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  3. My fall while in the Army caused me my 2nd heart attack! Along with many other injuries. i was never scared of heights but always respected heights. 2 years of recovery before the Army decided stabilization was the best I would get. Had to retire at 26 years of service. I rent a boom lift JLG to get to the 50' peak. Last year that almost was deadly to me so now I am nervous about renting lifts as well. JR
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  5. Would love a copy too if sharing!! thanks in advance!!
  6. I use a boot called Cougar Paws when I have to go up on my roof. My roof is three stories up and the boots have interchangeable soles so you can put on roofing soles or spikes to walk around. I am not afraid of heights but I sure as heck don't want to fall off from that height.
  7. If you end up going the concrete route i'd look for "Light Weight Concrete". It is often used in houses on 2nd floor as a flooring substrate for sound dampening etc. It is a bit lighter than standard aggregates, it's self leveling, stronger thinner due to additives and generally easier to work with. It would still be heavy enough at a couple of inches thick not to get blown around. You could get away with using plastic landscape bender board to make a form without releasing agents. That's what I've used on stair treads for forms. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  8. I was seriously just talking to my partner about this last night. The one thing I HATE about this hobby is having to cover the peaks of our house with lights. Something about being 35+ft above the ground while straddling the eve. It makes my palms sweat, and stresses me out. Thankfully for this year we are buying "roofers shoes" which have small cleats on them to help with traction on the roof. My biggest fear was sliding down the roof. I guess tennis shoes are the best thing to wear on your roof. That being said, next year we are upgrading our roof line to RGB nodes, and I bet those will end up staying up year round. On a side note, recently I went to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ, and rode Zumanjaro: Drop Of Doom... When you have a fear of heights slowly being drug 415ft up in the air, just to be dropped straight back down is a bit to much. I seriously thought I was going to have another heart attack! Talk about fear of heights... NEVER AGAIN!!!
  9. If only it was that simple, this one has more issues than could be covered in a reasonable time on this forum. Right now I am fuming because our pressure washer she apparently loaned out because when I went to use it a few weeks ago it was blowing water from everywhere it was not suppose to be. It's electric so it also tripped half the circuits at the house. I don't understand the mentality of folks that trash your stuff and then put it back like nothing happened.
  10. For what it is worth my vote goes to wreaths!! I have 5 wreaths going on my house this year, ranging from 36" to 90" all covered with bullet nodes (as shown below) They look great, and there are so many effects you can do with them!! It's worth a shot!
  11. That sister-in-law would be in time-out for a very long time if she did that to me. LOL
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  13. How Mondays suck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. required for grasping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. exactly, not as many as Kansas and Oklahoma though. I have worked with different variations of styrofoam over the years but out here the winds are brutal and they just get shredded. After we moved out here the sister-in-law took it upon herself to get rid of most of our Halloween stuff we left behind (our daughter is living in our house). we had nice concrete ones we found at Michaels that are no longer there. thought I could try and make some and give them a more "customized" and "weathered" look.
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  17. I just don't
  18. Hey there Sarge...if you are still sharing, would love to have em. Used a couple of yours last year and they were a big hit with the folks. Thanks in advance
  19. If you are in CCR mode then you use the Configuration dialog box to configure the unit IDs. And if you have DMX strings you can still configure things in the Configuration dialog box and since the number of pixels in DMX strings can be something other than 50 then you can specify the number of pixels, and the 50 pixel sequence will get squished or stretched appropriately. If you are using two 50 pixel LOR strings per strand then you will need to create a visualization of your tree in the visualizer and then import the visualization into superstar. And then click on the Tools menu and select "Layout" and in the lower right portion of the Layout dialog box you can squish or stretch the pixels. In your case, if you had 12 strands, with 100 pixels per strand, you would set it as follows: Enable Pixel Extender X Origin - 0 Y Origin - 0 Width - 12 Length - 50 Stretched/Shrunk Length - 100 If you need help making the visualization let me know.
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  21. Can't drink alcohol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Glad to hear you found a better property!! Can't wait to see the show! Edit: Just because I was curious, I just looked up the house!!! WOW!! You got lucky!! I can already see so much potential for a light show there!! I'm slightly jealous!! Congrats on the house!!
  23. took long time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Well I was finally able to get to my drum project. Think it turned out ok for a hairbrained idea! Used a cheap three channel DMX controller from Amazon. Used the RED channel for the drum head, The GREEN channel for the right down and left up stick, and the BLUE channel for the right up and left down stick. Of course as soon as I got the phone out, one small section of the drum winked out, will fix that in a day or two. Will try to get a Vimeo address posted for it. Not fancy or the best in the world but still kinda proud of it!!
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  27. Built it himself
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