends for it to work. Sure could use some docs or tuts. Start / Work in a new/clean directory. Open a SS .sup file for an Smart RGB prop. In my case I a using a SS sequence I made awhile ago for my Blade Spinner. Export the SS file to Sequence Editor - export in Legacy Format save it to your working directory. ( I was fully expecting to save it as an Intensity File) Start SE, and open the .LMS file created from the export of SS The SS effects should be there. In SE Add New View and add all of your other RGB Props. Start Sequencing. It is possible to layer effects on top of SS. Depending on the amount of effects running on the prop from SS, they will be hard to see. If you have areas in your SS sequence that you didn't add SSeffects fill them in with SE effects. You can even edit out some effects from the SS sequence from within SE and add SE effects back in. Very Cool. Not is all good yet. after I make modifications to the Sequence and save it, I Created Playback Files, the load that file and I thought I should see playback in the SE visualizer window but no go. Still tinkering with that. I may have to pull out some controllers and props to test it out. I'll try and make a short video about what i have ale to do so far. If someone else has done it differently I really like to hear how you did it. Alan...
  3. james morris

    Now Sharing~ 2007-2014 Mashup 4 faces any holiday

    Thank you Brother
  4. james morris

    Now Sharing~ 2007-2014 Mashup 4 faces any holiday

    Just finished the super star file for it
  5. default

    No word on S5 yet??

    There is hope! I just did and it worked, I am able to see the SS prop in action, then add SE effects to other props. It was a process which as soon as I did it, I had a brain fart and promptly forgot the steps. I'll do it again and write the steps down. I'll start another thread to let this one die out. Something I wanted to try but didn't set the file up properly and that is to see if PE effects can be layered on top of SS effects. Alan...
  6. Mega Arch


    Tapatalk is great for this LOR forums site. Like I said before, Using LOR directly only allows 4 likes per day & that's if I remembered to log out. Tapatalk is unlimited likes as best I can tell. And back to picture posting - it's as easy as it is sending a picture in a text message. Just grab it and send.
  7. bbayjohn

    Led problems

  8. dibblejr


    Yes, you are absolutely correct! Mine are now appearing just as you said. However, the forum where I am a moderator and a few other forums still show my content. I wonder if it is an LOR hosting issue or related? i guess Dropbox will be linked from now on. I had to upgrade for sequence sharing but the price is not even close to $399 JR
  9. dibblejr

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    in the U.S.A.
  10. Santas Helper

    Mini Christmas trees out of tomato cages

    This is how I did it. Offset two cages on top each other so you get a more rounded tree. And bust out those zipties.
  11. dibblejr

    Mini Christmas trees out of tomato cages

    Here's another great idea. PVC mini trees. I am going to build some of these. Last year I jinxed myself by saying "I never had a tomato cage tree cause a breaker trip in the rain". Two days later we had heavy monsoon rains and sure enough. The cause may have been caused by the wire cage but I also discovered some of my cords were semi full of water and mud. Dried everything out after the rain and no further problems. Unusual rain for the time of year.
  12. dibblejr

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    and party everyday
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