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  2. This news just in from over at the 'Red' site : *** DOOR PRIZES *** We will have a couple token vendor supported Door Prizes at this meeting - more later. Now that's some Exciting News !
  3. Jim, is it possible to use a motion detector for input 1? If that is the case then that would be all I need. I host a xmas party every year and I change up the entrance for my guests every time. This year I'm planning a Hollywood red carpet premiere type of theme, I've already got red carpet and paparazzi sillouettes on order. I'm going to mount the sillouettes on thin plywood to strengthen them up and get a 8 pack of the 10w floods and mount them where the camera flash would be. I'm hoping that I could just mount a motion detector at the start of the carpet that when triggered would start a 30-45 second sequence of the 10w's rapidly and randomly flashing. Please tell me this is doable!
  4. Advertising In The Show?

    I'm happy to hear that you live someplace where the people are reasonable and sane. But it's not just the city that you need to be concerned about. In fact, they're likely to be the least of your worries.
  5. RGB Change color of pattern

    The process will vary, to echo Jim, depending on which colors we're talking about. But to use a simple example, lets say you want to take a red pattern and make it green. Expand both the top RGB channel and the last (bottom) RGB channel in your copy range. Place your cursor in the top red channel line and after selecting the range of time you want, select down to include only as far as, and including, the red channel line in the bottom RGB channel. Copy the data. Then, place your cursor in the GREEN line of the expanded top RGB channel and paste. The original pattern is now green. If you want blue, it works the same, except you paste into the blue channel of the top RGB channel.
  6. Advertising In The Show?

    So, I gave our city attorney a call, and he said that it's fine. He said that if anyone has an issue with it in the future he will deal with them at that point, but he doesn't have an issue with it, and doesn't foresee there being an issue. . . That being said, I'm still hesitant given the things you all have brought to my attention...
  7. DMX

    I have one that I've never used except for testing when I first got into pixels. Its been sitting in a box now for going on 4 years. It gets hooked up to a spare USB port. No RS-485 connection needed. The Actidongle is a HC item. So if you go to there web site they have a video showing how to install and use it. I never did because I discovered and got into E1.31 controllers which have built in DMX ports. If you want to stay within the LOR ecosystem and be able to daisy chain off their AC controllers you should get the CMB-24D Deluxe DC card here: http://store.lightorama.com/cmdedcca3.html Otherwise get an E1.31 controller or a Pixcon16 ( LOR ecosystem). There are several kinds. You just have to find the one that works for you. The controllers usually have 3 to 4 built in DMX ports.
  8. Singing Faces Sequences

    You should/ may get a reply in email only. He's pretty busy these days. He and I emailed back and forth last week. JR
  9. Pixcon16

    What license level do you have? To run a Pixcon on an LOR network you must have a Pro license.
  10. Pixcon16 and uMP3g3 Gen3 miniDirector

    I think I found the solution to my problem. I got the mini working with the pixcon16 after tinkering with it for the past 2 days. The problem, in my case, was having loops with in my animation sequence. I have a section in my sequence to loop 20 times (and loop faster after each loop) before it continues with the rest of my show. When running the show to the pixcon16 with my laptop using the sequence editor, no problems with the loops in it. But once I transferred the show to the SD card, poof!! nothing. No show. But the mini and the pixcon16 was always communicating with each other (more on that later)*. My only clue I had to run with was that the hardware utility was only creating a 1KB file in the SD card, even though my *.las file (my saved show file) 617KB. Something didn't seem right, something was missing. I remember reading somewhere in a help file document (not sure which one: Light-O-Rama v4.3.24 help, Pixcon16 manual, or uMP3g3 manual) that the mini doesn't like loops, that it will ignore them. What it turns out is that the hardware utility not only ignores the loops but it ignores the *.las file all together if it sees loops in your show. There is no warning about it when you input your show sequence in the hardware utility, no indication that your file might not work, it checks the file and accept it. Everything seems all is correct. Once you create the file in the SD card, it does not save the show sequence. Just the hardware requirements for your mini. So I went back to the sequence editor and removed the loops and saved as a new show file. Fired up the hardware utility once more and did everything one needs to do to make the new SD file and boom! It worked! Went in to see the file size in the SD card and yup, a bigger file, 306KB. Removed the SD card from laptop and put it back to the mini. Added power to the mini and BOOM!!! I have a show running. Now I have to create a new show without using loops and look the same as my original show. I'm not looking forward to this. it's going to be a long, long day. But at least I'm happy that I got this working. * The status light on the mini is weird (in my opinion). I noticed that once you put power to the mini, there is a delay to when the show stars. But once it starts, the status light on the mini turns off. I thought i lost power to the mini but the show was still running and restarting at the end show. So i unplugged the power plug on the mini to check my power source, thinking i lost power, and the show stopped and the pixcon16 turned off the pixels that were on when the show stopped. The status light on the Pixcon16 started to blink, it lost signal. Is this normal for the mini to do that? To turn off the status light even though it still has power to it. If this is normal, then that is a bad use of the status light. How would one know if there is power to the mini other than not having a show running? I just thought that was just weird. I'm using the SD card that came with the mini. Kingston 8GB class4 card
  11. Pixcon16

    LOR users for years. trying to add 1 pixcon16 unit to our display. anyone in south florida area that can help us get it set up. Using high speed USB485 adapter and HP Envy laptop with Windows 10. Can not get laptop to recognize pixcon16 box on network configuration.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Pixcon16 and uMP3g3 Gen3 miniDirector

    I'm not sure about the file compression down to 1kb is correct. That seems kind of small. What mfg of SD card you using? JR
  14. DMX

    Yes, the Actidongle would use a second usb connection on your laptop so when you go to program the channels it would not be the "Regular" LOR network, it would be Aux A. Just make sure you have an Advanced or Pro license. I did 25 years and retired in October 2010, my last 12 in Germany. I guess they just wanted me close so they could rotate me out of Iraq and Afghanistan every other year.
  15. 5.0.0 How do you edit the RGB lights?

