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  2. BE 01 Network Preferences

    Problem solved. Thank you.
  3. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Feeling little cocky
  4. 2018 Annual Pacific NW CLAP Mtg

    An Update for the Pac NW CLAP Sorry for the lack of communication. Been a busy year already. We are all set for Saturday April 21st. Set Up Party and Pizza Feast on Friday April 20th. Pizza Feast Venue is TBD an update will follow As usual bring anything you want to trade or sell for the Swap Meet The location of this years meeting is at Eric Foley's: 2825 Fishtrap Loop NE Olympia, WA 98506 Set Up on Friday starts at Noon CLAP on Saturday starts at 8m This is still a free event to attend. We do however need RSVP's to plan for lunch. The Agenda is as follows Group Round Table Discussion What worked, what didn't What do you want to share What questions do you have to ask Attention to Details E1.31 Wireless Overall Options Steve Garrett Update Power Injection How to prevent those December meltdown blues (AFCI's) LOR S5 Please respond that you plan to come, another update will follow listing sponsors and Pizza Venue.
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  6. Static RGB Display

    P E R F E C T ! ! ! Thank you sooooo much.... crazy about vert/horiz..... but working as described....
  7. Moving to a NEW Computer

    LOR set me some info about the Visualizer and its Tutorial section. We got the files in SE to play in my Advanced Rendering location, now we need to work on files from the PE side . Thanks for your feedback and have a great day. Jack
  8. That is part of the reason for the video, is to bring attention to this so people would check the imported props and not assume they were all was correct, tweaking of the props maybe necessary. This is one of the tweaks to the video that Brian suggested I include. I knew this was available but completely forgot to add it. Glad you figured it out. If the props are not setup properly, then none of this will work. Once they are then you are off and running and it is very easy to do, and most importantly you will not lose all of the sequencing you have already done in SS. That was very important to me. That's what I did. Once you have all the SS sequencing added, open an older (S4) version of the same Sequence and copy/paste all the non superstar props. Some people have reported that copy/paste is slower in S5 v 5.0.18, but in my tests for just importing dumb rgb props, and non rgb props copy/paste still works well. Your quite welcome, I didn't figure this all out in one sitting, it took me awhile and there were plenty of "aha" moments. Alan...
  9. Moving to a NEW Computer

    In sequence editor under play tab is the control lights and control visualizer checked? Under edit tab, preferences, Visualizer preferences is that info listed in there match the com port setting info in the Visualizer? I had a similar issue which after checking the basic trouble shooting it turned out I had to reload drivers for my com port and it worked. Just some suggestions. Tom
  10. Static RGB Display

    If I'm understanding correctly, you are wanting to make a strand of red and white, every other bulb correct? R W R W R W etc. On the option list, use linesvertical if your prop preview is horizontal, and lineshorizontal if your prop preview is vertical. I know, it's backwards. Then just use the left side and set the right to none. Then select more than one color, that should give you the alternating bulbs. The chase effect comes from using the speed option.
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    Just a dude
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    proved she was
  13. Alabama Mini

    See ya there. I did send you and Ricky a messenger message on possible class. Just let me know. JR
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    Hidden camera shots
  15. Static RGB Display

    Little_b : most helpful, however, I can't seem to get the "chase" effect. See attached screen shot...? Changing the Spacing seems to have no affect on the "preview". The displayed line never changes in size? Changing the speed just causes the merged lines to alternate but since they both have the same # of bulbs, there is no "chase" effect?
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    Down shirt front
  17. ShowTime Central and DMX

    Steve, I read the specifications on the mini director and it does claim to be able to do DMX but it only has one output which means you would have to choose Lor or DMX output. So your options would be to run all of your Lor controllers in DMX mode and then deal with a potentially complicated wiring setup and a loss of performance with the Lor controllers, or buy the grossly overpriced iDMX module just to run the faces. Or if you really want to run the mini director replace the Renard 32 with two Lor controllers. I don't think any one of these options would be a good fit for you because of the cost and potential problems. I believe your best option, (which by the way will give you far more ability than the mini director could ever think of) is pick up a cheap used laptop just to run the show. For the size of show that you're going to have you don't need much of a computer to run it. Disclaimer I've never had a mini director and all the information I have is based off the specifications that were available on the website. You can give me a call if you want some more details.
  18. Alan, I went back and deleted everything I imported with the exception of the individual props - no groups and then started your video. What I found was that the gutter props imported wrong even from the ones you fixed - I think. So i changed them from matrix rectangle and bulbs to lines unconnected. I even had a universe get switched. Once I got that fixed I followed your video to make the groups and how they are arranged and it worked. I didn't even have to copy and paste any effects. I just selected import superstar effect and then when the SS box came up I opened my sequence and then closed it and the SS sequence was imported into S5. It looks like the prop setup is the most important part of this. Thanks. As I said earlier, I have a 12 X 50 CCR tree and a 16X25 mini pixel tree. The 12X50 ccr tree has sequences from SS that were imported as shown below. I have also imported some of them as sub-sequences. it looks like you recommend making all new sequences in S5. Do you reccommend that I make all new S5 sequences and then import the SS sequences. Again thanks for your help, I would never have figured this out on my own.
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  20. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    dripping with goodness
  21. Alabama Mini

