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  2. When you set the anchors in the driveway, drill deep enough that the top of the anchor is about a quarter inch below the driveway surface. Then countersink the hole. After setting the anchor, insert a flathead bolt into the hole when not being used so that you don't get the anchor full of dirt. When you need to use the anchor, unscrew the bolt and the anchor is ready to use. Obviously you would have to determine how big of a countersink bit to use and how large to make it and how deep to set the anchor, but if you do your planning, it should work fine.
  3. If that's what they are you can use any AC Controller {CTB16PC type} to control them. You just have to set up the channels to match what the configuration of the tree is. Example would be: Channel 1 Tree Outline, and depending on how the eyes are {lor's only open/close}, but DIY trees usually have more movement, so you could have a channel for eyes left, a channel for eyes right, a channel for eyes straight ahead, a channel for eyes full open/closed, a channel for each mouth movement, etc. So depending on the tree configuration that could be anywhere from 8 channels to how many you'd need to make it have the eye and mouth movements you wanted. It's actually quite simple using the AC Controllers. Smart RGB gets just a bit more complex. You should have gotten some form of documentation for the trees you bought from HolidayCoro that would note all the channels required and for what each would represent for any animation for the trees. When I bought there Baby Sidewalk Coro Arches years ago, they came with documentation on how to place the bulbs and channels needed depending on how I set the bulb counts per arch up. I used 3 channels per arch, but it could have been 6 channels per arch. It was all covered in the documentation that was sent with the Coro Arches I used. Of course they no longer offer these any longer. But they worked for me for many years.
  4. Think of it as video editing. I sometimes use two motion rows for the same prop and swap between them to do dissolves between effects for smoother transitions.
  5. I'm glad you both knew better than I! I've only got holidaycoro trees therefore mine are just regular led strings.
  6. Do you happen to have a picture? Thanks
  7. Hey Keith, sorry if that read confusing. My current smaller tree is the one that will be on half lawn, half driveway. By independent, I meant less dependent on the ground for securing. Something that can potentially free stand with adding each leg staked to the ground.
  8. cdnlor

    Motion effects row

    It makes sense now. So you can apply more than one effect at the same time to the same group of pixels however each individual pixel can obviously only be doing one that at a time. I think my initial test didn't lend itself well to seeing the effect. I tried again by having snow effect falling into fire (similar to your picture) and it was obvious. Thanks for the great example and pic.
  9. k6ccc