    What do you recommend for a MP4 to uncompressed AVI convertor? I can't seem to find on that does uncompressed.
  16. DMX

    Yes, I did my Basic Training at Ft Ord in 1974...Then Ft Polk and then Germany for 3 years...liked it and stayed....anyway my LOR is v4.3.14 advanced...When K6ccc stated as a second network, that would mean of course its own USB connection to my laptop, correct. Guys, thanks again...might have a few more questions later...order the Acti Dongle and will wait on that to see if this old soldier can get it working...really do appreciate the time.. Mr. P, I just retired in Feb 2015...was full time National Guard...in Oct 2013 my HQ called and volunteered me for Afghanistan, got home Aug 2014 and retired soon after...by the way, thanks for your service...
  17. I was wondering if anyone has any sequence to snoopy vs the red baron ccr or regular lor. Anything will help thanks
  18. All I want for Christmas Mariah Carey

    I'd love to have this as well if you are still sharing. Pevely@seascape.ns.ca
  19. Is it even possible to use an uMP3g3 Gen3 miniDirector with the Pixcon16? I'm having a problem with these two work together. I have an animation sequence running fine with the laptop. Have the Pixcon16 set up to run in ELOR mode at 500k Regular network (not using AUX network) using the 485-HS USB Connector. I used the Hardware utility, LOR MP3 tab to create the files needed to save in the SD card. Setup: run show when powered up in a loop. no triggers used. CheckMarked on for SD card for gen3 or newer director with 1 port selected. CheckMarked on for can not be interrupted if input are triggered. Selected 500k (Gen3 Divice only) and checkmarked on for ELOR mode (same setting i've set to talk to the Pixcon16 with the laptop). Then clicked on save to SD. I insert the SD card to the mini, connect the mini the Pixcon, and last, connect an external 12VDC power to the mini. The Status light on the mini turns on (stays on). Status red light on the Pixcon16 stops blinking and stays solid on but no light show. Ten to twenty seconds later (after powering the mini) the status light on the mini turns off but the status light on the pixcon16 is still solid. Once i remove power from the mini, the status light on pixcon16 starts to blink. using software 4.3.24 Pro latest firmware on both mini (uMP3g3-V5_36) and pixcon16 (V_1.4.12) Would appreciate any help and/or advice with this. Thank you. p.s. I don't know if its of any use but I notice that the files created in the SD card is 1KB in size but the actual .las file size is 617KB Could that be the problem, it is not creating the file properly?
  20. DMX

    I was stationed at Ft. Ord in Monterey in the 80's.
  21. DMX

    The DMX will appear as a second network in your network preferences. Note that native DMX requires a advanced or higher LOR license.
  22. DMX

    OK, so I purchase this Acti Dongle, then connect it to the RS-485, I have my Sequence Editor with DMX channels programmed. One question, is this Acti Dongle on its on USB port I suppose with its own RS-485 connection? I understand after reading some out here you have to turn on the Comm Listener to ensure the lights will work...just don't want to purchase a bunch of items I don't need. Thank you for your replies...I see Mr. P is in Georgia, neighbor and K6ccc is in CA...I lived in Orange County for a good part of my younger years...retired from the Military out here after 40 years. Again I do appreciate both of you taking your time.
  23. DMX

    Correct. They both use RS-485, but use different languages.
  24. Depends on what you want to change. Particularly if you are only using the three primary, and three secondary colors, you can generally do some selective copy and pastes or deletes on the individual colors. For example, if you have a device that fades from black to red and you want it to fade from black to yellow, simply copy that portion of the red line and paste to the green line. Now you have yellow.
  25. DMX

    Thanks Jim, I guess I should have said that one speaks LOR and the other DMX.
  26. Old School CTB08-D

    I have one of those (although it was replaced with a Gen-3 version in the spring sale of 2016 so I could use it on an enhanced LOR network). I don't remember any issues with that, but it's been years since I had to set it up. I'll dig it out this evening and play with it to refresh my memory and see what I can learn to be able to help you.
  27. DMX

    I'm going to clarify what Mr. P said a little. Both LOR network and DMX network use the RS-485 electrical standard. However, the data format that is used is different between the two. An analogy would be two people talking over the same telephone, but one is speaking in German, and the other is speaking Russian. The easiest way to do this in LOR software is to add a second RS-485 network that is using DMX protocol instead of LOR protocol. You CAN use a standard LOR USB-RS485 adapter, but there have been reports years ago of the channels being off by one (never tried that so I don't know). There are a number of other USB to DMX specifically RS-485 adapters available. Some are fairly dumb and there are some smart ones too. As I don't use DMX (at least not over RS-485), I really don't have the specifics there.
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