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  2. GDesch

    PPL'S choice of channels in an Arch ?

    I have actually found that now it is cheaper to invest in pixels than regular lights. The controllers go for about the same price, and the pixel bulbs seem to last longer and require less work every year to get set up right. It pays off for me somewhat in the amount of work I have to put in every year as well, some people think set up time doesn't cost anything, to me it costs time that I could spend on programming songs or doing other things with friends and family. So I think that if you plan on doing a show for the next 4-5 years, it winds up being cheaper in terms of upkeep and labor to do pixels, it just requires more capital up front. But that's just like... my opinion, man
  3. mrduncan

    RGB Sequence Programming

    One more question. I like to show ramps for all my fades. Ramps are showing up on the LOR channels but fades are showing up on the DMX RGB channels. How do I change this to show ramps for fades on the DMX RGB channels?
  4. MattBrown

    Dimming Curves question...

    "Pixel 60%" is running at 60% of full brightness -- correct. if I find I need to dim below 50% can I create another dimming curve that is custom at a lesser percent? -- correct, some users may have already done this but I haven't seen any files posted in the forums. I will try to create 30% and 40% files today. If you change the dimming curve setting in a prop definition, as with any change to the preview, you will need to re-save the playback files for every sequence that uses the preview. A little more information on the dimming curves: Matt
  5. TheDucks

    Regular string mega tree

    Just looked at you behind the scenes. Impressive.👍 How many physical multi-light-string strands? 4 AC controllers? (I run a 9 strand, 1/2 circle, 2 color per strand (some doubled up on the same circuit) on a single controller. The weight is getting up there. OT Wouldn't RGB be simpler (and way less cords)? 2 CMB24's can run 100 @ 12V strings per port with ease (~25A per bank: white)
  6. Hello, I’m having an issue with a background animation sequence that operates my “Tune to” sign. When the sequence is installed in my show, all my RGB lights on the E1.31 network flicker uncontrollably and do not work properly. If I remove the background sequence from the show, everything works fine. I am running S5 with the latest update for software. The channel the sign is plugged into is not in conflict with other channels and is running through an existing LOR controller that operates other channels fine in my show. Thank you for any help.
  7. cdlouke

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

    James, can I get a copy please Thanks Charley cdlouke@att.net
  8. These are the sequences that are used for my Off Hours time, during the day from 7am-7:15pm, I run these sequences, they are on an unused channel (Controller #07, Channel 16 / a CTB16PC controller}, the sequence contains NO LIGHTING commands, the channel is left completely off for this. I also use these for my 2018 Halloween Lighting, since I didn't have time to do both Halloween and Christmas this year sequenced to the new RGB lights I got. Anyway, these sequences are a single channel, completely off, and can be used for animation files as background music that just plays while the animation sequence{s} operate or for off hours daytime music. So I use these currently from 7am until 7:15pm Sunday-Saturday{7 days a week}, then my animation sequences start at 7:30pm-11pm Sunday-Thursday, 7:30pm-12:00AM {Midnight} Friday and Saturday currently. NOTE 1: There is no music with these sequences, you will have to locate/purchase the media file and add it to the sequence, also since some may be custom edits I created, you may have to extend the sequence time using the SE Skew option to do so to match the song. I get my music from CD's I purchase at local retail outlets, from CD Baby, Itunes, and other music websites. With all that, here's where you can download the 1 channel sequences for off hours play S4 Version 4_3_36 1 Channel Halloween Off Hours Sequences NOTE 2: these are also broken down into file types, .LCS, .LMS, and .LSV. There is also a folder with all files zipped as a single download option, the ZIP file contains all 3 file type associations. NOTE 3: The channel should always be off, no lighting commands, so an unused channel is ideal for this. However, you can use an active channel that's in a "musical" show during your off hours, but NOT during a show. These sequences are mainly for use in either Off Hours music applications or during a NON-Musical show applications using only LOR Animation {.LAS} files and the music plays in the background, but if used during a show the channel MUST BE UNUSED and COMPLETELY OFF!
  9. laredolights

    CCR Tree Down

    Hey guys, i don't really post must apart from in the sharing sequences (Thanks by the way guys) but i thought id share my morning. We finally built the CCR tree, had a couple of test days with it and went live show on Sunday. we had heavy winds this morning and about 6:30am i heard lots of noises, i got up had a quick peek out of the window and my ccr tree was tipping over. we went out side and quickly took it down to stop any further damage. the tree was made out of the toprail for fences with a 68lb umbrella stand (also with extra weight) with 4 guidewires while we were trying to stop it hitting the ground and damaging the led strips it bend the pole. now it's back to the drawing board. what do you guys keep your tree up with?
  10. dibblejr

    S4 Show Editor major problems

    The Help Desk is now stating that I should try using S5 only to export all of my S4 Sequences as intensity files. Still awaiting their reply as to they will be recognized in my Show computer running S4. I know you guys are running S4 so don't know if you have any thoughts about that or not. Yes, Simple Show Builder worked last night but not this morning. All of mine had to be reset to "never" after the windows update. I had that happen when it was new, whenever it went into sleep mode or the screen shut down the show would freeze or stop. It happened this last Saturday after the update so I went and turned it all off to never. The screen is always on and I never close it. I am assuming that the reboot was also done after the update finished. It took all night for the update. JR
  11. Today
  12. mpageler

