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  2. Could I please have a copy as well. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks.
  3. G3 Mp3 powering up the fm xmitter

    Thanks I have that. When i read through it it wasnt to clear and it seems i might be missing the term block that goes into the aux header. The fm xmtr manual i am looking for.
  4. Now Sharing ~ Sleigh Ride ~ Pentatonix singing faces

    If still sharing could I please have a copy - camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks, Chester
  5. Pixie 16 help

    I just sent that seq. In the original email I forgot to compress it. LOL JR
  6. Pixie 16 help

    It worked. I can not thank you enough!
  7. Jingle Bell Rock

    James - Can you send a copy - camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks, Chester
  8. Pixie 16 help

    Thank you!
  9. Pixie 16 help

    Me program? No time. My great friend James sequences the CCR trees. I work on singing faces. If I ever get caught up I will sequence. I am learning SS the hard way. As far as PE I made one sequence and my spider and web vis but haven't used it. Sorry no help on that question. JR
  10. Pixie 16 help

    Hey JR - So do you normally program in SE? I have my pixie16 tree setup as a model in PE so it shows up as a new track using a saved intensity file. Is this not how most people do it? PE allows me to program easier it seems. Just curious how others are doing it. Thanks, Chester
  11. I see this is a older thread. If still available, could get a copy also. Thanks dwalkb02@gmail.com
  12. Pixie 16 help

    Sending you a sequence Veterans Hallelujah, hopefully it doesn't offend you. The MP3 is free from the Arthur's website so it will be included. JR
  13. Pixie 16 help

    Open the current LMS sequence. Ensure you can see 16 channels - it will be black and perhaps you can see some sequencing next to the buttons. Do not open them through the RGB. You only want to see "pixie port 1 -16" in grey channel buttons Open your new config to the same point On the LMS scroll all the way to right "end of sequence. Use your mouse and drag it from pixie port #1 last grid square all the way back to the channel buttons. Now down through pixie port 16. The entire sequence field should be encased by your dotted line or whatever it is. Now right click - copy (or you can use copy paste on tool bar) Now go to your new config and put mouse on very top pixie port #1 1st grid (right next to channel button. Hit paste- it will take a second but it will load and your tree should sparkle.
  14. Pixie 16 help

    Let me know if you need any additional help. If you need sequences for CCR tree search for James Morris my great friend. I can also share his work with you. Just let me know, JR
  15. Pixie 16 help

    My email is genesiaferris@gmail.com. The sequence I currently have does have .lms at the end of it.
  16. G3 Mp3 powering up the fm xmitter

    Carl here you go http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/G3-MP3_Man_Web.pdf
  17. Pixie 16 help

    Oh my gosh. Thank you it worked! I get it now. The sequence I was trying to use was not at all setup like this.
  18. Pixie 16 help

    Pm or post your email address. Unless you want to give the above instructions a try. Also there are things you need to to with that sequence you purchased unless it has an extension of .LMS Let me know, you have my cell # so you can text or call if you need assistance. JR
  19. Pixie 16 help

    Just so everyone can have this I'm posting it here. That way if anyone else has the same issue they can make their channel config. This is after you have set up the pixie16 in the HU. (Hardware Utility) 1- Open SE (Sequence Editor) 2- Select "New Musical Sequence" 3- For MP3 just go find any you have. You are making your channel config 4- Don't worry about the header Info on the next screen however you will need to select a couple things 5- Select "Channel Setup" box 6- Select "Channel Count" and then to the right De select ~ "Using Standard LOR controllers" 7- Bottom right corner of this box select "Some other value" 8- In the empty spot under it type 0.05 9- Under that check "use fixed timing grid" 10- "OK" 11- your working page will open, looks like a big grid paper 12 You should see 8 blue channel buttons 13- right click on last channel button #8 14- Select "Insert Device Below" we will use below for this but you can select wherever you want your new controller to be 15- Now another box will appear 16- Name your device "pixie" for this will work 17- Ckick on "Device List" drop down 18_ Select pixie 2/4/8/16 19- I always check "add as group" 20- Pixie Model select pixie 16 from drop down 21- pixels per port you should select 50 for your tree 22- Check Triples RGB RGB RGB 23- Base Unit ID, whatever # you wish to start with "01" if this is your only controller 24- OK 25- Now your working platform should appear with your pixie16 controller. The + will open it. The channels have been preset and remember this is the only config for the pixie16 Once you have that and verify it has 16 channels you can delete the original blue channel buttons. Just Right Click on each button and select "Delete Channel" Once this is finished you should have only your pixie on the sequence. Now we will save your channel configuration for future use. Top left corner select "Edit" Scroll down to Import/ Export Channel config Select Export and you be prompted to name it. Perhaps "My 2017 Pixie Config" It should save in the LOR root directory. I also have a folder on my desktop for quick reference. Once saved you will use this each time you create a new sequence. In the channel setup box you would check "Use a saved Channel Config Template" then you will point it to your config. JR
  20. Pixie 16 help

    Christmas or anything it doesn't matter.
  21. Pixie 16 help

    Christmas or Halloween?
  22. Pixie 16 help

    I will send you a sequence and then you will have it. What type of music, maybe a specific song, I may have it. JR
  23. Pixie 16 help

    Ok. Where do I configure my channels like this. In the hardware utility or in the sequence myself. Sorry my Sunday has been a bit busier than normal and I haven't had much time to go to the programming. My kids having me running every where. Thanks! Gen
  24. I recently acquired a used g3mp3 director. It is replacing my showtime central mini director. I like the timing features and the 2nd network for expansion. My issue is... I cant find my fm xmtr instructions and It was powered from the mini director. Does anyone know which pins on the g3mp3 header can be used to power the fm xmtr or should i just power it continuously. TIA. Carl
  25. Programing Work Flow - CCBulbs and Floods

    To follow on, can you do everything in Pixel Editor or is it best use sequence editor and pixel editor respectively?
  26. Seqence of See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth

    Could I get a copy? yaxnick@gmail.com Thanks
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