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  2. Just tried a video and other than the resolution being pretty crappy - playing to my P5 matrix so it was 64 pixels high by 192 pixels wide - it worked fine. Then added additional effects on top of the video, then modified them, deleted them, added more, etc. Can't make it fail in any way. About the only thing I can confirm is the number of motion effects for a prop, as defined in the Preview does not seem to match what you actually get when creating a new sequence with that preview. But so what. So it takes 5 seconds to add more, one time only - whoopie do...
  3. Bump... @MattBrown it's been so long that I no longer remember the issues. It's pretty bad when bugs are found and the LOR team elects to ignore them.
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  5. I looked during the MadGrab and I couldn't find the PixieLink's, any idea if the release date has been updated? I would like to get one of them on order asap. If I can get one and get it tested it would totally change what I am going to do before the holiday season.
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  7. Thanks. it worked that time. I was trying to import the sequence by using the preview menu in the top right. Sequence imported fine but my rgb floods didn't display right. Maybe something in my channel setup.
  8. I bought my first AC box in 2010, and my third and last in 2011. Still use them for my mini trees and sign lights. Started with dumb RGB in 2012. That lasted one season before going to E1.31 smart pixels in 2013. Most of the DC boards are still in use running 25 LOR 10W floodlights Everything else is pixels.
  9. In Sequencer. File open, choose your S4 LMS file and open. When asked, if you have a Visualizer.lee file, choose use S4 visualizer, and point to it. The sequence should be converted and a preview created from the vis.lee file. The same should work for .LAS files. Do not use the use block animation window option if you have an S4 vis file. I would think it would be better than the old style animation display. It sounds like you may have checked that option. The other option is to let the preview be created from the sequence content which does not need the S4 vis.lee file.
  10. I still like my CTB16PCs and LEDs, I like to have Christmas lights, not be a "jumbo tron" at a sports arena. I do use some RGB, but not as the main attraction. I don't even know how many CTB16PCs I have at the moment, picked up a bunch this year at a good discount, I probably have enough for the next couple of years of additions. I've had people comment that they like I'm still mainly using LEDs. To each their own, if you like your display that is all that matters.
  11. Seems they are getting less and less popular with all the RGB stuff popping up all over the place now. I actually believe that eventually we won't see any more incandescent or basic LED light strands in the near future either. Last year, several of my neighbors had gone from the standard single color LED strands to the newer cell phone or remote controlled RGB Christmas LED strands that the big box stores were selling. Of course they still are nowhere near what you can do with the LOR RGB Controllers, but they are darn close though! At least the ones my neighbors were using could do just about every effect you can do with an LOR RGB Controller, they could shimmer, twinkle, fade up/down and chase, but that's great for a NON-Music Animation only effect, but they still can't do what we can with the RGB Controllers and RGB Pixels, Bullets or Bulbs we use. The neighbors were so close I actually thought they may have went the same route many of us have here, moved to a computer-software controlled system. So the commercial RGB Christmas Light systems have definitely improved a lot from their initial systems. I had to ask them if they were using anything like I was in my display, nope, purchased at a local retail outlet. I was very surprised and shocked at how good they've gotten with their RGB Christmas Light lines. As for the CTB16PC's, LOR may to almost start giving those away for free to off-load them if they ever become so unpopular no one wants them. Like buy 2 of these RGB items and get a free CTB16PC or something to that affect. I think the CTB16PC hey days are just about done and the RGB stuff is going to be what more and more people are going to want and start with now. I never thought I'd go the RGB route either and would be a CTB16PC user forever, until a friend sent me an RGB LOR Controller and RGB Bullet nodes {Thanks JR, you got me hooked into this! LOL} to play around with. And when I saw how easy it really was, not at all as different or difficult as I had initially thought, I ended up buying some used LOR RGB Controllers {CCB100D 5V} types, which added an additional 4 to my display for a total of 5 last year, and this year I added a G4 Director and 2 Singing LOR Christmas Trees {Ralphie and Zuzu} to my display. The Singing Trees did pose a challenge at first, but, once again, thanks to JR and his expertise with this stuff, I got them up and running. Still working on the mouth movements to get them right, but not doing as badly as I thought I would. So now I only look at adding RGB lights to my Display and got rid of my standard LED strands, gave them away to my church. But I still use 2 CTB16PC V2 Controllers in my display for my Blow Molds and a couple of older incandescent items I'm still using in my display. I used to use 5 CTB16PC's, but gave a couple away. One I gave away to another user here with all my Halloween Decor since I don't do Halloween displays any longer. Just wasn't worth the time and effort, just don't get enough children here like I did the first few years I lived here, matter of fact the last 2 years I did a Halloween Display, total number of children I had show up was 0. So due to my age and medical issues, I stopped Halloween and only focus on my Christmas Display. But RGB is definitely the wave of today, and the future I foresee for this crazy hobby of ours.
  12. I hope this isn't a repeat post. with so much time on my hands I just upgraded to S5. Trying to import my S4 sequences and I get this message " The sequence does not contain an animation!" The window acts like it's trying to load but nothing. Took all my lms sequence files and tried saving them as animation files with las extension, only to get the same result. Any ideas, or suggestions?
