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  1. Demented Elf Season ender

    My work is not for sharing. That is theft of services and also violates my copyright. This is one of the reason's I am getting out of the business. People think its ok to steal other's works.
  2. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    What makes him Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 9 little reindeer and Believe, Disney for Trees

    The only and best way to learn it is get Papagayo, and the Papagayo to LOR converter tool. There are only two videos online. One of those videos use another program called Papaassist. (do not waste your time on pappaassist) I don't just throw all of my sequences at once. I only share what I make. Right now working on Halloween and I will share a couple with you but please tell me what music you are into. Be prepared to spend 8-20 hours to sequence one song. If you do a search for "Now Accepting" you will see my request thread. The deadline was by 1 May but you can take a look at those and see what you may like. I am working on a few of our sequences for our displays now. If you request on on my thread I will get to it. "FREE" for private use. I can assist you if you want to learn. Tool of the trade can be found here http://itsmebob.com/SD.html (that will get you started) JR
  4. Christmas song ideas???

    Send me your email.. we have a copy of Clay Aikens version that we found online from 2010.. I will email it to you!
  5. S4 Visualizer - getting started guide

    After you get a handle on Visualizer, I'd recommend using the SharpIn Tool by itsmebobo. It can really improve your crooked lines, radius, circles, etc... You can read about it here. There are included help / how to videos. Alan...
  6. It's all TSO for Paul O'Neill in my display this year. A dedication for him, the band and his fans.
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