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  1. Using LOR controllers in the UK

    Hi! I am also in the UK. Things are quite different here. I recently started a tiny forum to help UK lighters. ukchristmaslights.co.uk RGB controllers just dim lights really. They have no idea what they are connected to. The colour changing is done by varying the levels of red, green and blue lights. If you connect some single channel lights, it works fine. Most lights sold here will not work on a CTB16PC (Mains voltage controller). They use 24VAC. You can use about 30VDC. You need to cut off the multi-function controller that most lights have. If you have those new lights with only two wires and two series (The polarity reversal ones), then you won't be able to get every LED to come on at once. The best LOR controller for this is the CMB16-QC. The CMB24D's maximum voltage is 30 volts, so it is best to go a little higher.
  2. Look to Wowlights in Chino ,California they have it
  3. Using LOR controllers in the UK

    Hi John, I'm a newbie too, but from Australia where we also have 240V AC and thus similar issues. If the UK is anything like here in Aus, 240V AC lights are very scarce. The LEDs you mention in Q3 with the transformers can not be run on an AC Controller without modifying the transformer, I found an article here about that: http://auschristmaslighting.com/wiki/Bypassing_Multi_Function_Controllers not for the feint hearted. I got some ready made singing tree faces from a company here in Aus and they use 24V DC M5 LED strings http://www.christmascreations.net.au/colour-mix.html These can be run from the LOR DC Controllers. So perhaps that's an option?
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