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  1. LOR Support Rocks

    I know this is vague, but I had an issue with an LOR product and LOR support really took care of the issue right away. That's getting more and more rare these days. I am very impressed with their service. An already dedicated fan is now more of a fan! Thanks LOR Support!
  2. I'd like to point out that those are the actual things that are going on with those arrows/peaks, not just comedy. Although if we didn't laugh we would cry.
  3. Not Backing Up Your Sequence?

    Having a backup is good. Having multiple backups is better. I've said it before, but worth repeating. At home all the files are on my server which is using a RAID-1 array so a single disk crash won't lose anything. That is backed up to an external hard drive every weekend and taken to work. I have several of those drives that are rotated through work. The most recent weekly backup is always at work. At the end of any programming session, the latest version of each file that was worked on is backed up to Google Drive. I always use a file naming format that leaves no doubt of how current a file is. What I do is put the date and time or a date and revision letter after the song title. For example: Joy_to_the_World_2015-11-03_1015.lms or Joy_to_the_World_2015-11-03d.lms That way, no matter where a file is gotten from, there is no question when it was revised. That way if I'm searching backup sources and I have two versions of a file - for example: Joy_to_the_World_2015-11-03_1015.lms and Joy_to_the_World_2015-11-02_2215.lms, there is no doubt which one is the most recent. I can not emphasize the importance of off-site backups. If your house is destroyed (fire, flood, tornado), or a burglar cleans you out, having a backup on the shelf next to the computer does you no good.
  4. Need a mini director.

    We have a bunch! http://store.lightorama.com/midiwimp3pl.html
  5. LOR Support Rocks

    Number of times accused of killing babies in Africa this week (so far): 3 Number of people who like us: 2 +7! HEY! This is shaping up to be a great week! [ The formula is ((Likes *5) - Accusations of Babies Killed) ] Seriously: You are welcome. We won't give away the farm, but we do whatever we can to help - as long as you don't tell us we kill babies!
  6. "WOW Lights" sequence modification

    Should be easy to create pixel effect for different song on each prop. Once I get a small piece I can create a whole sequence in a short period of time. It may not be perfect but it will look good to those watching it.
  7. "WOW Lights" sequence modification

    "THEN, I jumped into Pixels and now feel lots of frustration" Sorry, no suggestions I'm just posting this to let you know I feel your frustration .........All my pixels, controllers, hardware, have been completed for months ready to go BUT I have NO ready sequences for the pixel tree, I'm beginning to think pixels aren't ment for the mentally challenged people like me :-) and here I am with 20+ days till light up surfin the LOR Forum instead of having my nose stuck in SS or PE getting something accomplished. I guess my tree will look pretty stupid standing there not lit up when the other lights go on (Guess I could say a have a blown fuse or something) "As an added note, any idea why LOR does not have sequences to purchase with RGB pixel effects??? Seems odd to me they sell the software and equipment needed but do not have the sequences. Or am I just so frustrated i missed them???" I think LOR doesn't offer pixel sequences is because all there Help Desk People would all quit having to answer questions from us as to why there sequences aren't playing correctly in addition to all the questions they get from us about their hardware. So don't get too frustrated over pixels........Remember your 1st attempt in SE? I know I thought I'll never understand this stuff ! (and I probably still don't) ;-)
  8. "WOW Lights" sequence modification

    The movie effect that gets created after you use the PE Migration Tool spans the entire sequence; but you can select cells of that effect, right-click, select Modify from the pop-up menu, and select a new effect for those cells using the Effect Generator. This will not have any affect on the rest of the movie effect. There is nothing preventing users from sharing Pixel Editor sequences. In fact, this should work well because PE effects scale. So copying effects from one person's matrix or tree to your own should work well even if they are different sizes. The Pixel Editor is new, so this hasn't happened yet, but it will. The same comment goes for selling sequences. Matt
  9. Dumb RGB Fade In/Out

    Or... Color Fade Set Fade in (Black and desired color) Create fade-in in sequence. Push swap. Create fade-out in sequence. Use intelligent (or is it auto) fill to fill in the space. (*I've remapped via the custom keyboard, and forget what that command is called.)
  10. Running wire from tree to controller

    SPT and vampire plugs for props and lights. Extension cords for power to LOR controllers.
  11. Understanding how to use others sequences....

    When I get a shared sequence, this is how I do it: Open Shared sequence{yes, sometimes they are messy if you don't have everything the original sequencer has} Create a NEW Musical Sequence with the same song {clean slate to work with} Now I look at the Shared Sequence and Copy and Paste from it what I CAN USE into the newly created sequence. When done copying and pasting what I can use, I CLOSE the Shared sequence, then I start tweaking the current and only sequence now open in the SE. By tweaking, that is adding new sequence commands to items I have not found in the original{Shared Sequence} or by modifying existing commands to refelct my item{s} in my newly created sequence that will go into my show display. I have never used a shared sequence as is for a show, that will never work, as others have stated, each display is different, arrangement of items are different, channel configuartions are different, so it WILL ALWAYS require modification to make it work, just easier to create a NEW sequence and do the copy/paste, then modify and tweak your sequence settings to YOUR taste{flair} and YOUR display setting. Really is no other way around it.
  12. Mega Tree versus Spiral Tree

    You've got a decision to make. Easiest or best looking. You want easy, there's not much that's easier than a straight-line mega tree. There's not much that's as boring to look at as a straight-line mega tree either. IMO, of course. (And also Sharon's opinion, the neighbors, my daughter, her daughter, my friends, the TV reporter, and almost everyone else I know.) A spiral tree with sixteen channels looks awesome. I say do a single color. LED blue is my first choice, but any color will do. The WOW factor of a spiral tree over a straight-line mega is like comparing a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader to Richard Simmons.
  13. Dave from Holiday Sequence

    Hi everyone. Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate it very much!! I'll take the advice of Jeff M and believe there's a plan :-) Thank you all. Dave
  14. Understanding how to use others sequences....

    The beat and effects from a shared sequence can be very helpful. Copy & Paste the parts you want. Open the shared sequence and look at its patterns. See what kinds of groups it has and how many in a group. Look for matches or multiples or evenly divisible group. if you have 8 trees but the source has 4 then paste twice and flip one side. You get the idea.