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  2. Just like Mr P said, I use pvc to mount the lights in and then inset into window opening, had seamless gutters installed all around front of house to hang C9 and icicle lights from, the soffits are probably wood or vinal and you can use most any fastener for them. For roof I use pvc again with pvc feet and just place sand socks on them to keep strait and to prevent movement. Good luck and welcome to Florida, Keith
  3. I have never had a lag issue with using the LOAD ALL option and I use an ancient desktop system to run my shows, 4 CTB16PC {all V2} and 5 RGB Controllers. CTB16PC's are on Regular Network, 115K, 5 RGB controllers are on Aux A, 500K and Enhanced. I also LOCK my computer while the show is running, it DOES NOT put the computer to sleep, that's a different option{at least in Windows 7, it has no effect on my shows}. But everything else is shut off, all Windows sound effects are muted under the Sound Option, created a LOR ONLY option that allows sounds to be played, but removed all the built-in Windows sounds, No Wifi, No Internet via Ethernet port, no updates, no screen saver, and no anti-virus software except for the Microsoft Security Essentials, and that has never affected my shows or created any lag times during playback. Also all other background programs that are unnecessary are also turned off and no other software except for LOR and MSE program are the only ones running. Even with the computer in LOCK mode, my shows still start and start when they are supposed too, but I have shows running 24/7 when in operation. For example the music only sequences play from 11pm-7pm, Actual Musical Light Show runs from 7pm-11pm. And it runs like that for the entire season it's being used for. Christmas with the time shift backwards, the time changes by about 1 to 1-1/2 hours earlier to start the Light Show, but the Music only sequences still play from 11pm-7am. Only the Music format would change if I were doing Halloween and then Christmas. I only do Christmas now, but this is how I have done it for years and not had any issues when doing both Halloween and Christmas. So I can't really see how using LOAD ALL would create a lag in the lights, only lag times I had was when I used the Load When Needed, and it wasn't the lights that lagged, it was the time between the end of one sequence and the loading of the next. I get far better results with using LOAD ALL over the other. But that's been my experience, others may differ and from the commentary, seems it has for some reason. But I just can't see why it would slow the show down like that, since it has never caused me any lag time issues during a show.
  4. I have to bring this back up. Too many people trying to convert now, don't. Save yourself a headache and wait until after the Holidays.
  5. Preview Props and Network Preferences MUST be set correctly, A bit more detail on the types of controllers you are trying to run would be helpful, even a bit more detail on NP setup. You also may want to upgrade to Advanced or Pro for further functionality if you are thinking about pixels. S5 is a very different environment.
  6. Once you download and install the software, just copy the files from your flash to the corresponding folders on the newly created lor data folders. Assuming W10 the folders should be in uses/username/documents/lor
  7. Please don't convert now as it is way too late to get comfortable with S5. S5 has a huge learning curve and if you have to ask how to convert from S4 to S5 then I would tell you to wait until after the Holidays so you have all of next year to learn it. Trust me if you change now you will have nothing but headaches and be hating life.
  8. Do I need to open all of my old S4 sequences into S5 and then re-save them as in the S5 format for them to work??
  9. Yes, we definitely plan to use power injection. We are testing this out using the gazebo - pixel icicles are pretty expensive and complicated. If we love them, we will move on to replacing the old LED icicles everywhere else - if they are more trouble than they are worth, then the gazebo will be the only place for them and everything else will get new, old-fashioned LED versions.
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  11. Very large nails and a sledge hammer 😁 Seriously, my house is brick and stucco so we had to build window inserts to place inside the brick window framing which we connect the lights to. You can use wood or pvc piping to do this but you will need to get creative if you don't want to damage anything.
  12. You may want to check the specs of your lights as I can't see 300-400 pixels without power injection. Even HC recommends power injecting after 120 pixels on the alphapix chart as the ports can only handle 87w at 12v or 35w at 5v.
  13. Just recently moved from far northern Minnesota to far southern Florida. NO MORE SNOW for this guy! But now I face a new problem. Up north it was easy to attach lights to the house - they all had wood siding, trim, etc. Now we moved in to a gated community with brand new houses. They are all concrete block & stucco. Even the window trim is concrete based. I am sure others have figured out how to easily attach lights to the windows, doors, etc. Would appreciate some thoughts for those who have faced this issue. Thanks. Don
  14. Unfortunately, unless I buy a new controller I don't really have a choice. There will be 6 or 8 sets of icicles, 100 pixels each. The AlphaPix4 has 4 outputs and 1 of those is in use already. The only way to not pack pixels would be for each string to have its own output and I don't have that available. The icicles can be connected end to end (with power injection of course) so to the controller output, a group of 3 or 4 would just look like a single string with 300 or 400 pixels. I'm pretty sure the controller sees those as a continuous, pixel packed, set. If I use all 3 outputs that I have left, that would still be 2 strings of 100 on each output and I am still dealing with this issue. I definitely agree it would be easier not to do this - my pixel trees use AlphaPix16 with 16 strips of 50 pixels - no packing and easy to setup. I hadn't realized I could change the number of pixels in the universe with LOR (as suggested by ebrown1972 above) , but I'm still not sure how that will work with the actual physical controller and pixels. If the controller is counting and assigning up to 512, then I need to also. If the controller stops at 510, then I need to do that. We've just sent off an email to HC to see if they can tell us how it works....
  15. My suggestion is to stop packing channels as all you are going to do is confuse yourself. Just because a universe can handle 170 pixels or 510 channels doesn't mean you have to use them all. There are plenty of universes and you will not run out so make it easy on yourself and use the first 100 pixels on universe 33 then the next 100 on 34 and so on. K.I.S.S.
  16. I am not completely following what exactly you are trying to do. My suggestion is to set your universes to 510 channels and not 512. 170 pixels make up a universe. Each pixel has 3 channels so 3x170 equals 510. You would be missing a channel on the first pixel of the 2nd universe by using 512 in the universe. So by using 510 in a universe each pixel will have the 3 channels it needs.By using 510 the 71st pixel you are speaking of will start with channel 1 and not 511.
  17. Well, rebooted again and this time the lag is back. Xlights next year I think.
  18. How do I add files from existing flash drive to my PC for the light o rama show builder. My old computer broke and everything is on my flashdrive
  19. It's not sleeping. I checked that a while back. Could just be coincidence. But strange its good first time through after reboot.
  20. Lock screen= sleep perhaps.
  21. It is quite a bit different in s5. Try looking at the help info http://www.lightorama.com/help/ A good place to start might be the Network Prefences and Comm Listener section near the bottom of the index list. Also be sure everything is defined correctly in your preview.
  22. Black Friday here the whole Neighbor hood knows
  23. Yes they have already sent me a list of channels which should be assigned. That is fine. I have also purchased the modified version. So what I have done is create a Preview with my house and the props according to the correct channel no provided by LOR. But having copies the files from the SD to my PC, I can't see how to play the sequence so it shows up on my house? I have the files, I have the preview that comes with the LOR pre-provided sequences, but I can't change it to my house and my props?
  24. Could I get a copy also? Was a last minute request to add this song to the show! Thanks! ceegars@hotmail.com
  25. So...I rebooted again, and the first time through the 1 song show, all was good. The second time, it started lagging a bit. I noticed the Windows lock screen had kicked in. I stood there and made sure no lock screen, and it seemed to run correctly. I've disabled the lock screen and will let run several times and let you know how it comes out.
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