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  1. Santas Helper


    While entertaining the idea of changing the sequence to the length of the audio, it makes me wonder if the sequence was actually created around another audio that was edited to a shorter length, or a different version of the audio all together. If you have a borrowed sequence created from another individual and it's complete, chances are the creator of that sequence had a shorter version of the audio for the sequence. Extending the sequence length to match a longer audio won't fix your problem if this is the case. Going from 3.41 down to 2.32 is more than 25% shorter so you have to wonder if you even have the right audio to match the sequence. The audio could have many edits through out to make it shorter. If the sequence you have matches the audio beat for beat all the way through 2.32 but the audio isn't over, then the sequence isn't complete. Sounds like you need to find the audio that the sequence was made for IMHO. Tom
  2. Santas Helper

    Most annoying thing to program?

    I won't sequence it. Let's give it to Mikey. He'll sequence anything.
  3. Orville

    Another Newbie

    I guess your lights that have a built in controller are different than ours. As I can use a strand of lights with a controller that holds the setting in any position I want, but I can only use the CTBPC16's channels as FULL ON or FULL OFF. But I can control light strands that have their own controller built onto them, been doing it for years. Figured your lights would still feed in 240vac at the power plug from the built in controller and the controller built onto the light strand would convert the voltage internally to the proper volts to run the lights/L.E.D.'s safely. And if that's the way they do work, then they should be controllable via the CTB16PC if set to use 240VAC mode as long as the strands are run only full on/full off. I know mine have a 120VAC input in the US, then the controller steps down the voltages to run the strand at the correct voltage. Would have thought 240VAC countries would have worked the same way, or do you have to have wiring put in to use those built in controllers on a light strand because they don't run straight off a standard 240VAC outlet in your country? Which to me would sound a little strange.
  4. zman

    What to start with (buying the hardware)?

    Channels is not the question. You can use the highspeed adapter with 1 channel. It really becomes effective when you move into RGB in a big way. Only Gen3 controllers and the CC(x) controllers take advantage of the higher speeds. Philzy. I always say, crawl-walk-run. So many of us are RGB gaga. I just had this conversation with 2 newbies at Christmas Expo. They kept hearing RGB this, and RGB that, and they feared they made a mistake selecting LOR as the baseline. The advantage with LOR is that it is expandable. You can build off it, stay plug and play, dangle DIY off it, etc... RGB is arguably cheaper and easier. I can take both sides of that argument, and I don't necessarily agree with that, but what is most important in that argument, is you have to understand what you are going into, and up against. The key thing is that this hobby is a slippery slope. Create a plan and stay focused on that plan. Grow as you want to grow. If you get pulled in different directions, it causes undue stress in the long run. Enjoy, keep us posted.
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