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  2. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Adjustments were needed
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  4. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    thanks Dennis I have done what you said and set to Universe 1 but I don't seem to see a start address where should I be looking for that please? (I have also ordered an E1.31 adaptor but it hasn't arrived yet). would this be a better option ? Thank you
  5. Superstar Instant Sequence questions

    “Also a favorite of mine that I use for 10-20 seconds in several of my sequences is to set all rows to TCM 1 and set TCM 1 to the following: Theme: Star burst -Color: Native-Color by time: Not by time-Movement: None-Intensity: 100% - You will get patterns that move across the ribbons according to the music.” Brian, thanks for this suggestion. I used it on 5 songs for which I did not have time to do a mega tree sequence. Way better than a dark tree.
  6. Still confused as ever with programming my CCR and pixel tree

    You can add the new channels to the bottom of your sequence and sequence them that way. Or you can sequence it separately and add it useing “sub sequence”
  7. Hi, I have a problem that I have not really found on the forum. When I use my old sequences with S4 I have beautiful full colors. Now I have used S5 and in the preview it looks nice. But in reality the colors are not so beautiful, yellow is more white. In short, my colors on my 16 ccr tree are white. I use S5 to make it, create playback files and play it with S4 Did this because I did not manage everything with S5. Now go and put the new S5 (5.0.16) on my laptop. I use my laptop to control the lighting. Make it on my desktop PC with 2 screens. Can I adjust the colors? I know that in the past the colors were changed if you made something in SS and made a sequence file of it. The colors seemed different in S4 than in SS but on the 16 ccr tree everything looked nice. greetz, Mark
  8. RGB ribbons ,ctb16 ,1602 ,cmb24 all for sale.

    Interested in the cmb24 and the dumb nodes. Reindeervalleychristmas@cox.net for pics and price please.
  9. Thunderstruck

    sent in pm
  10. RGB ribbons ,ctb16 ,1602 ,cmb24 all for sale.

    Interested in the ctb16 controllers if they are gen 3. Jmach49@gmail.com for pics and price.
  11. Cmb24d registers in hu but nothing comes out

    Are the jumpers set to DMX or lor can you turn lights on in hardware utility?
  12. All I Want For Christmas Is You Mariah Carey Pixel

    Hey James can I get a copy please. Lightsofedgegrove@gmail.com thanks Chris
  13. Cmb24d registers in hu but nothing comes out

    Make sure your RGB connections are right and your strings are common +voltage (the R G B get grounded by the CMB) BTW What voltage is the PSU? The strings?
  14. 2017 Bryan road Christmas light show

    Angeles from the Reins of Glory by Peter Hopkins, Piano Guys, David Archulettta and the MormonTabernacle Choir And that's it for 2017 for me
  15. Cmb24d registers in hu but nothing comes out

    Unit id isn’t overlapping,solid red light board shows up in hwu. Just have led strips hooked up but board does nothing
  16. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    Might’ve got onto something though. Have you switched the light strings to other channels and visaversa? Just to rule out the light strands. I have some LED strobes that when they get to end of life they stay on - even look lit for several minutes with no power possibly applied. When shows running, always on. I have about 4 a year do this.
  17. Singing faces.

    I do not believe anyone on here has done the faces for Snoopy, i had to purchase them from Holidayseqeunces.com.
  18. DMX to LOR RGBW Moving heads

    Are they weatherproof? They don't look like it. If not, how will you protect them?
  19. DMX to LOR RGBW Moving heads

    WOW! Those look really good. Nice job!
  20. RGB ribbons ,ctb16 ,1602 ,cmb24 all for sale.

    The forum has a fairly small total size limit. The workaround is to upload the file to a website and post a link to it.
  21. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    In network Preferances you have to select dmx. Then the. adapter, and set the universe number .the controller you have has to tell you what dip switchs to select for the start address you want. Just a note most people don't recommend using the USB-485 adapter for DMX
  22. Cmb24d no output

    Does the hardware utility see the cmb24
  23. Cmb24d no output

  24. Just hooked up my Lixada RGBW Heads for their first test run. They are connected to the RS485 port on my ALPHAPIX 16 controller. They are set for 11 channels. I used DMX intensities ramping from 0 to 160 just to see where they fall. Now to set down and figure out which numbers to use to bring them to the front. Really was easier to set up than I thought it would be. No special equipment other than the controller. Any thoughts on easy ways to program to a song?
  25. G3-MP3 Show Glitching / Sticking

    First off.... I had a fencer that is over 1500 feet away from my last controller cause your exact condition in a controller 300 feet farther away from the last controller (1800 total)... turned out.... (thought ground effect, was some what right).... turned out... no ground wire in the power cord to that controller.... ( steel in back of case acts as ground plane ???? no idea), replaced cord with grounded version, problem went away ( that was 2013), since then that controller has had ZERO problems. I've had small issues with other controllers, fixed ALL of them with these.... NOTE THE 100 ohm resistors across 4 and 5 (the middle pair) generally the blue pair these go at the ends of the network.. one at the g3 the other at the far end of the last cable or the other plug in the last controller. (leaving the white female jack to replace the second jack in the controller.) and with hot glue for protection
  26. Light won’t work in play mode or sequence editor

    What license lev you have?
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