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  2. Things have sure changed for the worse then. I know I've worked as a shipping and receiving clerk, right down to making and filling out forms for Customs. Sure wasn't that big of an expense back in the very late 2000's. I worked as a shipping/receiving clerk and had to do all kinds of forms when it was being sent overseas. I had forms for where the item{s} originally originated. I seem to recall when I did orders that left the USA, I had around 15-20 different forms that had to be filled out to follow the shipment. Those were always so much fun to fill out, usually spent anywhere from 1 to 2 days just gathering the data on items that were international shipments. And that alongside all the regular customer orders shipped within the US. Even Hawaii and Puerto Rico had to have special forms before a product could be sent there. The real kicker was when the country of origin {COO} form was filled in with the same country that had shipped it here in the first place. There were specialized forms for those cases too. You really had to know what you were doing and shipping with all those forms, one misstep and it'd be right back on your doorstep to be corrected and done all over again. Don't know how many times I had to reprint and fill in new forms to correct forms from some of the others that filled these in and had used the wrong form or put info in the wrong place on the form. That was always fun, no, not really.
  3. I would like a copy sent to zingmoney8@yahoo.comI agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share. Thanks in advance JR! -Alan
  4. Has anyone sequenced Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees and willing to share? I'm starting to put lights up in MA for a go-live this weekend. Rain is killing my progress.
  5. I would like a copy sent to whanley1@gmail.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share Thanks in advance!
  6. I question the choice of strips for the minitrees. They are fragile and need care in handling and I personally think the look would not be that good. You might want to consider dumb pixels if you really want to use RGB there, My Minitrees are two color AC strings, I have nine of them and they use my only remaining AC controllers. I like the look and they will probably stay that way. I had a brief foray into dumb strips in 2012 on roofline and windows.. Didn't like the look and went pixels the next year, plus more control. The controllers got repurposed to floodlights, and the strips were mostly scrapped. If you wanted to do smart pixels, you can still make them all one color and avoid the added complexity of sequencing many channels until you learn how. Also motion effects are fairly easy. I also echo K6CCC on the learn to solder comment. Strips are difficult to solder, yes, but you will have failures and need to replace leads and pixels at some point. Pixel nodes whether dumb or smart are much less fragile and easier to solder.
  7. The first pound is the most expensive to process (it is the address processing. That does not change for additional pounds ). It also includes shipping materials (box, padding...) costs. A smart shipping clerk can save money (usually for the company) on how they pack and ship. Other (100% Legal) tricks can save Customs at the destination (keep it under n$ per shipment, not worth the effort to process). Air from outside the US IS expensive. Filling of Customs forms is time consuming (and not directly billable). I can't remember the last time I was offered 'Surface' (ship) rates on a small order. Decades ago.
  8. Thanks for the explanation TheDucks. Ought to be laws against such things, sounds a little too close to price gouging for my liking. But seems the shipping companies are getting away with it and not much we can do about it. I always hate finding something that's relatively inexpensive, say like $4.99, then you see the shipping charge is $45.99 for that item that could probably fit in a standard #10 envelope! That's insane. Of course I don't buy things like that with those kind of shipping charges. I know darn good and well that an item that weighs less than a pound or two would not cost $45.99 to ship. I call those rip-offs!
  9. With dumb strips or strings, you don't do power injection at all. With one rare exception, your power for the strips MUST come from the controller. Power injection is something that is fairly common in smart strips or strings. Suggestion. If you are going to do much in this addiction, learn how to solder. It's not that hard, and I just did a Google search for "Learn how to solder" and came up with millions of results. It will be to your benefit in the long run.
  10. Next i need to know how to inject power. Do you inject power directly from the power supply to only the V+ or do you supply another output from the same output slot. Here are some examples that are possible (Power supply +-)(+-DMX controller, OUT1 RGBV+)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(+Power supply injection) or (Power supply +-)(+-DMX controller, OUT1 RGBV+)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(OUT1 RGBV+) or (Power supply +-)(+-DMX controller, OUT1 RGBV+)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(OUT1 V+) or (Power supply +-)(+-DMX controller, OUT1 RGBV+)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(OUT1 RGBV+)(RGBV+ Light Strip) or (Power supply +-)(+-DMX controller, OUT1 RGBV+)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(OUT1 V+)(RGBV+ Light Strip) or (Power supply +-)(+-DMX controller, OUT1 RGBV+)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(RGBV+ Light Strip)(OUT1 V+)
  11. Nevermind on getting this wired. This is how I got it to work for anybody else that can't figure it out. I cut a cat 5 wire and i connected the solid blue wire to the D+, the White/Blue Wire to the D-, and the Green wire to the GND. I connected the USB Dongle from LOR to the cat 5 cable to my computer. I went to Network Config and selected DMX and selected the dongle on universe 1. I turned the dip switch 1 on and the rest off to make this channels 1-24. (google dip calculator to figure out the setup for different channels to start from) I opened LOR Control Panel from the windows menu. (This turned on the LOR Comm Listener which recogonized the DMX device. I simply created a new animated sequence from a preview that had channels set up for dumb rgb, dmx universe, starting at channel 1. I created a quick animation sequence and it worked perfectly. I hoped this helped some people.
