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  1. I used to do this kind of thing in notepad ! Change intensity="100" to intensity="25". LOR SE provides this tool now. You will save and create the dimmer sequence to play. Thanks for the compliments.
  2. Here's an article published in Time Didn't see it posted here anywhere. http://time.com/4597671/christmas-lights-shows-displays-homeowners/ JR
  3. I have 6 archs like the Johnson type 50 pixels in each arch I am using a Sandevices controller E6804 4 universes and 1 350 watt 12 volt power supply I run 2 archs off one universe no power injection needed.
  4. No Deb, LOR loves you. People who spend big bucks, especially when they're not having a sale - well, LOR Gold Membership to say the very least.
  5. Mega, Mega, Mega....so to give you an insight- I just ordered 50 controllers, 30 ELLS and 14 CCR's....I think they like me at LOR now :-)
  6. I soo want to use the edit button! Peer pressure got me! Back in my old days y'all would have had to waterboard me.
  7. I use a 70 count string I bought at the local Menards. I believe they claim to have a 22 foot lighted area. I fold those and half so I have two strings of lights for every channel. I take a few things a step further by extending the lights wires with some sp1 wire and I add a bridge rectifier to convert the light to a full wave.