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    The GE Color Effect are just one opiton if going with smart c9 pixels. HolidayCoro sell their version as "Brillantbulbs" and DIYledexpress sell their own version but don't remember what they call them. $40 or so for strings of 50. HollidayCoro also carries some nice c9 mounting strips versus using individual clips. Both of these are U.S. dealers and both have winter "pre-sales". As far as pixel controllers, the LOR line ofPixie controlelrs is basically a plug and play options. They have 4,8 and 16 ouput version where each outlet can handle 100 bulbs, I believe. The other option is going the E1.31 route with ethernet cableing which has it's own learning curve but provides much more output cabability. Night do a thread title search by "c9" and do some reading. Sure there will be thread on smart c9's.
  13. mrduncan

    RGB Sequence Programming

    Ok, now that works but I'm not sure if I like this process of changing color as it requires severals steps just to change color. This will definitely slow down the color change process unless there is another way to change color with just mouse click. In some ways I see why LOR changed this process to minimize the screen clutter when editing RGB channels.
  14. mrduncan

    RGB Sequence Programming

    I'm not sure how to interpret your reference to previews and the new way LOR works with RGB channels.
  15. would love to add the faces to my sequence. Being Italian this is a staple for me. Was my first song I ever did. mdisabat@gmail.com
  16. Dave76

    DMX integrated in LOR

    Right Jim. I'm 99% the interface is multicast. That is how I have it set up and it worked "flaky" like that last year. It seemed to work when or not work when it wanted to. I'll keep racking my brain and maybe get it figured out. Thanks for the inputs.
  17. Richard Sonnier

    USB-RS485B or USB485-ISO Adapter

    Would like to buy either one of these if someone has one for sale. Shipped to Texas 77651 area code. Can use paypal. USB-485B aDapter with booster LOR brand USB-485-ISO Isolated Adapter
  18. I see where, in the S5 Preview, to apply a dimming curve. I need to lessen the brightness of my matrix which is made up of square flat pixels. I just got the hardware assembled and turned it on last night --- it is blindingly bright!!! I see various Dimming Curves available but can't seem to locate any description of what each does. I assume I want to use one of the Pixel curves for these...but do the various percentages mean that is the maximum brightness on the model or the percent by which it limits the brightness. In other words...is Pixel 60% running at 60% of full brightness or dimmed by 60% thus running at 40% brightness? I do not have permanent wiring to my display as yet so I can't test it today because it is raining...but would like to get my head around the setting before I play with it when the rain stops. Also, I have other friends using other manufacturers hardware/software who say they run their entire display at 30% brightness --- these dimming curves seem to only go down to 50% (if they really mean those are the actual brightness output) - so if I find I need to dim below 50% can I create another dimming curve that is custom at a lesser percent? Thanks in advance i anyone can clear this up for me.
  19. l have four verticals at the corners of the house, each about 25 feet apart from the other. Thought about but not tried yet to set up a vertical matrix with the four verticals, but being that far apart not sure how any transitions from one vertical to the next will look. I will have to play with it in preview. My other thought was to set the four verticals as a group and try some effects that way. I already set up few groups, one with my dumb rgb only, running along the roof line, one with dumb rgb and the four smart strip verticals and one with smart pixels only which include the verticals along with bushes and shrubs. So many options so little time. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas. Larry
  20. Every year I have ran my display from my desktop. I am wanting to buy a laptop to use exclusively for my display and run LOR only, other than some light internet browsing during the off season. What would everyone recommend? (I will still do my editing on my desktop because its easier with dual screens, then transfer the final files to the laptop) Should I buy something 300-400 that is a better build or just buy something 100-200 that is low end and can run LOR? I was looking at this model: https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-ThinkPad-X140e-Refurbished-Multi-Language/dp/B07CZ3HGTY/ref=sr_1_20?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1539613283&sr=1-20&refinements=p_n_operating_system_browse-bin%3A17702486011%2Cp_n_operating_system_browse-bin%3A12035945011%2Cp_n_feature_fourteen_browse-bin%3A2057441011
  21. k6ccc

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    Cut the three wires off the existing controller. Solder on a few feet of additional wire. Attach to plugs that connect to controller.
  22. k6ccc

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    Those are the clips that come with the GE Color Effects lights. I'm sure the intent is to be able to have the bulb above or below, but I'm using both. I also modified the clips a little too. There was a round part that allows clipping over a gutter. I cut that part off. BTW, I changed the mounting after one year so that the clips attached to a 1 x 2 rather than directly to the house.
  23. Al Saunders

    Regular string mega tree

    Hi All, I was wondering how I can create a mega tree in the visualizer for regular strings not pixels and not RGB. I need to make a 48 channel 360 mega tree with regular strings. I see the tree wizard but from what I can see it only applies to pixel trees. This is going to be a basic, non spiral tree going from the top of the tree to the ground. Is there a wizard somewhere to create this or do I need to draw 48 lines/strings? If I need to draw them, not sure how to make them in a cone shape. I would appreciate any help given. Thanks and have a great day, Al
  24. k6ccc

    DMX integrated in LOR

    As far as multicast vs unicast, the LOR setup must match the settings of the pixel controller. I have no info on the HC board. Personally I always use unicast. Obviously when using unicast, you must correctly specify the destination IP.
  25. billy1776

    Singing Christmas Tree Printout

  26. Platinumcd

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    Very nice! . How hard is it to hook up a pixel controller to it after you cut the old controller off ? Do you have a picture of this by chance ?
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