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  2. Nice on the thermal detection FLIR camera. 18 of my 36 cameras are FLIR, 8 of them color night vision, but other than one of my rifle scopes I have no thermal detection devices. JR
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  4. Great time to have it, right after taxes (for most). I'm saving hope, hoping to get some more controllers. JR
  5. Much! Still a great job for your first attempts. JR
  6. them ifya gottem
  7. One thing you could try,and by the way nice job for your first time, On the house lights, instead of using them on every hit, try using them for the guitar part that holds the note them let them fade with that punch. Use you mini trees with the hits, turn the white on with the first hit with a fade then the green on the next just alternating. This will eliminate the "flashy" part and will still accent the beats of the song. You can use the Mega and Spiral trees for the movement as eye candy along with your arches as they should be the major focal points of your display. SPaschall
  8. up in smoke
  9. If the last 15 years are any indication ... yes. When? Dunno. Could be March, April or even May.
  10. better?
  11. Will there be an LOR spring sale this year?
  12. George, you're thinking as if it was an AC or DC controller - which will produce more heat with lots of load on the controller. A pixel controller is only delivering a low level data signal on each output which does not care if there is one pixel or 100 pixels downstream of the controller. For most of us the power for those pixels does pass through the controller PC board, but is not switched by the board. You should not be able to detect any temperature rise without sensitive test equipment unless there are some bad connections or undersized wire. Just for grins, I do have access to a moderately high end FLIR IR camera and have set a calendar reminder to take some photos with it next November after I set up my pixel tree. Sent from my Droid Turbo via Tapatalk, so blame any typos or spelling errors on Android
  13. Leave them on. I run a year round landscape lighting show so I have three CMB16D DC controllers, an InputPup, one CTB-16 and one CTB-08 AC controllers, and two SanDevices E6804 pixel controllers that are powered up 24x7x365. Other than a 20 second power outage a couple months ago, several of those have not been powered down since they were installed (2013 in the case of one of the E6804s). The show computer also runs 24x7x365, although it does get re-booted daily. For Christmas I add three SanDevices E682s, and three CCP controllers, and they are powered up in early November and stay up until early January. Much greater chance of electronic devices crapping out at power up vs staying on (unless you are cooking them). Sent from my Droid Turbo via Tapatalk, so blame any typos or spelling errors on Android
  14. is this what you mean? and thanks so much for the feed back and the help
  15. Send smoke up
  16. If you want a smaller board, LOR sells a 16-channel DC board. (CMB16D) One PS of 200W or more will power the CMB24D quite nicely.
  17. thanks guys,,, Im not using DMX, all LOR pixies with the usb to ethernet converter
  18. I remember those easy bake ovens LOL Yes I know that mil spec equipment is made for the environments (25 plus years of AFS). Was using that as an example. Using your statement 80C is about 160F, still much more than a human can take. Thank you for your service! JR
  19. Ex Navy ET here (with year of Semiconductor and telecom industry experience) Heat is hardest on Filter Capacitors . Chips typically want to run under 80C (the insides get hotter) Your Mil$pec equipment has heavy duty part$ that have been rated for extremes. Many LOR and others run the TO220 packs without heatsinks (optional HS kits available) because they do not expect the temps our troops have seen. And you don't need a room heater to bring a CLOSED closet past uncomfortable. a 100W bulb was used in my sisters 'easy bake oven' to make cookies
  20. free time to
  21. can't have enough
  22. Thank you for asking this question. I am also a Newbie and was wondering the same thing as my show only runs 4 hours (1700-2100) . Will the LOR network behave nice with these being off (and coming on) I will say from years of IT equipment power, that if you have many 300+W PSU that they should not all be POWERED UP at the same , the inrush current is huge and breakers will not be happy
  23. Really nice job on the TSO song. But on the first song, didn't seem like a good song and lights action sync. For me, it was a slow, prodding song that may not lend itself to a lot of flashiness. Maybe more fading in/out instead of hard on/off. The TSO song just seemed much tigher as far as syncing and as a resultg, wasmnuch more enjoyable, at least for me.
  24. remember the output is 24 Monochrome ports or 8 RGB ports (any combination) also you will need 1 or 2 power supplies to fully use the board which is divided into 2 banks of 12 mono ports. Bank 1 must be 12V or you need an AUX 12V PSU I am waiting for the LOR sale , hoping these will be one of the items. I will be using groups of 3 ports to drive each Candy Cane Propeller (each cane now contains White LED strips). So, there are lots of uses for DUMB ports, Let your imagination loose
  25. If you have a dmx network setup you can buy a simple 3 channel dumb controller for about $10.00
  26. that kinda sucks in a way, i want 1 flood for over my doorway so i need to buy a 24 output $110 controller to do so?
  27. I will confirm what LOR has stated. You need a dumb controller to run those.
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