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  2. Livestrong5150

    Showtime Controller

    Can someone tell me if the Showtime controller with the mp3 reader also be play via computer. There's a really good deal on a used one and thinking of purchasing. Thank you!
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  4. dansamy

    Shout out to JR and Morris

    Yes! Thank you both!
  5. dansamy

    Just wondering

    I hope you bought her a new pan!
  6. DocBrown86

    White LED Flood Issue

    You’re right on the equipment specs. I guess maybe I just need to take the light apart and see what’s inside that might be messing with it lighting up. It just struck me as odd that it never has the same power-up time when it seems like it’s just a basic light.
  7. DocBrown86

    What am I doing wrong?!

    If this ever helps anyone, I needed the file with extension "sequencename.lms.pe.lid" It was saving into a random folder Sequences -> Sequences. Never would have guessed it dropped into 2 folders deep called Sequences.
  8. Luke, I realized what you are explaining, not long after my original posts.The timing mark is there when using an audio file. However I was testing a prop with 70+ props, and groups in an animation file. I was making changes in the design editor, then opening a new animation with the updated preview. I was testing groups that were way at the bottom of the list. I had keep scrolling up and down to find the placement of the selected box. I just thought it would be nice to have the timing mark available in an animation file also. I suppose the work around is to open a musical file and have the timing mark available. Alan...
  9. Warning, long read ahead. Pics and videos throughout. This is a new prop for me this year. I call it the Diamond prop. Lights, Controllers, Network, and Materials. I used a Pixie16 with 50 Led Strings. I chose bullet pixels because originally I was going to build it much smaller, thus the bullet pixels would fit closer together than the square pixels. As I started to design it and working out the math and geometry and thinking about what size I wanted this prop to be. I ended scaling it up to the present size. The size of this prop will will fit into my current layout much nicer. Size. This prop is not a square turned on it's side to create a diamond. In order to use all 800 pixels of the Pixie 16, I had to modify the geometry some. The bottom two lines are 13 pixels long, whereas the upper two lines are 12 pixels long. 13+13+12+12 = 50 pixels. Keeping in mind that each corner of the diamond has it's own starting pixels, the pixel size of this prop is 14 pixels for the bottom lines and 13 pixels on the top lines. This still comes out to 50 pixels per diamond, it's just the shape has been modified to allow for the starting pixels. The over all size (pixel to pixel) is 98 1/2” wide x 108” tall. When I cut this out, I added a 3 inch border so the pixels would not be right on the edge of the frame. The inner diamond (no pixels) is 27” wide x 30” tall. Overall it's a big prop. S5 Version and License Info. I am using ver 5.2.2 Pro License and I have a 40 CCR License for Superstar. All the images and effects shown in gifs and videos below were created using these Licenses. Materials. I used two 3 mil sheets of Corex (known at Home Depot as Coro-Plast) 4' x 8'. The frame was built using 4 – 2”x 3” x 96” studs and 1 – 1' x 3” x 96” board and assorted screws and fender washers. The prop is very light, easy for one person to carry. Prop Layout. At work I have access to a 5' x 10' Router table and design software. This prop could have been designed by hand, but was much quicker and a whole lot more accurate using the design software. For instance the very outer row, is spaced so that the length of wire between pixels fits into the mounting holes without stretching the wires. The bullet pixels that came with the Pixie16 are 12mm in diameter, I setup the software to cut a wee bit smaller than a 12mm hole. A 12 mm step up bit should work fine. The holes cannot be larger than 12mm or the pixels will not hold tight. Since this prop was designed with software I am able to create a .eps file of the full size hole layout. If interested let me know, I can post this file. You should be able to take it to any Print Shop that has a large printer and get it printed out to use as a template for hole placement and drilling. FYI, Sign shops have large printers. LOR S5 Prop Design. I like to build my props in LOR first before I spend the money on a controller and lights. This assures me that it will create the effects I am looking for and that I get the most bang for my buck. When I built my Blade Spinner, I was able to use the Group Arrangement called "Nested" in a very limited way. I knew the next prop I built would take more advantage of the Nested Groups. Nested Groups work well when the props has staring points that radiate outward from the center, hence the “nested” terminology. This Diamond prop is constructed using 64 “Lines Unconnected”, therefore every line has it's own starting pixel for a total of 64 starting pixels. The diamonds are constructed from the center outward, meaning diamond 1 is the center, and diamond 16 is the outer diamond. Each diamond has 4 starting pixels located at each tip (corner) of the diamond. This layout of starting pixels is important to be able to use the Nested Groups design successfully. Groups, Groups, and more Groups. Groups within S5 are very useful for getting the most out of your prop. In the example below the effect I am using is the Wave effect, as you can see that same effect using the same settings displays differently on the prop when applied to different Nested Groups. Instead of having just the one Wave effect, I have 3 other effects that can be used in sequencing all because of the use of (Nested) Groups. Actually I have many more effects when I tweak the setting in the wave effect. Currently this prop has 28 groups. Some groups were made just to group certain pixels so that they could be used in another group. I am still in the process of creating new groups as this prop is very versatile. As of now I am using 6 major groups to create effects with. When I get more time I will create more examples of other effect using the Nested groups that will show the results of clever grouping. Summary. This is a big prop, and because of the Nested groupings I can create many more effect for than what is offered in the Preview Group. It was an easy build, it took me a weekend to paint, frame and assemble. I built this prop many times in LOR S5 using different groups and had test sequences ready and running when installing the lights. If you are thinking of building new props I encourage to think of the design aspects and what can be possible using creative grouping. Build it in LOR S5 first, apply as many groups as you can so you understand what effects will be available. Right now the prop is in my basement and I cannot turn it to video it because it is to tall for the roof, which is ok because it is cold and rainy outside, inside it is warm and the beer is cold. In the next few days I will move it to the garage where I will take more video of it. This will give you a feel for the size of this prop. Alan...
  10. k6ccc

