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  3. Running all the cords

    I'm going to give a longer answer than you are expecting. Every time two wires get close to each other, there is interference from one to the other. How much interference there is and how much it affects one or the other varies greatly. The RS-485 spec allows for quite a bit of both cable length and number of devices on the network. Most of us are not running anywhere near as much of either. The spec also calls for 120 ohm termination on both ends of the cable run, but very few LOR users do that. Because our cable runs are far shorter than the max for the spec (4,000 feet), and having fewer devices than the max spec (32 devices), and are for the most part running at fairly low speed, we can get away with a lot of crappy wiring (that includes no terminations) and interference. This depends A LOT on how long your cable network is, and how fast your network is operating. In other words, what might work with 300 feet of cable running at 56K may not work with 3,000 feet of cable running at 1000K speed. The summary is that is no magic answer that will always work. Minimize the places where power and data run parallel to each other. As several people have stated, they "got away" with a poor wiring in their situation. That does not mean that you will. It also does not mean that you won't "get away" with it. Every installation is different. In my case, I have LOR networking running in the same conduit as telephone, computer network, and in a couple case small amounts of 12V DC power. However none of my three LOR networks have very many devices on them, and only one is running at 500K speed, and all are properly terminated.
  4. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    for excessive beer
  5. Thriller

    If you're willing. Would love a copy of the singing faces and whatever sequence you have for the rest of your lights for Thriller. Thanks! kzziboys@yahoo.com
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    time is near
  7. Uncompressed avi file?

    Trying searching this forum for "avi" or "movie". You will find your answer. Matt
  8. Uncompressed avi file?

    I have a MP4 file I would like to use in the "movie" function in PE, but I need to use an uncompressed avi file per PE. Does anyone know of a converter that will not compress? The only ones I have found will compress it in some way that PE doesn't like.
  9. Running all the cords

    i have run them together with no issues. Data cord zip tied to 50+ extension cords and no issues at all.
  10. Just recorded a radio interview

    How cool is that, congrats!
  11. Today
  12. Try copy paste by time and see if that fixes it. Have you checked the music properties? Right click on the mp3. Ensure it is not 256, it should be 128kbps. Please, post what you did to resolve your situation when finished so others that search may gain some help from the info. More often than not users do not post their fixes. Thank you JR
  13. Halloween Preview

    Looking good!
  14. Just recorded a radio interview with a local station. DJ is trying to get a head start and contacting the local displays for quick interviews he can play during his radio show in December. He also does a Party Bus tour of the displays.
  15. Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Sent, please Private Use Only do not share Thank you JR
  16. Running all the cords

    I have run data and extension cords together forever without any problems. When I'm wiring my display, I usually run all my data cords first then extension cords land on top of them. In some spots they all run together in a bundle...ziptied. Your results may vary. Bri
  17. OK I got everything fixed except a few of the sequences are not on time with music. I did load them by "sequence" rather than copy & paste. The ones that are not matching, is there anyway to adjust them? They are behind by about 7 to 10 seconds. Any help would be great Thanks Wolffy
  18. Halloween Preview

  19. Halloween Preview

  20. Movie effect and S5

    Good to know. Thanks Matt!
  21. Movie effect and S5

    The movie and picture effects get incorporated into the play files -- so the original AVI files for movie effects (and GIF, JPG, PNG files for picture effects) are not required when using the show player. Matt
  22. Running all the cords

    As I come put of my garage with power and data cables how far apart should i run them so I don't get interference?
  23. I haven't used the movie effect before. I added a few videos to some of my sequences. Yesterday I was viewing the sequences on another computer and the movie didn't play. I realized you had to have the video in the same path as when added to the sequence. Does anyone know when you create the play files whether you will still have to have the video in the same path or not?
  24. Halloween Preview

    will post a new video later, gotta find a song that YouTube won't block. lol
  25. Halloween Preview

    Thats just awesome. Great job! I feel like I need to go down this road next year. After I figure out what I have.
  26. Grinch Faces and Pixel

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