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  2. I was using an existing viz file. I just open the sup up in SS. The sequence I opened in S5 is an existing lms file.
  3. Sounds like the Preview does not match reality. How did you create the S5 Preview? Also, how were you importing the .sup into S5 SuperStar?
  4. Sounds good, just let me know where to send the money
  5. But he would be only using 12 outputs, so it just does not matter... Most humans tend to count better starting at 1 rather than 0.
  6. Sounds good. I should be able to get them in a USPS flat rate padded envelope for $8 shipping. The cords are $7.20, so the total would be $15.20.
  7. I just upgraded my license, now have 5.x.x, when i open my matrix sequence, 24x50, it is all messed up. Characters are upside down, animations seems to be off my many pixels. When i import the SUP file into SS, everything is fine.
  8. 1) Not that I'm aware of. 2) Not that I'm aware of.
  9. I'll take the used 18 ea male and 18ea female. Shipping to Grantsville, MD 21536 what the total cost?
  10. Did I miss it? Did last years signup expire?
  11. Would love to have this sequence, would be a great addition to my Christmas display. Thanks BJ nillaplum@gmail.com
  12. The reason for starting at 0 is 16 ports uses 0-F. if you start at 1, then it is 1-x0 I also considered the LOR sequence ID assignment, just in case I wanted to buy a 'canned" sequence in the future My plan works. I am planning on upgrading a Pixie4 Location to a Pixie8. I will just give it the old ID base (20) and sequence 4 more ID's (24-28) and assign a new ID to the old Pixie (or keep it as a spare)
  13. Yesterday
  14. Thanks for being nice! I have to do some measuring to pin down the distance from the center of the tree to the center ring. It just fits with a set of controllers 90 Degrees apart. I have a picture from the start of setup I'm trying to attach from drop box but it's not working as an attachment. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ceqpc326c8eycad/2018-10-22 17.51.19.jpg?dl=0
  15. May I have a copy? shaynet@tampabay.rr.com
  16. I don't see any real problems with that. You could theoretically get by with only three Pixie16s for the 48 strings plus a Pixie4 for the ball on top. That would end up with 2400 channels which is doable with a 1,000 K speed network. As you are running with an Advanced license, you can't run in Enhanced mode (unless you upgrade to Pro). However if you go with 12 strings on each Pixie16 with each Pixie on it's own network, your channel loading is exactly the same as it is now (1800 channels per network), so obviously, it will work. Since you plan to continue to feed the strings from the middle (as you do now), you should not need to make any channel changes. If you decide to change things (see next paragraph), you should be able to make the channel changes in Visualizer and import that into SuperStar, and by magic the changes will appear. You would need to load the new Visualization file for each existing sequence and then save the file - WITH A NEW FILENAME. As the Ducks said a few hours ago, I would take the opportunity to clean up the Unit ID numbers. Make each Pixie start with a new first digit - For example Use Unit IDs 11, 21, 31, & 41 (or if you want to count starting at zero, use 10, 20, 30, & 40). The software does not care, but it's generally easier for use for us human beings. Note that because each Pixie is on a separate network, you COULD use the same Unit IDs - i.e. Aux A Unit ID 11 and then Aux B Unit ID 11 etc. I DO NOT recommend this and it could make it far more confusing for us human beings. Personally my regular network is allocated Unit IDs 01 - 1F (only one ID is use), my Aux A network is allocated Unit IDs 11 - 1F, and my Aux B network is allocated Unit IDs 21 - 2F. None of those networks are full - although Aux A is close with 14 controllers. If you do move to S5, NOW is the time to start. There is a learning curve. Don't wait until September to start! I started with S5 on the first day of the beta in the middle of 2017. Although my 2017 show was sequenced and ran entirely under S4. I committed to S5 as soon as my 2017 show was completed. My year round landscape lighting moved to S5 in January of 2018 and my 2018 show was a strange hybrid of S4 and S5, but ran entirely under S5. 2019 will be 100% S5 (landscape, minor holidays, Halloween, and Christmas). Well, I could make a jab about "You call that HUGE"? But I won't...
  17. IMO youd be better off starting from fresh and copy paste from old to new. 4 Pixie16's will net you the 48 strands and a pixie4 for the globe if Im reading it correctly. I had 12 networks last year and as I move more to pixels less and less ac controllers but I will always have some. When you get the pixies if you have problems configuring see my sticky post in the general hardware section. I added a video to enable most users to bypass the step by step. JR
  18. Yes they are gen 3. ericm, if you want the controllers PM me so we can figure out a meeting place
  19. If you zoom in (ctrl+) you can see the G3 in the upper Left PCB corner
  20. Im in katy so you wouldn't have to ship we could meet up, do both the cat5 ports work on all them? and its hard to tell are they gen 2s?
  21. I've looked at the 12 mega tree bundles. I would need 4 of them if I'm reading things correctly to get my 48 ribbons. But with our current visualization, there are only 12 ribbons on an Aux network. That isn't that big of a concern with the old CCR's as I have 6 CCR controllers in a separate enclosure with one power supply and I daisy chain two enclosures together for the 12 ribbons per network. I have 8 enclosures fixed to the middle of the tree for the 48 ribbons. If I'm able to assign the unit ID to match the old CCR ID in the pixie controller that would help and then I would assign the 4 Aux networks we currently use to the 4 new pixie controllers and everything else should be transparent to the software. We haven't taken the plunge to version 5 yet but we are considering it. Our channel config is HUGE! with 50- 16 channel controllers, 11-4 channel controllers, 2 pixel controllers, 50-CCR Controllers, 91 LED Floods, and 2 servo Dogs.
  22. I have searched and searched and can not find the songs I'm looking for. Does anyone have the singing faces for any of these: Beauty and the Beast Circle of Life Country Roads - John Denver Under the Sea Whole new world -Peabo Bryson Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks And a Million thanks to James and JR for the help they have already provided me!! Mike Anderson372008@gmail.com
  23. May I have a copy please? Mike Anderson372008@gmail.com
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