  12. This is what I have so far.... I have the power supply connected to a DMX 512 controller. I have the DMX controller connected to the rgb strips. I am trying to figure out how to connect the DMX controller to the LOR software to run. I currently have this controller I chose this controller because everything screws to the board (I can not solder at all). I read that you can connect a RJ45 cable to the DMX. I used this image to connect a RJ45 cable to the DMX. http://salzlechner.com/decorate/2014/10/26/dmx-cable-information/ Can I connect the cat 5 cable to the USB485 and then connect to the computer. Or do I need to connect it inot a LOR box that is connected through the dongle to the computer. Which ever the way that I connect it, how do I get the computer to recogonize the DMX controller.
  13. Last week
  14. I see the motion effects rows as in this case, there is a spinner and 2 stars but i can't create a motion effect for the spinner as a whole for the spinner since it can be only 1 row. I don't a way to create a group from them either. I eventually just recreated the custom layout myself, so this is more for future reference
  15. Oh yes it rained on and off for 45 min. He claimed it would rain tops 10 min and would cover roof before I gave him ok to start. We got many yellow spots on the ceiling since there were no shingles and some sheets were being replaced. Roofer was already paid in full but says to send him a bill. 😅 We will see, painting ceilings in five rooms won't be cheap.
  16. No problem James and I discussed this earlier today and we will do it if someone does their part in S4. Sorry, if we get the parts it be shared . I posted it on the FB pages as well JR
  17. I only have S5 and I've sent a copy to James hoping he would be able to do something with it. Unfortunately in S5 there is no option to save as an earlier version. Sorry!
  18. You are doing it in S5? Needs to be S4 for the majority of us and all S5 users can still import it. Are you gonna do it in S5. I'm just looking at your profile. JR
  19. I solved the problem of having my LOR lights control my porch lights. LightoRama I made a sequence that controls only one channel in it, in my case channel 2.1 I put this sequence in every show I run, as a background sequence, so this channel will be on all the time any show is running. From my controller (2.1), I run a cord to the coil of a 120 volt coil relay. The other side of the relay is a "dry contact" (no voltage). Insteon/ISY The cord from the "dry contact" goes to the "ground" and "sense" terminals on an I/O link (Insteon #2450). When the LOR channel sends power to the relay, it in effect "shorts" the ground and sense terminals on the I/O Link, signalling it to turn on. Removing the power from the relay turn the I/O link off. I program the ISY using three different programs. LightoRama turns on: If 'Outside/LightoRama - Sensor' is switched On Then Set 'Outside/Eaves' Off Else no actions LightoRama turns off (a): If 'Outside/LightoRama - Sensor' is switched Off And time is from 11:00:00 PM to Sunrise - 30 minutes (next day) Then Set 'Outside/Eaves' On 25% Else no actions LightoRama turns off (b): If 'Outside/LightoRama - Sensor' is switched Off And time is from Sunset + 1 second to 11:00:00 PM (same day) Then set 'Outside/Eaves' On Else no actions I don't know if anyone else is interested, but I was thrilled to get an automated way to turn my outside lights off when LightoRama comes on!
  20. When you import an xmodel file with sub-models, those sub-models create motion effect row defaults in Prop Definition. Per the Help File: Use the "Motion Effects Rows" button to define default motion effect rows that will be incorporated into new sequences (this setting has no effect on existing sequences). The number in parentheses on the button reflects the number of default motion effect rows that have already been defined for the prop. To get those motion effect rows into an existing sequence: 1) open the existing sequence 2) double click on the name of the prop to open Prop Definition 3) click on the "Motion Effect Rows" button in Prop Definition 4) click on the first motion row 5) shift-click on the last motion row, which should select all rows 6) click the "Copy" button 7) click "Cancel" to close the Default Motion Rows window 8) click "Cancel" to exit Prop Definition 9) right-click on the prop name and select "Add/Modify motion effect rows" from the menu 10) click the "Paste Append" button. All of the rows copied in step 6 should now appear in the list 11) click the "Save" button to return to the sequence
  21. I had seen most of those videos EXCEPT the How To. Gonna have to digest that one and translate into LOR as best I can. There were a few things I was able to pick up in the first pass. Unfortunately in most of his examples, I could not see the simulation (it was just all black), so I could not see what the effect was doing. Gonna watch it again in a dark room and see if it is visible. Push comes to shove, I know David and he's less than 2 hours away, so I'm sure I could drive down to his house to see it in person...
  22. Very interesting. Let me digest that for awhile. Thank you very much Matt.
  23. And for those wondering what a "Peace Stake" is, here are a few videos:
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