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  1. Griz's 2015 Lightshow

    Hello all, This is our sixth year with LOR and for the very first time, I have made time to take some videos and upload them online. I know the seasons, over, but better late than never - right?! We are a 64 channel display using incandecients and some LEDs (no RGB... yet!). One of my favorite additions this year was the inputpup. We used an old computer motherboard to install the control buttons and dubbed it the "Kringle Kontrol Panel". It was a small addition but a HUGE hit! We are looking forward to a next year - new house (hopefully bigger yard), RGB/Pixel additions, and maybe adding in some servo controls. Thanks for letting me share my show with you, and I appreciate any feedback you have. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Griz 2015 Show: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5KvgoDYYCLBZ1jEHcDmgbxzdPjkJ-qC7
  2. Power up elves intro

    Here is one of my 2015 videos, I just shot and up-loaded it last night. Came out kinda cute. Both these little guys voices are me playing with an audio editor.(yes that's really me ) Let me know what you think. It always gets a laugh out of my "stalkers"
  3. Griz's 2015 Lightshow

    How did you do your spiral tree? So nice! I've got Can-Can with 64 channels as well- it's funny because I did some similar effects with the talking as well. Will get my posted to Facebook and send you the link to compare!
  4. Griz's 2015 Lightshow

    Great job! I really like how you used your space.
  5. Lessons Learned for 2015

    I learned that my dislike of Facebook(and social media in general) has merit. January 1st I'm deleting our Christmas light FB page and my personal FB page so I can focus on old school real life again. Too much wasted time "commenting on comments"... "liking posts, pictures, and other crap"..."starting to type my opinion only to realize nobody really cares"... "realizing that people I thought were smart, sound pretty stupid fairly often"... "NOT realizing you have become one of them"... etc, etc. Should be a banner year for actually getting stuff done!!!
  6. Griz's 2015 Lightshow

    I like the Light of Christmas and the Can Can. Not saying the others are bad. LOL! I like your use of the intensity feature too! Sometimes the old incandescents just add that warm steady fade that the LEDs just can't compare to. Very nice job...and it sure is a lot of lights Dad. ‚Äč
  7. Why would anybody buy this?

    You best believe if you buy it your going convince yourself you see a difference in picture quality. All other cables will look like white noise compared. Drew
  8. How to make display popular

    I like my display and so does my family, if people drive by and like it as well..... Even better Focus on what you like not others
  9. A Christmas Eve morning story.

    I have a 18x24" box with a coroplast red lit sign with donations on it in four inch letters. Next to the donation box is a sign for the year's donations and a LED Light in front to light it up. My neighbor walked by the next morning after a show and found 2.00 tucked under the light. How they missed a big red and white lit up donation box is completely beyond me. Most people hand us money when handing out candy canes. If we didn't go out and give candy canes, I am sure 80% of the people would not even make a donation. Somehow they must feel obligated. We don't really care. But is is a nice feeling when you hand over a large donation to the charity.
  10. Moving LED Spot lights

    Tom will be mad you gave away his "secret" weapon
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