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  2. would love a copy thanks kbbjrs@yahoo.com
  3. Would love a copy thank kbbjrs@yahoo.com
  4. Would love a copy of this for the daycare kids Thanks kbbjrs@yahoo.com
  5. Would love a copy thanks kbbjrs@yahoo.com
  6. james morris

    Idina Menzel - Defying Gravity

    Sent no faces
  7. james morris

    Monster Mash Faces & Pixel

  8. james morris

    Time warp singing faces

  9. james morris

    The Greatest Show Lms Faces

  10. Actually start and end channels are very simple. For each prop, the start circuit is the first channel of that prop and the End circuit is the calculated ending channel based on the type of lights and the number of lights. Below is a screen capture of the prop definition for one of my arches. This arch uses RGB lights, and there are 50 lights in the arch. Therefore, there are 150 channels in the arch - 50 pixels x 3 channels per pixel. I have defined the first channel for this arch as Network AuxB, Unit 21, channel 1. Because there are 150 channels in the arch, the calculated last channel is 150. BTW, the next arch is Network Aux B, Unit ID 22, channels 1 - 150. In the case of your Pixie 16, it's real easy. Remember that you define the first Unit ID for a Pixie 16, and that will be the first output. Each successive output will use the next Unit ID (remember that it counts in Hex). Since you have 100 pixels, that means that there will be 300 channels for each output. Therefore, the first channel for each output will be channel 1 and the calculated last channel will be 300. The next string will be one higher Unit ID and be channels 1 to 300.
  11. You should be able to do the following: 1) Create a sequence in the S5 Sequencer 2) Select the entire motion effect row that belongs to the SuperStar prop you have a sequence for 3) Right click on the row and select "Insert SuperStar Effect" 4) After SuperStar launches, click on the File menu and select Open, and open the sequence 5) Shut down superstar, and you should see a message box that asks "save changes" 6) When you are passed back to the S5 Sequencer you should be able to play the sequence and see the sequencing on the screen In the case where it is failing, is SuperStar never asking if you want to "save changes"?
  12. billy1776

    Idina Menzel - Defying Gravity

    Are you doing singing faces?
  13. I have been converting sequences from S4 to S5 and did one song already successfully. I was able to insert my 16 channel SUP mega tree file just fine and it plays perfectly in the S5 preview . Now on to the next song and I can't get my mega tree sequence from SS into the S5 sequence like this video shows. I get the box that says: No data received from Super Star. I know I am doing something small wrong but can't seem to figure it out. any ideas? It plays fine in SS and seems ready to go.
  14. plasmadrive

    FS: 2 each CTB16PC Gen3

    Hi Dick! I am well and retired now a days.. how are you doing? They have jumpers for 240v. The power plug is not European style, but the controller would work it seems.
  15. ShayneT

    Grim Grinning Ghost Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Being a avid Disney fan, my show would incomplete without this... May I? shaynet@tampabay.rr.com
  16. I am having trouble understanding how to use the start/end circuit properties in the preview display. I have no clue what to do, and I've read everywhere and no luck really. I know for normal lights its pretty straight forward, but these pixels are killing me. My preview is full of channel conflicts from the start/end circuits, and I have no clue on how to fix it (except re-assigning a network, which is just a short temp. fix). Could somebody please give me an explanation on how to use start/end circuits w/ pixels? Pixie 16 100 LED's per strip S5
  17. James, Would love a copy! You rock! david.a.torgeson@gmail.com
  18. notredameforlife

    The Greatest Show Lms Faces

    camaro01octane@gmail.com please, I can trade some songs I got with you
  19. SantaLudy

    Test Mode PixCon 16 Failure

    I was able to get the Pattern Testing to Start on the controller. The lights came on. The ISSUE is that when I set the type of light, the lights will not work on the Test Mode or actually running Pixel Editor. My other board next to is has the same bulb type and will work in Test Pattern and Test Mode along with Pixel Editor. I have continued to reset the board back to Factory Settings and that does not effect the outcome of the results. I can change the type of lights on the Network Configuration, and will work with the Test Mode, but not in Pixel Editor. The problem may be because of lights don't match what type they actually are. It is like the firmware is not setting the correct light type in the board, when requesting it. Anyone have a solution?
  20. Yesterday
  21. jamills706

    Upgrading .lms file in S5 taking forever....

    I am a Mac person - but my LOR has it's own PC running Windows 10.
  22. I defer to you Matt!
  23. MattBrown

    Upgrading .lms file in S5 taking forever....

    Thanks Jim. I've already got the file and am taking a look. Matt
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