    I'm Excited to announce a Alabama mini (get-together) will be held on April 21,2018. It will be held at The Connection Church in Pelham, its right beside the Oak Mountain State park. The address is 3135 Oak Mountain State Park Road, Pelham AL, 35124 It will be from 9am to 4pm. We will have lunch provided by an Outstanding Christmas Light vendor. There will be lots of ideas and things to talk about (Christmas Lights). If your interested let us know or Join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlabamaChristmasLightEnthusiasts/
  22. Copy Protect SE version # ?

    Mr P Cant do that within SE, with the new SE even if it was my own sequence if I protected it without making an unprotected copy I would be out of luck. With whatever version this was created in the originator could still modify it. The thing I like is being able to allow users to see the sequence and move tabs around to fit their singing face movements since mine are different than 99% Most of the people receiving free sequences and selling them on eBay would not take the time to manually copy each grid square manually. Singing faces are useless with the current protected format since the user cannot see the actual sequence. Thanks as always for the reply though. Since it was written in 2010 I just have to figure out which version was used in 2010 and hope that the current version I use would be backwards compatible JR
  23. Copy Protect SE version # ?

    The only thing I can think of is to go into the files property settings and under the security tab change the permissions. Where it says modify change that to deny.
  24. Lights Around Windows

    I used coro strips at to mount my pixels around all my windows and door. Used strain relief tabs and hooks/wire ties to mount. Worked well. If you PM me I can send you some pics.
  25. Copy Protect SE version # ?

    Ok, I have a sequence that is copy protected. It cannot be copy/ pasted however the channels can be moved around. Under the newer versions of SE while copy protecting all the receiving person gets is the grey screen with the "protected statement". The older sequence written in 2010, the entire sequence is viewable but as mentioned above cannot be copied. When attempting I get a box that states something to the effect "The data in this sequence is copy protected and can only be copied on the original computer" My question is - does anyone know what version of LOR software would give me this method of protection? I would like to copy protect my singing faces in this manner. At least it would curtail anyone trying to sell the sequence since the only method would be to copy block by block. Perhaps DevMike or one of the other long time SE users will know the answer. TIA JR
  26. This will be fixed in the next beta release. Thanks for reporting the issue! Matt
  27. I'm sure this has been discussed before. I'm also sure I couldn't find it in the search. I started buying controllers on eBay in January (I have 5 CTB controllers now). One of them came as a ShowTime Central Starter Package. It was brand new (never used) and I got it for a good price. I don't want to use the FM Transmitter (my street is too narrow and I don't want to encourage vehicle traffic), but I figured the Mini Director would be nice to have. Since then I bought a set of Holiday Coro singing trees connected to a Renard Plus 32 DMX controller (and a Holiday Coro Enttech compatible dongle). The Renard controller connects to the PC by a USB cable coming off the Enttech dongle. It works great from my PC, communicates with my LOR system just fine (which is connected to another USB port), but I have been told the DMX network can't be controlled by the Mini Director. Is that true? Is there any way to connect the DMX Universe so the Mini Director can control it?
  28. Hi Everyone, I need some "what would you do" advice. I'm just looking for options / opinions. I am starting to design a brand new lighting display for Christmas this year and have almost everything figured out (purchased), but I can't decide the best way to place the lights around the windows on the front of my house. There are 6 windows (approx 5.5 ft x 2.5 ft) and a door on the front side of the house, and 3 windows on each side of a 3 season porch. The picture below is just for reference, none of those lights are being used on the windows this year. For this years display I bought a Pixie 16 kit with 100 RGB nodes per output, and will be mounting them to Boscoyo strips to go around each window / door. I was planning to use 1 string per window / door, but between each window / door there is a "pillar" separating them, the ones between the door and small windows are very narrow, which brings me to my question. Option 1: Wrap each window individually. This would require 2 strings on the "pillars", but would be easier to control (sequence). Would the pillars between the windows look too "crowded" when all lights are on since there would only be 1 string on top and bottom? Option 2: Wrap all the windows at the top and bottom as one long string, then a separate (single) string between each window. This might look cleaner, but would require a lot more detailed sequencing for things like a chase sequence around individual windows. I know one way to do this would be to count the nodes and set up separate tracks in the sequence to control ONLY the nodes around each window. What would you do? Is there another option I haven't thought about? Maybe wrapping EVERY window isn't a good idea with them being so close? If anyone else has pictures of how they wrapped multiple windows close together like this, I would appreciate seeing how it looks.
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