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  2. I'm running everything from one PC Win7 with the same issues...as my post above... still no joy down grading.Now in retrograde mode... grrrr ...trying to run my Halloween show manually sucks with over 40 sequences.
  3. Upgraded to S5 and added 2 more controllers to my Halloween layout. I go into the sequences that I had from S4 and opened them in 5 but I am lost on how to add any more controllers. Any help would be great
  4. I think I already do, as the LOR controllers run off the USB485 connector to the laptop while the Alphapix connects directly to the laptop via its ethernet connection. Doesn't that mean separate networks? I setup the DMX in LOR Network Setup with the Alphapix ip address. So my understanding was that the LOR software is talking to the Alphapix directly, not through the LOR controllers.
  5. I just have all my lights come on at the rim shot then fade down.
  6. I was quite sure all were but just double checked and a couple had a different bit rate while 2 were variable. I converted and will retry. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys I will jump in on this as well. Same issues as above. Running windows 10....S5 pro 5.3.8.. and having 30 secs to 1 minute of lag time between a few songs but not all. Tried running just those few in a show,less than 1gb but that didn't work either. Have a help ticket open for a week now and still no fix. Was told to try a few things....did them and still same issue. They then turned my ticket over to Matt but still nothing so far. Hope they come up with a fix soon. Good luck.
  8. Dale, I no nothing of the Alphapix4 controllers but most times lag occurs is when there is more info on a network than it can handle. It is possible for you to run the Alphapix4 on another network? ie Aux A? Alan...
  9. It's been our tradition to invite the whole neighborhood out the Saturday Night after Thanksgiving. My wife and I both work retail so we like to wait until after the Black Friday nonsense is over. When the weather is good, we usually can see about 200 or so people in front of the house. I usually set up the Big Speakers outside on the first night in addition to the radio, so everyone can hear it. Being a week later just means the power company gets a little less from my wallet.
  10. dustin, If you search the forums for moving head lights, there should be a few threads talking about them. Here a couple that I remember being part of. Good info. Alan...
  11. I have allway's done Thanksgiving night or Friday night. But since Thanksgiving is a week late this year I am thinking I might light up on the 22nd or 23 rd. What is everyone doing this year for your turn on night? Wayne
  12. Quick question to diagnose this. Are you using variable rate MP3 files? This may cause the symptom you are describing.
  13. I've searched forums and Facebook groups but haven't gotten a good answer yet. Most all of my songs have a lag in the lights as the song goes on. They'll start out ok, but get worse as the song goes along. When I play from the Sequencer there is no lag. When I play from the Show is when the lag occurs. My setup is as follows... 4 LOR 16 channel controllers; three are gen 3, and one us gen 2 1 Alphapix4 controller connected directly to my laptop (i.e. not through the LOR controllers). Has about 1900 pixels connected. Running LOR 5.3.8 Any ideas why the lag when running from Show but not from Sequencer? Thanks in advance for any help. Dale
  14. I would like a copy thanks bucketheadu@gmail.com
  15. I would like a copy thanks bucketheadu@gmail.com
  16. I would like a copy thanks bucketheadu@gmail.com
  17. That's about where I am at. I have found one gotcha. I have a couple of sequences that have a picture motion effect, using a gif. They would not open in 5.2.4. Other motion effects were fine. So beware.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Thanks Phil I tried that and still didn't work. I still got errors. I did read another post that you were in that help. I am running Windows 7 on my show computer in the garage. This seems to be a problem for 5.3.6 so I unloaded it and went back to 5.2.4 Problem solved. I just had to convert the new S5 sequences to playback files. I had 12 songs and that took all of 15 minutes. I think being in control of the converting process is more user friendly then waiting 2 hours for the the show on demand to finish. that's just my thought. any ways happy Halloween.
  20. Not giving us much to work with here. What lights, what are you trying to do
  21. Create your show with the loredit files and run it as a show on demand. Then go away from your pc for dinner while it creates the playback files in the lorinternal folder. Once created they should play normally.............should. Feels a bit like groundhog day.........
  22. Well it seems the log really means nothing. I used the Verifier to figure out that the .lms file is not loading. Because there is no .lms file. I went into my file explorer and noticed that all my .lms files from 2018 are still there but all the new one saved for this years show using S5 are no where to be found. I guess when I save the newly created sequence in S5 it saves as an .loredit file. I tried to load the .loredit file into the verifier and it did not see these files in the folder I have them. How do I get the .loredit files converted to .lms files in less then 3 hours?
  23. I would like a copy please thanks again. cruz_joel@hotmail.com
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