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  2. LOR User

    CCR II RIbbon Arches Set-Up

    I am running one ribbon through two arches. I tried various scenarios including different unit numbers. But I still can't get it to sequence properly. I'm perplexed...
  3. Look at the post right above your post ^^^
  4. Mr. P

    CCR II RIbbon Arches Set-Up

    Not neccessarily, it sounds like they are running one ribbon through two arches. That would put the first 25 pixels, channels 1-75 of that ribbon on the first arch. The ribbon then continues with pixels 26-50, channels 76-150 through the second arch. But if they did cut the ribbon and connected it seperately then yes the seond ID comes into play and they start over with 25 pixels channels 1-75.
  5. tlogan

    CCR II RIbbon Arches Set-Up

    I'm pretty new at this myself but... it sounds like you have one ribbon plugged into each port. If so, because your sequence has all circuits pointed to the same unit ID only the first port will light up. You need to remember that when you configure the Pixie II, it automatically creates the second port. So you need to move circuits 76-150 to an new unit number (should be one more than the current Unit number you are using for circuits 1-75) and make them circuits 1-75 as well. Since you cut the ribbons, you now have two ribbons with 75 circuits (25 Pixels) each and numbered from 1-75. You also have TWO unit IDs on the Pixie II controller. Each unit ID controls 1 of the pigtails to connect to the light ribbon. SO, set up your sequences as a Group (Arch 1 or whatever) unit ID 1 (or whatever unit you set it up to) with circuits 1-75. You already have that done. Then set up a second group (Arch 2 or whatever) Unit ID +1 (1 greater than the other unit ID) with circuits 1-75. You should be able to copy and paste your existing circuits 75-150 to the new UNIT ID+1 circuits 1-75.
  6. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    can you do it on your power supply
  7. Could I get a copy? Thanks, jetmech4aa@gmail.com
  8. Miguel Carrasco

    G3-MP3 Scheduling With Hardware Utility Or Simple Show Builder

    Thanks so much for your help! Appreciate it I knew there was a way!
  9. Today
  10. tlogan

    Mega Tree Sequencing

    WOW! Confusing. Not unlike buying wallpaper. ALL measurements are for a single roll, but you can only buy double rolls. Except for the wallpaper I recently bought that had the square foot coverage listed for the double roll. I thought it was for the single roll so only ordered HALF of what I needed. I needed to upgrade to 2 more double rolls!
  11. TheDucks

    Newbie Needs Suggestions

    Just to get you thinking (I am also a Pixel novice) Throw some 15' Arcs to find controller vs max string locations. The main ridge is a bear @ 105', 2 controller locations to keep distance to first PX down (15' is my max to first px. at some longer length, you need null pixels) I happen to use HC bullets on ~4" spacing (~ 15' between #1 and #50). I mount those on Plastic Plumbers tape at 3" centers so I lose length . 2 strings (100 nodes) on a leg, no issues, but I would absolutely power inject between #100, #101-150 . (150 is just about max nodes on a Pixie port also). So 45'' would be a max leg off the controller in my case (EST LOAD 9A. squares are a bit higher ).\ Since LOR does not sell pixie2 separate, so a Pixie 4 is a possibility the main ridge near each end (also does the side leg ). On the end opposite the garage, you might put it down a and to the right and also do the 27' leg as well (1 unused port). The garage end only has 2 ports used, but you might get away with driving that 27' as well. Then another pair on either side of the entry (location to allow short cables. The further back corners look promising. Hope my ramblings get the layout juices flowing. Anyway,
  12. Hi JR, Could I please get a copy of this one ? Thanks, Dale - dgrusty@yahoo.com
  13. tlogan

    issue with controlling RGB stip of lights

    Have you tried switching the non-working ribbon with one that works? I can't quite tell from your description. I recently bought a Pixie II for my first baby step into RGB and had a hard time setting it up. One ribbon simply would not respond. I kept plugging it in to the same port and thought there must be a configuration issue. It would light up solid white and that was it. I finally swapped the two and now it wouldn't work on port 1 either so the ribbon was bad. Got a replacement under warranty (it shipped and arrived VERY quickly!) and now they BOTH work great.
  14. Might I have a copy bradyscs@gmail.com
  15. Would love a copy bradyscs@gmail.com
  16. BrianBruderer


    In my steps it makes you think that you should sequence one prop at a time. But you can make a group containing one or more of your props and then use the motion effect row for that group to "insert superstar effect" and sequence them all together. For large displays you have the issue of the squares in the sequencing grid of SuperStar getting tiny. But you have the same issue in S4 when importing a visualization of a large display. k6cc, is there another issue I am not covering that makes it more difficult to sequence multiple props in S5?