    White LED Flood Issue

    I take it these are 120VAC powered floods that are being controlled by a LOR AC controller. About the only control you have in LOR is to make sure that the channel is ON or OFF rather than dimming. If the lights are not consistent in how they power up, there i not much you can do about it - as you can't control it the power up delay. If I am assuming wrong, please elaborate.
  11. Matt, Here is a suggestion. Currently when playback files are created, you have no control of the filenames. I would suggest that although the current filenames be the default, give us the option of selecting a different filename. Here's the background on the request. For 2017 (and several prior years) under S4, I sequenced EVERYTHING in SuperStar, and played EVERYTHING as intensity files. Although the .sup files would have the revision date and letter for that revision (for example: Jingle Bells 2017-11-15a.sup), the .lms file that actually played was always Jingle Bells.lms (and corresponding .lcs and .lid files). No matter how many revs I made during show season, the sequence that was in the show was always the same name. In SuperStar it was easy to export to an existing file and use a whatever name I wanted. With S5, we don't have a choice. For example, if the .loredit file is Christmas Canon 2018-11-21a.loredit, they the playback files will be Christmas Canon 2018-11-21a.play.lms (and corresponding .lcs and .lid files). That means that every time I make a change to a sequence during the season, I end up with different play file names and have to edit the Show in Show Editor (or change the filename in MIIP since I'm using that). If we had a choice, I could always create playback files with the same name for each song. Make sense?
  12. DocBrown86

    White LED Flood Issue

    I just added 4, white LED 50W Floods to my display. They used to be 120W Incandescent bulbs. I noticed that the lights all react together, but never the same each time the sequence runs. They don't come on early enough one time (like half a second late), then the next time they are perfect, or half a second early. They also take half-ish seconds of power before they'll even consider turning on. Is there something is SE or HU I can do to fix this? Dimming curve, or other setting? I've never had this issue yet, so not sure where to start, but I love these lights so I want them to work...
  13. MattBrown

    Hung Show

    Sorry, I didn't meant to suggest that. It is safer with it enabled. Matt
  14. Larry Leonhardt

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

    Could I get a copy, Thanks in advance. LLeonha104@aol.com
  15. bryan.hurley5

    Start up button

    Listentoourlights has an amazing YouTube tutorial that will walk you through setting everything up. I followed his steps to the T and it worked out perfect. The buttons can be bought on Amazon. Either 5vdc or 12vdc will work. Here is the video.
  16. jtomason

    Just lost everything... (almost)

    JungleDisk Workgroup. It will run you $8/mo for two "employees" (even if you have none) and 10G of storage, with extra gigabytes charged at 15 cents each. It might be overkill for strictly LOR, but as I said, I keep my documents on it as well and spend about $12/mo with them. You could also try PCloud for $3.99/mo for 500GB: https://www.pcloud.com/cloud-storage-pricing-plans.html
  17. dibblejr

    Network Configuration

    If you connect that pixie directly to your computer, kiss it goodbye.
  18. Larry Leonhardt

    Continue The Story In 4 Words...

    He's wild and free.
  19. dibblejr

    Just lost everything... (almost)

    Thank you I left them a message, do you know what program you use? They have many listed and I cant sort them all out. Just want to ensure they don't sell me something I don't need- like the cloud. Just like the movie - I still don't understand the clouds and I pay for and have pics on Apple but even after watching their videos cant figure it out. JR
  20. Did you assign the Alpha Pix controller IP address and universe numbers in L O R network preferences .
  21. OK so I did all my sequencing for my 32 regular channels on a new song for this year, then I saved it and opened it in PE to do my RGB sequencing. I saved the file in PE, then saved the intensity file. As I was watching the preview in PE (i have all SE props in my PE preview as well) i noticed a couple things i needed to fix in SE. When I reopen the file in SE, I dont see my PE props below my other 32 props. Its late and i've tried this at least 3 times but can't figure it out. Wen I open all of my other songs from previous years, the PE props appear right at the bottom of the list. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  22. ndutton

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

    Cool, Can I get this to have the megatree join my existing sequence on this?
  23. jtomason

    Just lost everything... (almost)

    That is correct. I sync my c:\users\joe\Light-O-Rama folder on the programming (main) PC up to a JungleDisk online disk called "LOR". That online disk is synchronized to the same named folder (c:\users\joe\Light-O-Rama) on the show PC. When I change a sequence on the programming PC (or create a new one), the file syncs up to JungleDisk and down to the Show PC automagically, no intervention required. I'm a big fan of JungleDisk, and use them for documents (accessible on multiple PCs including my laptop) and other files I both edit regularly or might need while not at my PC.
  24. jtomason

    Are the Controllers all Waterproof

    Almost all of mine are laying on their backs on my covered porch, and even after heavy rain show no signs of moisture incursion. The one on the lawn (for the mega tree) I do indeed have in a bin just to make life easier on me, not because it's really necessary. I am and would be more worried about plugs that are on the ground where water might pile up.
  25. Could I get a copy looks great? Thanks, jetmech4aa@gmail.com
  26. Was wondering if anyone had "That Spirit of Christmas" by Ray Charles 64 Channel they would like to share ? Thanks Send to SKYSKIOC@Gmail.com
  27. dibblejr

    Just lost everything... (almost)

    This is similar to what I was told was built in to windows 10 but I don't think it is. I haven't found it. If I understand this correctly I would not have to copy my sequences from my sequencing computer and take to my show computer. Is that correct. That could save me a ton of time. Thanks for the info. JR
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