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  1. Griz's 2015 Lightshow

    Hello all, This is our sixth year with LOR and for the very first time, I have made time to take some videos and upload them online. I know the seasons, over, but better late than never - right?! We are a 64 channel display using incandecients and some LEDs (no RGB... yet!). One of my favorite additions this year was the inputpup. We used an old computer motherboard to install the control buttons and dubbed it the "Kringle Kontrol Panel". It was a small addition but a HUGE hit! We are looking forward to a next year - new house (hopefully bigger yard), RGB/Pixel additions, and maybe adding in some servo controls. Thanks for letting me share my show with you, and I appreciate any feedback you have. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Griz 2015 Show: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5KvgoDYYCLBZ1jEHcDmgbxzdPjkJ-qC7
  2. Who is ready for next year?

    Well, after tomorrow and hopefully after all of this rain stops I will be taking everything down starting Monday. In a way I feel kind of sad to take it all down but I am already looking forward to next year. Since adding pixels this year I see myself just adding more and more of those over the next few years. I did not even look to score anything with all the Christmas stuff being marked down in the big box stores. I am saving my money hopefully to outline my house next year with pixels and to build another pixel tree. Anyway I hope all have enjoyed this year. I look forward to seeing all of the new ideas for the upcoming year from everyone. Everyone be safe when taking everything down!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Griz's 2015 Lightshow

    I like the Light of Christmas and the Can Can. Not saying the others are bad. LOL! I like your use of the intensity feature too! Sometimes the old incandescents just add that warm steady fade that the LEDs just can't compare to. Very nice job...and it sure is a lot of lights Dad. ‚Äč
  4. Why would anybody buy this?

    You best believe if you buy it your going convince yourself you see a difference in picture quality. All other cables will look like white noise compared. Drew
  5. Moving LED Spot lights

    Tom will be mad you gave away his "secret" weapon
  6. Looks cool. But kinda pricey at $72.43 plus freight... Bag of quickcrete and a conduit sleeve might not be as fast, but less than $20.