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  1. Computer type speed

    I soo want to use the edit button! Peer pressure got me! Back in my old days y'all would have had to waterboard me.
  2. Computer type speed

    Told you so
  3. For Pixel tree, Individual nodes or use strips?

    If your going to build a ccr tree you should consider making it like most people 12 or 16 strips full length strips with 50 pixels per strip there are many sequences available for free and very affordable to buy from places like Holiday Sequences .
  4. Feature Request

    Create your window frame as 4 separate props - one for each side. Every side should be a vertical matrix, 1 pixel wide. You will need to rotate 3 of the sides. In preview design, make sure there is a blue pixel in every corner - this ensures that the pixels are oriented in the correct order. Finally create a group with all 4 sides, so you can still use bar and spiral effects to go around the entire window frame. When doing your meteor effect - note that 1 side will be oriented from top-to-bottom and the other will be bottom-to-top. This means that in order for the meteors to go the same direction, the meteor effect direction will be up on one side and down on the other. This will take some fiddling to get everything oriented correctly, but it can work, and offers more flexibility when sequencing effects. Matt
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