    Network adapter

    Bob, Could you please explain why you add I thought Multicast runs on 239.255.x.x? I'm sure I am missing something.
  18. k6ccc


    Grumble, moan, and complain. That statement is going to cost me dozens of hours of sequencing time... The way I have always sequenced is to have my entire display in one visualization, and create an effect from one prop, then copy and paste (maybe with some modification) to some other prop for that same time. For example, if the pixel tree does some motion, have the arches and roofline do the same (or similar) motion and colors at the same time. Since there is no way to usefully get my entire display into a preview such that it is useful in SuperStar, I will have to change my procedure to sequence one prop at a time and ATTEMPT to get them to line up.
  19. Dave76

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Yes I can do that. I have a meter. At setup I tweak them to just under 12v. 11.8 to 11.9 Not sure how to do this on the lights?
  20. Dwayne 20


    I'll be diving into now! Greatly appreciated!
  21. Orville

    Christmas sequences

    Yes it was, glad you got the e-mail!
  22. JayA

    Christmas sequences

    thank you, it worked assume it was you. A hotmail account that starts with magic
  23. Orville

    Now Sharing my 2018 RGB Christmas Sequences

    Tried sending you an e-mail from your other post, but kept bouncing back as "Undeliverable", tried 3 times. Will try this e-mail as the one I was using from the other message you posted didn't show the d in your e-mail. Message will be a FWD'ed message, since I can just copy this e-mail and try again, hope this one makes it to you!
  24. JayA

    Christmas Vacation

    Could I have a copy of this also please? Jaybird929@comcast.net

    Bulk Replace RGB color

    Anyone know of a way to easily change an RGB color across an entire sequence? I have many channels with a shade of green that has too much blue in it and I want to replace with something else.
  26. BrianBruderer


    In S5 instead of Visualizations, you use Previews. In fact, in S5 the Visualizer does not exist and you cannot create visualizations. In S5 you must create a Preview of your display. There is a video tutorial on this. Go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Tutorials and PDFs" In section "Sequencer (ShowTime Designer Pixels S5)" the first two tutorials cover making a Preview in S5. After you have your preview of your other lights and you want to add a prop that you are going to sequence in SuperStar, do the following: 1) Launch the S5 Sequencer 2) In the upper right, click on "Previews" and select the Preview of your display 4) In the "Preview Design" dialog box, click on the "Add Item" button 5) In the list that appears, keep the highlight on the top item in the list 6) If you are creating an RGB prop, click on the RGB option on the left side of the dialog box. 7) Create your prop and save the Preview 😎 Click on the File menu and select "New" then "musical sequence" 9) The first screen that appears lets you choose the audio file for the sequence 10) The next screen lets you set a preview for your sequence. Select the Preview of your whole display. 11) In the next screen just click on "Exit" 12) In the main screen of the S5 sequencer you should see a line for the super star Prop that you added. You may need to expand the Prop. You want to find the "motion effect" row for the prop, it will be a black row. 13) Right click on the "motion effect" row and choose "Select" then "Row". This will select the entire row. 14) Right click on the selection you just made and choose "insert superstar effect" 15) SuperStar will launch. Do your sequencing. Or if you have a purchased sequence for that prop you can click on the File menu and open that sequence. 16) Shut down superstar and the sequence information will automatically get transferred to the S5 sequencer and you can play the sequence to the screen and play it to your actual lights. It is a lot of steps, but once you get onto it, it is easier than S4 because everything gets automatically integrated and combined in the S5 Sequencer.
  27. Orville

    Christmas sequences

    Tried to send you an e-mail, but Microsoft keeps bouncing the message back as undeliverable. So don't know how I can get the e-mail to you. Tried 3 times and 3 times it's come back Undeliverable.
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