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  2. Newbie to CCR and Pixels

    Got that part Seems like one of the only things I got, I sure appreciate everyones help on this... I know there must be something simple I am missing..... I won't give up!
  3. Newbie to CCR and Pixels

    Pixels per is whatever your strings are, 100 folded for 50 each or 50 folded for 25 each. One up and down is the total number.
  4. Newbie to CCR and Pixels

    and what Mr. P said.
  5. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    two 10" pieces going to use the pole pin and slip it over a 36" foundation anchor sunk 24" into the ground and use 3 stainless steel guy wires with 12 channels all with wire from head to ground with lights attached to them. So 3 strong guy wires and 12 other wires. Sorry if I ramble or not making sense I am still way out of it and the stress of not having the parts for the Mega Tree and missing a few strands of lights is not helping how I feel. I think I am going with the black pipe
  6. Newbie to CCR and Pixels

    I am using the S5 Beta version, so my screenshot of the Prop Definition is a little different but the info you need is here. Enter the Network as Aux A, and enter the First Unit as 07, with the "Enter channel on first row, auto number the rest" button clicked, it will fill in the rest for you. Now your prop will be setup up, and time to start testing. Make sure you have Control Panel running, the adapter and controller plugged in, and "Control Lights" on in Sequence Editor. Create a test sequence in Sequence Editor and press play button. Alan... (I am doing a Honey-Do project atm, so I'll check back in when I can)
  7. Newbie to CCR and Pixels

    The HU will show it as ID 7 but it will use 7, 8, 9, 0A, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E as each port is assigned a ID. Now you have to add the pixie to your sequence: Open an existing sequence and right click on the very last channel (bottom) Select Insert Device then Insert Device Below In the box that opens give the channels a name. Select Pixie 2/4/8/16 in the drop down box. Pixie Model is Pixie 8 Pixels per is 100 (you should have the folds already set) Channel mode is Triples Base Unit ID is 7 Network is Aux A Click OK, this adds the channels to your sequence. Then export the Channel Config and Import that channel Config into your other sequences.
  8. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    is it one solid piece? How are you anchoring in the ground?
  9. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    So do you think the electrical rigid pipe is sturdier that black pipe on the standing up with weight on the end?
  10. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    I do, on my pixel mega tree I also strap my RGB strips before putting up and then straighten them out after the fact (I have them numbered on top and bottom).
  11. Light show

    This: http://store.lightorama.com/proseadlo.html Would probably be your best choice. Can do stand alone (not music, just animation.)
  12. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    Whew flu or food poisoning had me on my back for this weekend when I am su[pse to finish the display. I will be a week late. Are you guys putting your star and light on the pole prior to standing it up?
  13. Newbie to CCR and Pixels

    I have changed the Unit ID at the Pixie controller, unplugged it and plugged it bck in and the HU now sees it as Unit #7. I am still lost on the rest.......
  14. Light show

    I want to run about 4 strings of lights with no music and no PC. I need to go as cheap as possible, this is for an elderly friend that has no PC. She just wants a few lights to dance back and forth. I'll do the programming for her then carry the unit to her house and set it up. Now the question, what control box do I need to get. I don't understand computer talk so lay out in plain redneck english. Lol Thanks
  15. Transferring sequences

    An additional note to what Brian said... make sure the sequence and audio file paths are the same on both computers, normally located under c:\users\username\documents\light-o-rama. If the paths are different, you'll have to go through each sequence and, using the "Media File" option under the Edit menu, point the sequence to the current audio file location. -Gary-
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  17. Newbie to CCR and Pixels

    Ok, I will go back out and change the unit ID back to 07. And try again. I will read the thread that you left the link for. In case you have any other GREAT thoughts, I am more than willing to listen and learn !! Thanks
  18. Newbie to CCR and Pixels

