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  2. Awesome, Is there a link to the audio? Just noticed I didnt see the name lol
  3. I called them, as it turns out right after the mad grab sale had ended, and was told that It was supposed to happen in August. That was my last contact with them. I hope it happens as I have been looking forward to it as I just missed the previous sale.
  4. Thanks Matt, very informative webcast. Looking forward to 5.5 and another session.. Have a good night.
  5. when you have existing motion effects that gets archived,, is there any way to get those effects back when you add the prop out of archives? in s5. i asked in the chat of your meeting tonight
  6. Yesterday
  7. Unfortunately due to my recent SSD upgrade gone wrong I will not be able to attend this tonight. Matt will you be creating a new thread with the link to video or will this be something we have to contact you about? I couldn’t ask this queation in your original thread. Figured this would help a lot of us instead of asking in a PM. Thank you JR
  8. You're welcome. Wish I'd had the funds, I would have snapped these up if I could have. But already spent my LOR funds for this year.
  9. The only way this may be interchangeable, but have doubts, is if the G3 version in the PRO Series LOR1602-Wg3-MP3 Director has the same footprint, I know the G4 Director {N4-G3-Director} is larger than previous G3 Director units, but the N2, if it has the same set up, digital display window, but less ports, may or may not be the same size as the N4-G3 unit. But I doubt it will fit the LOR unit you're wanting to put it in, because it's much larger than those particular G3 units.
  10. You are correct J.R. The new N4-G3 Director {labeled G4 on the unit} is larger because it has 4 ports on it, this has increased it's size and it will not retro fit into an earlier N2-G3 {2 port} Director units place. I have an original MP3 Director and the N4-G3 unit is almost double the size of the original and being 4 ports, I just don't see it being able to retro-fit into the previous G3 2-port Directors footprint.
  11. Gonna be another week everyone. My apologies but I am still recovering from the computer mess. I am gaining some headway but with 19000 files to relocate its taking some time. This was a major unforeseen problem. Also the reason why I do not like team viewer for screen sharing. Wish it could go back to the old way of just a telephone and a "guru" talking through it. Would have prevented this from happening. On the plus side it appears all files are there, just not in folders. You all enjoy some time off with the families pre children going back to school. Sorry everyone. JR
  12. Jay go to Vimeo.com/ 382510454 that should work. If not let me know. The six foot snow flakes are done in pure white and also blue, with led rope from Val. David
  13. Thanks - I looked on their site and could not find orange - but then contacted direct like you said and I can order Orange. LED said to be dimmable. So I will update on my order from them. BUT, I could not find a link to your animation/musical sequence to see the performance. Can you help clarify where I see the video? Thanks again!!
  14. Glad to know it's not just me! Thanks!
  15. Glad to know that! I had assumed they updated also. Will go digging to see if there is a manufacture updated driver. Hope it is that simple, if not, it won't kill me😁
  16. Anyone heard rumors about a summer sale yet or has it been cancelled because of this Covid-19 pandemic? Isn't it usually held in August?
  17. Thanks for the info JR, it all very helpful. I only have one tree to start with and was wanting to understand what happens inside the Pixie controller that tell it what lights on the tree to illuminate for each of the 8 channels. The fact that it works is good enough since I have a lot of work to do to get a display ready for Christmas. I programed about 30 seconds of a song for the tree and it does appear to work just fine. Thanks again for he help. Alan
  18. Sent 2 videos, as mentioned most info is S4 but can be applied to S5. JR
  19. You have the Singing Quartet correct? If so they are pre set so I don't understand what you are trying to attempt. Deep in the pixie is where it is set one of the links in the thread should take you to the manual. If you skip all the way down to the singing face section is where all info on those are. The dumb mode is a fairly new release, firmware update to the pixies. Most info before that is what I will call generic every day stuff. JR
  20. Last week
  21. JR, I went ahead and set it up as 8 channels of dumb pixels and did a quick auto sequence in superstar and imported it. I go the tree down, hooked it up and after fussing with channel numbers it seems to work. I Still don't understand it, but I now have a starting point that I can play with. I want to see how the "O" works since it shares lights with the other mouth features. Thank you very much for the help. Alan
  22. I am replying here since this is where we started for continuity. You said you are using two machines and mentioned 4.4, yet your profile states 5.4. Do you by any chance have different versions on each machine, in which case the file types will be different and confusing. We could chat on the phone, but it will probably be Sat pm before I can get to it.
  23. I frequently see a pause similar to what you describe when playing from Sequencer and I have a pretty good machine with an above average graphics card. It never happens in the show after the playback files are created so I don't particularly worry about it. Sequencer is pretty busy when you are playing and rendering in real time.
  24. You started a new topic in the Sequence Sharing section of the forum that looks like it was supposed to be a reply to something else - I assume it was supposed to be a reply to your Free Sequence Downloads thread. I would suggest a copy and paste from here to that thread and then request that this thread be deleted.
  25. Hi JR, Thanks so much for the quick response. Based on what I see when I try to add the tree as a new prop in the preview, that makes sense that the Pixie controller has a dumb mode. I didn't know it had that option and was really confused at what was imported. How does it know what lights are associated with each feature in the prop? I would think I would somehow tell it? I am still looking for the video but will keep looking. Thanks again, Alan
  26. Make sure the video and audio drivers are up to date. Remember that when running a show, most of the video stuff is not needed - hence the reason that it works when playing a show as opposed to running Sequencer. Just my educated guess. I recently was having this computer regularly doing a Blue Screen of Death when running my video editing software. A search of that software forum suggested updating the NVIDIA drivers (which were two years old). Updating the drivers and problem seems to be solved. Note that video drivers generally are NOT updated with Windows updates.
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