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  2. The other option is to go into Windows Computer Management > Disk Management > Select the disk, then right click and select "Change Drive letter and path". From there, you can change the drive letter back to what it had been before.
  3. SO, i think the reason it would not open is because it could not find any files, i recently changed the port that my external hard drive was on and because of it, nothing could find files, now that i changed the directory it now opens just fine
  4. Is there a way to get the colors to be more random instead of patterned like this? it always go white, purple, green, red then orange.
  5. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. fixed it.
  6. If this is the drive where your entire LOR data folders are located, you can run Lorpost.exe and point it to the new drive letter. Lorpost is in the c:\programs x86\ lor folder This assumes you are using S4, as your profile states.
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  8. I accidentally posted this in SS, but i need to change my file directory. I had to move my external hard drive to a different port on my computer now SE and SS can not find it. I need to go from file F to file H
  9. i had to change the directory of my external hard drive now SS cand find the cipboard, how do i change the directory to the new location so it can find them. I got my answer.
  10. Hello all. I am putting the finishing touches on this years sequences but would love to have Christmas to me, Little Drummer Boy , or Mary Did you know by Pentatonix . I have a 48 channel system with one of those 16 being all spiral tree. Does anyone have anything they wouldn't mind sharing? hunterkelly73@aol.com Thanks, Kenny
  11. Jr, May I get a copy of this as well? Thanks Ed edyer01@yahoo.com
  12. Do you still have a copy? If so Thank you. hunterkelly73@aol.com
  13. JR, My I please have a copy? Thank You, Ed edyer01@yahoo.com
  14. martsycart, I have been looking for this song would you be willing to share? It would be much appreciated. Thank you, Please send to edyer01@yahoo.com
  15. May I please have a copy salongaopm@Yahoo.com Thanks!
  16. Thanks for that tutorial. I just moved up to 5.3.6, so I'm still working everything out, but I'm currently doing all the editing on my show machine. I will be setting up S5 on my inside machine, so it's nice to know about this for the future.
  17. Can I get a copy of this please? Thanks! videogamepro87@yahoo.com
  18. Obviously you are watching a video produced while using S4. The procedure is radically different in S5 (and your profile shows you are using S5). I don't have time right now to type up a step by step, but really short version is that you need a prop group in the profile being used that has all the props that you want to Instant Sequence. Use Insert SuperStar Effects on a Motion Effect row for that group, and you can Instant Sequence your entire house (or whatever portion that you desire).
  19. Thank you both, but I am trying to Instant sequence all of it, not just insert an effect on a row.. All of the regular light strings and the RGB arches.In the video I was watching, he opens Superstar, then opens a visualization file and it shows his entire house. He then proceeds to do an Instant sequence on the entire display. This is what I can't seem to do.
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