    Yes, Unit ID numbers have to be different for every controller, regardless of what network they are on. So in your case your Pixie 8 should be on Network Aux A on the Unit ID should be 7. See this thread below. My Pixie are early versions and don't have the dip switch. I think dibblejr explains what to do here. Alan...
  19. Antennas (transmitting) are designed for the frequency of operation. The length of the driven element and or load coils to make the 'electrical length' correct for the frequency range. Failure to get it right, results in high SWR, poor performance and possible damage to the output driver. The more elements, the more (narrow) directive. A Dipole (1 element) has equal front and back (perpendicular to the elements) pattern. Since you probably don't need signal in or behind the show, a dipole wastes that energy. a 3 element beam (Reflector, Driven, Director) points more to the front. FWIW I expect a cheap 'city' VHF TV antenna with a matching coil (Most TV antennas are 300ohm. you need 75ohm (incl. coax and connector)
  20. Newbie to CCR and Pixels

    HELP! I have received my new Pixiel tree, I have it set up and connected. Now the questions begin ..... I have tried to add the second network , (Aux A) and it has been assigned to comm port #4. I am not sure what to do about the Unit ID of the Pixie 8 controller. It came set up as Unit 01. I am not surre if I leave it as Unit 01 since it will be on a seperate network or do I need to change the unit ID to the next number in the number of LOR controllers I already have. If that is the case, it would then be Unit 07. I am able to see it in the Hardwre Utility when I look under Comm 4 and it shows up as "found one unit - 01 Pixie 8 Ver 1.03". I get a pop up window that asks me if that is the comm port that I will use to run my LOR. I am able to test the lights from the hardware utility. I tried to change the unit ID with the dip switches inside the controller to reflect Unit 07, but that does not change what the hardware utility says that it finds. I have set up a preview of my display and defined my props in the pixel editor. Here is a screenshot of how I set up the pixel tree. If this doesn't look right, Please advise!! I have tried to open a sequence (one that was already completed) in the pixel editor and then I tried to add a random effect just to see if it would light up the tree. I clicked on save intensity data. It did NOT lght up the tree. I tried to open the sequencer editor and run the same sequence na the the bootom 5 pixels lit up in different colors on some of the strings. This kept going well past wher I had tried to add an effect into the sequence so I am pretty sure it was not seeing whatI had added in the pixel editor. Just for clairification, The Pixel tree is the only thing plugged into the comm ports. I really do not know what to do to proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to visit via telephone if someone would like to do that.
  21. Looking for Chrstmas This Year by Toby Mac

    May I please get this one also. chazjr@cox.net
  22. My EDM FM transmitter is in the front of the basement with short wire antenna that came with transmitter. Curbside reception on car radios is ood. But I like to go out to the drive and lister to the display via a personal radio with earbuds. But reception is sporatic as I move around. Have a Porter Cable Jobsite radio in garage and it has same reception issues. To improve reception quality on both of these radios, should I upgrade my antenna. Maybe a rubber antenan in the basement or extending a cable out the basement window to a outdoor antenna. Did some quick seaching for antenna products but don't know what would connect to the small diameter jack on the EDM. so any and all antenna suggestions would be appreciated.
  23. Shorten LED Lights

    120V / bulb count = 2.4V per bulb You could possibly substitute a higher voltage bulb OF THE SAME mA rating (to maintain the same brightness of all bulbs) If you removed more than 3 bulbs, you probably burnt out a bulb (3*2.4=7.2 which is within normal line variation). IMHO Capping extra bulbs is simpler. BTW the fuse mostly protects the wire from overloading the daisy chain outlet. A string is a few hundred mA. the fuse is 3-5A
  24. Let It Snow LMS Faces and Pixel

  25. Power Injection Question

    Mr B- were able to get your Pixie working again. I think that is what is happening to mine right now. The LED indicator is blinking like it is waiting to connect to the network, but the network cannot find it and I think I had some wires touch too.
  26. DropKick Murphys Seasons Upon Us

  27. Let It Snow LMS Faces and Pixel

    If you get a chance James. Thanks again Kennewickdevildog@gmail.com
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