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  2. Can I get a copy also please? salongaopm@yahoo.com Thanks!

    You shouldn't have to restart the PC. Can you communicate at ALL with the PixCon? Ping - https://iihelp.iinet.net.au/How_to_run_a_ping_test - with the controller connected. Also from the command window type: (no quotes) "ipconfig /all" What results do you get?

    Ok, I did exactly that. Changed IPv4 controller to, Subnet: Left everything else blank. Restarted computer. Reset Factory IP on PixCon 16 again and still having no luck with utility recognizing the device. Any other suggestions?
  5. If anyone could send a star wars sequence my way it would be much appreciated!! horsefieldw@gmail.com

    You'd have to adjust the IP address if your PC to be on the network. In english, that would mean setting your PC for an IP of, Subnet - don't worry about anything else. You'd then be able to talk to the PixCon, and change the IP to your current network, 192.168.28.x. I'd imagine that the setting is currently on DHCP, so change it to static when you configure the PixCon. You will be OFFLINE when you change the IP Address of your computer, so remember exactly how it's set up before you make the change.

    I recently purchased a Pixel String Starter Pack w/ PixCon16 controller. When I go into the Network Communicator and hit the "Find/Configure PixCon16" button, the utility is unable to find the controller. I can not detect or configure the PixCon16. It is directly connected to my computer via ethernet cable. I do not think these two devices are talking to each other.I tried resetting the PixCon16 using the Factory IP button so that IP goes to, then back to factory default by holding both the Factory IP and Bootloader buttons, and also tried moving the Terminator Jumper. None of these steps helped the utility recognize the controller. The IP for the ethernet controller on my PC is Is this the reason they are not communicating? How do I can he the address of the PixCon16 to be on the same subnet if that's the case?Thanks
  8. Today
  9. Horizontal or Vertical

    Perfect - Thanks all. First year doing this.... looking forward to some experimentation, but really appreciate the voice(s) of experience. Cheers!
  10. What is getting wet? Are any plugs in puddles?
  11. Song not playing

    I was looking around LOR site for what they desire for audio files, here's what I found in the FAQ Page and how to change it if need be. Alan... The Music is jumping around or seems out of sync with the lights. Now What? Make sure your audio file is an .MP3 digitized at 128Kbps and at a constant bit rate (CPR). Some music files are digitized at a higher bit rate that doesn’t sit well with us. You can check the audio file by locating it on your computer, right clicking, click Properties and then Details. In the Audio section it will tell you the bit rate. I’m betting it says 192kKbps. There’s a program called Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) that’s free and is quite good at converting audio to the standard output we prefer at Light-O-Rama. The program is a bit geeky and you need to read the screens carefully, but it gets the job done.
  12. Controler crisis

    UPDATE: After a couple hours of farting around, and being irritated.... I experimented with SuperStar. My license was for 4ccr, but I WAS able to open up the existing CCR files and convert them to DMX instantly. Now Im spending $120 upgrading my SS license... Sigh. It was that or $60 for 2 day mail on another 485.
  13. MP3 show director play issues

    Hello again....I have the LOR USB485B adapter for direct connections from computer to controllers, but using the showtime player minidirector (with fm transmitter) to run the show after it's saved on an SD card. I am using 2 Pixie4 controllers, 1 CMB24D controller, and 1 residential CTB16PC main controller. All are on 1 enhanced regular network.
  14. Please help. I just spent all day updating and adding and updating props to my computer. I have been saving all along the way. The pixel editor crashed. I had to restart it, and I lost the last 5 hours of work. Does anyone have any idea why the saves didn't take (even with a crash). I don't want to do all of this effort of repeating, and then have this happen again. A note to consider possible. I overwrote the LORPixelEditorData from my other computer before I started, and it seems like I lost some of the updates I did on my other computer when transferring the file to the new computer. Feeling very frustrated and need help! Thanks!!
  15. It started raining very lightly a few hours ago, and the GFCI breaker for our new outdoor outlets has tripped 3 times in the past 5 minutes. Is this normal in a light misty rain? I guess I might expect this if it's raining hard, but the circuit breaker for the outlet we previously used never tripped even in heavier rains.
  16. hdpe

    Check and see if you have an industrial Pipe Supply Company in your town I saw some at one in my town
  17. Suggestions

    I wanted to add this post as a place to collect usability suggestions.... Here is my first one..... The show is live, but you are sure a light isnt quite working correctly... Add a mechanism to show a preview in the status screen so you can get a quick "should-be" reference:(sorry about the screen grab resolution,,,, forum limit of 40K is so yesteryear - (suggestion 2)) There are also time when it might be nice to fast forward the playlist with a fast jump to the next song (ungraceful) or purposely jump passed the next song (gracefully)
  18. Merry Christmas Sign

    Bosch studios has it
  19. Damn!, My money was on Santas Helpers suggestion, when I read that I thought "ooh good one" Yup, this is a good group of people. I think you will find LOR very helpful also. As an after thought, and some more things to try until you hear back from the helpdesk have you tried hooking up just one controller and one network at time? starting with the controllers that the traditional channels give no errors in Verifier Whatever the outcome please let us know what you find? It maybe helpful for others down the road. Alan...
  20. This is for all ACDC Fans

    This would be fantastic... If you're donating.... ndutton at the-brit dot com
  21. MP3 show director play issues

    Do you have an LOR USB adapter? That will make finding the issue much faster. What pixel controllers are you using? What controllers are on your enhanced network? Matt
  22. This is for all ACDC Fans

    Could I get a copy as well? Huge ACDC fan reedclarke84@gmail.com thanks!
  23. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    Would love a copy, sounds amazing. reedclarke84@gmail.com Thanks!
  24. Where are Audio Visualizations?

    If you are looking for "Display Audio Visualizations" option as described in the S4 documentation on this page, it is not currently supported in S5: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/video_preferences.htm We may support it in a future release. Matt
  25. Song not playing

    Yes we made this recording but I don't think I converted it to MP3 correctly. I don't know about the song much but I'll check
  26. Controler crisis

    k6, thanks again for the assist. In SE, I assume I have to goto channel config and change the device from LOR to DMX ? I was looking at that, but it seems if that is the correct way, i have to manually change EVERY R G B pixel for every universe? Is there a faster way to reconfigure the output in SE ? EDIT: Manually changing to DMX universe 1, circuit 1,2,3....150 seems to work. however.. is there a way to automate the change?
  27. Good thought...didn't think of that as the drivers auto-installed as soon as I plugged each USB in. But I did do that now, but the results didn't change unfortunately. Correct in that the Windows Device Manager finds no errors. I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit, Service Pack 1 on both machines. The timing on the license is a possibility. It sure seems like I did the laptop install prior to that timing, but I can't swear to it, so I will attempt that route with a service ticket. If nothing else, it gets a ticket in for the overall issues and perhaps additional assistance, right? No, I am not running the show and HU (or any other LOR application) simultaneously. I always close out prior to enabling the shows, and vice versa when I disable them. Overall folks, I just want to say a huge thank you for all of the thoughts. This is a tremendous community and you all taking time out of your schedules, Thanksgiving holiday, and probably last-minute changes/setups/additions/etc to your displays....what a great group of people. I can't say thanks enough for all of the tips to try.
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