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  2. Song Of The Caged Bird by Lindsey Stirling

    Great stuff again! JR
  3. 2018 Spring Sale

    You could try going into your email account settings and add the LOR sales email to the know or good list. Sorry I can’t remember what it’s actuallt called. I had to do this with all of my great friends here, for whatever reason 50% was getting through the other 50% was going to junk. Probably what Mike explained above. Ive never had a problem with my LOR emails though. JR
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  5. Trip Wires with inputpup

    I should be able to dig that up.
  6. Going prices for Controllers

    I have 40 but selling 24 at the moment. Keep in touch if your still looking after I get organized we may do business.
  7. RGB Flood Sequences

    might not be exactly what you are looking for - but I sent you a few sequences anyway. Good luck.
  8. RGB Flood Sequences

    Well, I use (3) 50-watt floods to wash the background. Combination stone and red brick. Work great. I have seen many homes using the 8-pack 10-watts like you have and they look great as well. Here's one of mine from a few years ago to give you some ideas.
  9. 2018 Spring Sale

    the 2 sales are typically in april and august so frequent the forum around then and you wont miss it again.
  10. Going prices for Controllers

    the most i pay for mine is the $100, $125 $150 shipped options. I need a couple more for next year too.
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  12. Song Of The Caged Bird by Lindsey Stirling

    Roverdish when u are ready to share it, I would love to get a copy. I'm hoping to see Lindsey Sterling this year, I missed out last year in San Antonio
  13. RGB Flood Sequences

    Oops, sorry. 8 floods @ 10W from LOR. House is a tan stucco, so I'm more curious how well it's going to work on it
  14. Trip Wires with inputpup

    Thanks Dennis. I’ll check it out.
  15. Trip Wires with inputpup

    K6ccc. Thanks so much. Can you send me the link for your light beams.
  16. Trip Wires with inputpup

    I use interactive sequences in my year round landscape lighting, but to start the show and to trigger specific sequences when things happen. I am using a combination of light sensors (i.e., it gets dark when the sun goes down, or gets light when the sun comes up), magnetic door switches, and light beam type sensors. I have used PIR motion sensors, but was not overly happy with the results - light beams worked better for my purposes. The light beams I am using require 12V DC and have a pair of contacts for output. Those connect to the InputPup, and the 12V comes from one of my 12V power supplies.
  17. Trip Wires with inputpup

    Nick look at a website. Frightprops .com. They will have everything you need .
  18. Trip Wires with inputpup

    I guess what I’m really asking is if I found a sensor I liked, how would I power it. Bc I would connect the 2 leads to the pup. How would I power the sensor without damaging the pup? thanks again -Nick
  19. Trip Wires with inputpup

    Thanks so much Bryan. What is a PIR sensor? I’m sorry if that’s a dumb question. I’m still new to this.
  20. RGB Flood Sequences

    That’s some rgb flood options for sure!
  21. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    turned out high-maintenance
  22. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    at half price
  23. Trip Wires with inputpup

    So after looking at my own sensors and the wires going to them, I don’t think they are able to be used. They are not a switch but rather a “stopper” for the motor to run on the garage opener. Simply put, without he sensors, the garage door would not close. If there are any experts out there please let me know if I am wrong. I think the PIR sensor is the way to go for your project. Or somehow make a pressure plate switch for the trucks when they leave.
  24. Going prices for Controllers

    Yep, me too. I agree.
  25. Pixcon 16 Setup

    Please fill in your profile so we know what version of software you are using and your license level.
  26. Trip Wires with inputpup

    You could also use a PIR sensor located a little high as well to just sense motion a few feet up. I’m not sure the voltage on garage sensors but you could always power it via a Power Supply Unit if need be. I am quite curious to see if a garage sensor would work. I’m about to take mine off my door and try and hook it up. I’ll let ya know how it goes.
  27. Hello everyone, I am working for a local fire department at the moment for a light display. They want their lights to trigger a specific sequence when they receive a fire call. I am making a sequence for when the trucks pull out of the garage bay. I purchased an Input pup to make this possible. I am able to use a single push button to trigger the sequence. Now my real question. I want to use some sort of invisible laser beam (like the safety lasers on garage doors, in case something is in the way it reopens the door). I want to put them high enough that if a truck breaks the beam it triggers the pup. However, I am assuming that the lasers require some power and may be more than the 9V that the pup can handle. Does anyone know how I can achieve this or have some other laser that would work? I’m sure someone has tried to do similar in their display. Thank you all in advance. -Nick
  28. RGB Flood Sequences

    Who, me???
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