    Motion effects row

    You actually can have multiple motion effects on a prop at the same time - hence multiple rows (one of several reasons). For example, lets say you have a square matrix prop. You want the outer edge to do something - lets say a marquee. You also want the center to do something totally unrelated. For example, the photo is my P10 matrix. There are four separate effects going on at the same time. On the outer edge is a marquee. At the bottom is fire. Coming down from the top are meteors, and just for good measure, there are fireworks. The effects rows are in that order (top to bottom). Highly unlikely that you would want those four effects going on a matrix at the same time - but you could. And yea, it looked better live than the quickie still photo. And obviously a given pixel can only light one way, so if there are multiple effects trying to light the same pixel, somebody has to win. Based on the really quick test, I will go along with your statement - the fire blocked out the marquee, but the meteors take out the fire, the the fireworks took out everything - but all on a pixel by pixel basis. You can see meteors behind the fireworks - showing through where the fireworks blast is open. Another reason is that you can define limited parts of a prop in a custom motion effects row. For example you could have a motion effects row that only effects every other row of a matrix. BTW, I learned that one only a couple nights ago - Thanks Matt! You could also have an Motion Effect (or more) on a prop and also a SuperStar Effect on the same prop at the same time.
  10. I have used S4 for years and just loaded S5 this week and am trying to get my head around some of the features. For a prop you can have multiple motion effects rows. What would be the purpose of this? Would you only do this if you were assigning the rows to relate to different sections of a particular prop? For example you have a matrix prop and you assign one motion row to the border and another row to the more inner pixels where you are running text. Is there a reason you would have multiple motion effects rows relating to the same pixels? Based on some quick testing, if you have two motion effects rows relating to the same part (or the entirety) of a prop and assign different effects to the two rows, it appeared that the effect of the bottom row took priority and only its effects were shown. Is that by design or is that just the way it happen to work in my quick test?
  11. gsmith looks really good get wait to get a copy thanks Dennis
  12. So this is a RGB / Pixel type tree right. I thought the OP was working on a conventional string tree. My Mega tree is 135 strands of red white blue LED strands, 46 channels, I tie wrapped 3 strings to a 1/8 inch diameter steel cable times 45 strings. I use 2 boat winch cranks to pull the 135 strings up the 24 foot. RGB would be easier to put up sounds like, but the sequencing is what keeps me from going the RGB route.
  13. Still working on it. https://youtu.be/BPAL8OFyHjQ
  14. I read with interest all the people putting up mega trees and so concerned about anchoring with concrete or large holes. My Mega is 20' tall with a heavy 4' coroplast star on top of that. Tree is constructed of 3/4" conduit for each of the 16 strands and 2" conduit for the uprights to the 10' level. I do not anchor mine in the ground. I use 6 guy wires, 2 on the left, 2 on the right and 2 from behind (about 120 degrees apart). First "tier" of wires (paracord) go to the end of the 10' conduit. Next tier goes up to the 20' mark. The tree has withstood 4 winter storms in California, some with high winds. Only issue I have had is the rebar posts I secure the guy ropes to loosen in high winds and heavy rains. There are no holes in the ground or even rebar under the main support poles
  15. LOR's Singing Trees are smart RGB and come with a Pixie 2 controller as a complete set. You have to build the support for the trees, but they already come with the RGB bullet pixels installed for you, you just connect up their controller to them and then sequence them using the SE and/or PE in S4 or the S5 Sequencer. Or in SuperStar if you have a license that will cover them. I do know in S5, you're going to have to add them in as a prop in some manner to the S5 sequencer. I'm not familiar with the S5 or even the PE{S4} process in making this work. Just know S5 is done in a completely different way than previous versions to S5, but this could also be different from earlier versions of S5 to the latest one too. Things keep changing in the S5 software on a regular basis it seems.
  16. This reminded me of a completely unrelated story. I was working on my IT degree in 1983 and I also had a part time job as a Cobol programmer. My boss claimed he needed my login and password to the then high tech Texas Instruments 20 user computer with ONE MEG of memory. I had been in the habit of using my girlfriends names as my passwords. At this point in time I was between girlfriends and was without a name, so I used the password 'Looking'. I didnt want to reveal it, but I did. My boss thought it was funny and the story was spoken out loud what my password was!
  17. Dave76 Putting a 20 foot mega tree up with half on a driveway is a real challenge, if I had to do that I would think of putting in a threaded insert into the concrete or asphalt driveway. I use a 10 foot diameter of 1 inch pvc as the base ring for my 24 foot tree and the light strings are attached to the pvc at the bottom. Then I drive 1/2 rebar into the ground to hold the pvc ring to the ground. You could do the same and over the driveway portion attach the pvc ring with a u clamp or metal strap clamp bolted to the driveway into the threaded insert/anchor. Then when season is over just unbolt the ring and the threaded inserts could be driven over until needed next season. You will probably have to hose them out to remove the inevitable dirt and such that gets in. Hope that helps, I wasn't sure what you mean by independent but if needed elaborate and we'll help as needed. Keith
  18. Yesterday
  19. These dot work the same as the non RGB faces. JR
  20. Those are RGB and should have came with controllers. Add to your sequence master config, load it and play. Of course you will need a sequence for the the LOR faces, the standard 8 do not work for these. They are 1 mouth movement short. If you go to the LOR documentation site (Google Light O Rama Documentation). Scroll down to the "Singing Tree's" there is info for each tree. Did you get a manual with the trees? In the Sequence store look for sequences that include the LOR singing trees. THey already include the motion packs. I believe they are having a sale now. The trees will connect to the controllers they come with. If you use the predesignated unit ID's you will be good to go. If you need help adding them to your config let me know when you get them. Please don't adjust them if you need my help. JR
  21. Still VERY new to S5, got the above to work. Question I have now, since I have the model in S5, how do I get it into Superstar? I selected the top 10 rows from the prop, for example, made them a group, clicked on that row, said insert SS effect and SS opened but with a large GRID array and only 1 ring being displayed at the far right upper corner
  22. I don't know about LOR's singing trees but "if" they are just normal LEDs, each tree would normally consume 8 channels on an AC Controller. Simply put, you plug each individual section on the tree into a single channel on the controller. Example, the tree outline, you could assign to channel 1 then eyes to channel 2 and so on. However the sequence store's sequences are setup, that'll help you to assign the channels. You assign the controller ID as you wish. Example again, if they are on your first controller, most likely it'll be ID 01, 2nd controller, ID 02 and so on. View the tutorials from LOR as they will go a long ways to getting you started.
  23. Well, it's April and I am staying in and working around the house , we are on lock down here in Fort lauderdale as is everyone else. Nuttin to do ,well not really , plenty, but time for projects. Got one almost done ,little more work to do on the Believe sign the enclosure for when its down Made it from coro and painted it , an old BBQ motor from garage along with stuff from my many junk boxes. Will go with the song Believe ,polar express and couple others . Le tme know what yall think. Vimeo.com/405149452 David
  24. "I would like a copy sent to colley.christmas@gmail.com" Could I also get the singing christmas tree (singing pumpkins) from JR? "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thanks much!
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