  13. Exactly, great class, even without my microphone working I still made more progress sequencing the singing trees with JR's class than I thought possible, Thank You my friend. Keith
  14. I am guessing now you know, but I think this confirms LOR is headed to the pixel/rgb way of lightning in a big way, this is the first mad grab sale that I recall the ctb16 residential controllers didn't sell out, usually within minutes. They still had them available at sales end. Keith
  15. When I was doing Halloween displays, believe it or not, I used basic old clear incandescent mini light strands in various sizes, from as short as a 10 bulb strand up to 100 bulb strands, each strand was on it's own channel, if I recall I had about 8 assorted strands and intermixed them randomly, like 35 bulb strand, 10 bulb, 100 bulb, 20 bulb, 50 bulb and used an assortment of varying intensities for each strand and a mixture of "short and long bursts". The effect was actually quite awesome and I didn't need spot lights or strobe lights to get a decent effect, but this was used along my walkway {66' long handicap ramp that curves around on itself}. Since I used these on both sides of my ramp, I utilized one CTB16PC Controller specifically for this purpose, all 16 channels were devoted to the effect. My neighbors thought it was spectacular and thought the effect simulated lightning very well. But this is how I did it in my Halloween display at the time, there are wide variations on how to do this, and this is just one of them. Some use less channels, others may use more. All depends on where and how you want the effect to come across. All a matter of "personal taste", there is no specific way to do it, all depends on your display requirements and where you want the effect{s} to be.
  16. Final sold out times. Sorry this is late due to weekend trip. Times for the last few sold outs were not captured but I think it was in the last moments of the sale. 00:06:07 16-ribbon-tree-pixcon16-controller 00:06:11 black-16-x-100-pixel-string-package-with-pixcon16-controller 00:11:18 green-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-strings-of-100-bullet-pixels 00:11:22 white-16-pixel-string-package-with-pixie16-controller 00:11:25 singing-tree-ralphie 00:11:28 singing-tree-zuzu 00:16:12 white-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-strings-of-100-rgb-bulbs 00:16:16 black-16-pixel-string-package-with-pixie16-controller 00:16:19 singing-tree-felix 00:16:22 singing-tree-elden 00:18:40 black-16-x-100-pixel-string-package-with-pixie16-controller 00:29:37 card-assembled-complete-package 00:29:41 ctb16pc-card-assembled 00:29:44 white-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-strings-of-100-bullet-pixels 00:33:41 high-power-50w-rgb-flood 00:39:06 green-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-strings-of-100-rgb-bulbs 01:12:41 uv-high-power-50w-uv-flood 01:17:20 pixie8-smart-pixel-controller 02:11:14 white-pixel-tree-kit-16-strips-of-25-pixels-factory-assembled 02:11:24 white-pixel-tree-kit-16-strips-of-25-pixels-customer-assembled 02:15:35 whitecosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-ccr-ii-ribbons ? black-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-ccr-ii-ribbons ? 12-ribbon-tree-pixie16-controller ? black-pixel-tree-kit-16-strips-of-25-pixels-factory-assembled ? black-pixel-tree-kit-16-strips-of-25-pixels-customer-assembled ? easy-light-linker-pair ? pixie16-smart-pixel-controller
  17. Very very new here and want to use lightning effect, can any one point me in the right direction on what strobe lights to use or do I even need strobe lights? And flood lights too but I am more concerned about the strobe lights.
  18. I would like a copy sent to shaynet@tampabay.rr.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  19. Hi James, Did this song for my daughter's house a couple years back and this might be a good time to add singing faces. I'd appreciate the share if you don't mind. Thanks jlb721@gmail.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my daughter's show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  20. While trying to populate a custom 10' Singing Tree I found it very difficult to navigate through the prop definition grid without missing a node or more. The all white and grey grids just kill the eyes. Feature request would be to have separate colors to number the different regions/ universes that way it would help while working in an area. A key on the left margin would also help identify the universes and node counts that are populated. Matt that would be great. I'd be embarrassed to say how many hours I spent looking at that yesterday. Thank you JR
  21. Interesting as when I was reading through my Pixie manual is shows DMX universes is limited to 500 {on some of the Pixies}, not the usual 512 universes available with standard DMX protocols. But I don't know much about how DMX works and can only go by what I read in the LOR supplied manuals for the Pixie Controllers about it. P.S. Would still like a link to the actual N4-G3 MP3 {G4} Director unit if one is available. The current manual I got with my G4 Director is not even listed within the manual I received, and I know it has a few more additions and features. Would be nice to have an actual manual for the G4 Director I now own.
  22. I'm new this year to LOR controllers. I would like a copy sent to cmhall2013@gmail.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank You very much
  23. John, I can't think of any E1.31 pixel controller that can't put multiple Universes on a single pixel string. In the case of a standard E1.31 pixel controller, the controller is outputting SPI pixel data, not DMX, so the 512 channel limit of a DMX universe does not apply. Every E1.31 controller I have ever played with could apply multiple DMX universes of E1.31 data to each pixel string. In the PixieLink, since Pixie controllers are LOR protocol only, the PixieLink would be outputting LOR protocol, not DMX protocol, so again, the DMX limit would not apply. In fact, I would presume that the RS485 output would be able to handle dozens of DMX universes that come in encapsulated as DMX over E1.31, and output as LOR protocol over the RS-485 - else you could not very well drive any of the larger capacity Pixie controllers. Either that or I am missing something here...
  24. I'm new this year to LOR controllers. I would like a copy sent to cmhall2013@gmail.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank You very much
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