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  1. Plan your display very carefully. Determine what you need to buy and how much it will cost. Price things out and set a budget. Then triple the budget. -Scott
  2. Editing Delay

    44100 KHz which is the normal sample rate for CDs. Sounds like it is an un-compressed WAV file.
  3. My only advice would be to learn as much as you can about the diy side of the hobby. The more you can do yourself, the more lights you can buy for the same amount of money. This is ESPECIALLY true with DMX/RGB pixel stuff...
  4. Editing Delay

    Ok, I am going to have to work this out because I have Superstar programmed to MP3 and pixel editor to wav. I am concerned the timings will be amuck. My first sequence is done and I am ready to put it all together. Wish me luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Light Show Theft/Vandalism?

    Some people do. It won't add to your security, however (see above post saying how many reports of controllers stolen (none)). It would make it easy to access and repair controllers, but they are very dependable in their enclosures, so that isn't a good reason either.
  6. Moving

    Well I moved from an "APARTMENT" to a "house" in DECEMBER! So I had to take everything down I had set up and then re-set it all up at the new house in the yard. I didn't change anything, I kept the sequences exactly the same, just made sure the right controller was placed with the same items it was controlling. Took me at that time, about 4, almost 5 days to re-establish everything. But I got it all together and made it work as it was sequenced. The following year, everything was changed, modified and sequences updated to reflect all new changes and placement. You're not too far into the display "crunch-time" as yet, but with what time you have, I think you can still pull off a decent display, just don't try to shift or move everything around this year, save those headaches for 2017. If you have to use less items and controllers for your 2016 display at the new place, don't worry about it, go bigger and better in 2017. You new neighbors aren't going to notice the difference from your old display at the new house, at least it's not as likely to occur. So the next year, when you have more time, can get more of your goodies out, your neighbors will then see a much nicer and larger display. So you give them a small taste this year and a better show for 2017. At least that's how I'd handle my display if I moved during crunch time, but I literally moved the 1st week of December and still pulled off a decent Christmas Display and even won 1st prize in the new home at that! So don't let it get you down, you can still make it work with a little ingenuity and a small amount of work to get it going. Best of Luck and Congrats on the new home!
  7. Editing Delay

    Ok, so I have sequenced an MP3 in Superstar add-on and started doing the remainder of the house in Pixel Editor. I too am having the same problem. If I convert to wave, will I lose my sequence and have to redo in Pixel Editor. Will they sync properly when I go back to Sequence Editor?
  8. Being Neighborly

    Last year was our first synchronized display, and we didn't do any of that. We did have an uptick in traffic from years' past, but it wasn't bad (and our roads are more narrow and do NOT allow parking on both sides). If you are out mowing the lawn, or gardening, or getting your mail, and you see a neighbor outside, just strike up a conversation about it - tell them you are doing a bigger display, and leave it at that. Once your display is up, you can act accordingly if there are issues. No need to make your neighbors anxious about something that may not end up being an issue. I overthought things last year as well, and it was all for naught.
  9. Don't ever tell the wife how much you are spending on this hobby.
  10. buy an extention cording company before you buy your first light up anything. Drew
  11. Use those green light stakes to keep your extension cord connections off the ground and out of water. Also use those plastic child proof outlet covers on the back of exposed female ends at the end of a light strand and on the female side of the male pass through, this keeps water and debris out of those open female plugs. Also try and keep all female ends pointing downward, this also helps keep water out and allows them to dry {if you don't use the child safety outlet covers on them}.
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