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  2. License Key

    Thanks for bringing up the starter package Mr. P. I forgot about that option, which could be what the OP was referring to.
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  4. License Key

    Are you talking about this package: http://store.lightorama.com/tsoshcestpa.html If so then you should have a Standard license. The key should have been mailed to you when you purchased. Or, are you talking this package: http://sequences.lightorama.com/Signature-Series-TSO-Package_c_135.html
  5. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    How it sounds
  6. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    when doves cry
  7. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    makes me cry
  8. License Key

    Nope, that's just for the sequences. You need to purchase the software separately. As it says on the Pre-Made Sequence page mentioning... "We used the same ShowTime Sequence Suite software that you can purchase." Once purchased, you will get your license key. If you previously purchased the software, you can go here to get it. http://www1.lightorama.com/software-license-retrieval/ And I just noticed, it was your first post here. So welcome to our crazy world.
  9. RGB Arches controller location

    Sorry about that, what you are observing is a bug. The screen does not always "clean up" after itself. Whenever this happens, the workaround is to click on the "View" menu and click on the "screen" line that has a check mark on it. Doing that will force the screen to redraw and the spurious lines will go away.
  10. My 13 CCR Stand for a Matrix

    Hi. Lar they do sell 12 strip ccr matrix. Sequences I just bought one last month to try I'm building a 12 strip matrix for next season Myself Dennis
  11. Sandman Metallica Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    Thanks for this guys! Awesome as always!
  12. Assistance with Design

    No, prob. Never took it as negative, very glad to take anyone's input to get it right.
  13. Network Conflict Error

    I am using S5. But the first question is why are you concerned about AuxA network? Your network description is a single network. To change what comm port is used for each network in S5, you go to Menu > Tools > Preferences > Network Preferences. To see what network and channel is assigned in S5, open the Preview Editor and select the preview you are wanting to change. Then select Item > Channel Summary. Also suggest updating your forum profile to show a more accurate software version.
  14. Network Conflict Error

    i thought about that too. i'm not used to S5 enough yet. it's a huge change for me.
  15. Network Conflict Error

    Oh geeze, you are in S5 I missed that little bit of info. I don't know enough about S5 as I am still in S4 and plan on staying in S4. Sorry.
  16. Network Conflict Error

    in S5 Aux A is assigned to com 5. i tried changing it to com 3 and it wouldn't let me. in S5 i don't see Channel Config, i must be over looking it.
  17. Network Conflict Error

    First, you can go into Network Configuration and click on the LOR tab then click the Advanced box on the right. Then you can check to see if Aux A is assigned comm 5 or if it says None . Second, open SE then go to the top menu Tools and click on Channel Configuration. Check to see if the CCR 2 channels have been assigned to the Regular network or Aux A network.
  18. RGB Arches controller location

    l a bit confused on why I see so many "unattached" vectors. Can't seem to find which morph they are associated with and makes cleaning up and tweaking the sequ3ence tough. I am certain it was something with the new visualization template mapping. Scrolling down doesn't show any morphs below what is seen. Ideas where to look? Your support is phenomenal !
  19. Network Conflict Error

    reading this i am not configured correct. i will check again. and if i need to get a second 485 adapter i will. i guess me next question is where do i change it? if i want to stay with everything on com 3 how do i do that?
  20. License Key

    Hey, over the spring sale I purchased a Tso Signature series starter pack. I thought that it came with a full copy of the Light-o-Rama software, but I never got it. it says that I need a license key but I also don't have that. please let me know if it didn't come with the key or if I need to purchase new software. -Ethan
  21. RGB Arches controller location

    Glad you got it working!
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  23. RGB Arches controller location

    Played with this a bit and found that the Morph vector was not in the grid( actually off the grid and into the morphing area) and did not extend across the associated arches from the original visualization defaulted by SS. Thanks for the support !
  24. My 13 CCR Stand for a Matrix

    Does Wow lights still sell 13 ccr ribbon sequences ?
  25. RGB Arches controller location

    Hmmm, not sure why "Arch_1_line_4_50PixelArches.lee" is not working. It is working for me. I would be happy to remote into your computer and see what is happening.
  26. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    Try this one and look around on Amazon too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/60W-RGBW-Mini-Beam-Spot-Moving-Head-Stage-Light-DMX-Club-Party-DJ-Disco-Lighting/222675281330?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 The major problem I have with these is there is no cheap covering for it. Alibaba (Ray Wu) sells the case for $200 each and it is not worth it unless you buy the expensive lights. However, I have a trick up my sleeve and am building one out of flexible acrylic to see if it will work. Right now, $20 for the case if it goes right. John
  27. RGB Arches controller location

    Thanks Brian. First one works as expected, but the second visualization, only the first 2 arches work. Looked at DMX mapping and looks OK, but don't understand why the first one works and the second does not Now I need to work on understanding the smoothing effects. I used this in a couple of places using the default layout from SS. It was pretty cool, but now when mapped properly, not cool. Guess I need to work on radii and start stop pixels Thanks !
  28. LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    I LOVE his display, but I definitely can't get away with lights that bright shining straight up into the flight paths of low flying aircraft taking off or landing. Which is perfectly fine by me. I don't want my display to get too big or too out there. Living where I live helps keep me in check.
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